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As Young As You Feel Day
SatMar 22

As Young As You Feel Day – March 22, 2025

We celebrate As Young As You Feel Day on March 22 every year. When they said “Age is just a number,” it wasn’t a lie after all. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Feeling young is a state of mind. No matter your age, no one can stop you from feeling young and alive. You can be a senior citizen, someone who has recently turned 40, or even a kid. Every single person gets to celebrate this day and their youthfulness. It is all about believing that you are as young as you feel. Your actual age does not matter.

History of As Young As You Feel Day

Since time immemorial, there have been efforts recorded of people trying to beat aging and feel young again. Before anti-aging creams, pills, and surgeries, many other forms of remedies were invented to stop the age clock. Many scientists also believe that age has nothing to do with how young we look or feel. People age differently and their bodies go through various changes that are unique to them. Even before As Young As You Feel Day came into being, people have been trying to rewind time and feel youthful again.

Around 69 B.C., Cleopatra used to take daily baths in donkey milk to make sure her skin remained soft and young. This skincare routine required a stable consisting of at least 700 donkeys.

In 1513, the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon went on a voyage in search of the fountain of youth. This was a legendary fountain that apparently could bring an individual back from old age. The fountain promised eternal life and everlasting youth. The explorer was unsuccessful in his attempt to locate the fountain because instead of finding the fountain of youth, he discovered Florida instead.

The women in the Elizabethan era also did not grow old without a fight — they placed thin slices of raw meat on their faces to reduce wrinkles. It was believed that the meat would help tighten the skin and thus keep it from sagging.

On noticing frown lines on her daughter Alice’s face, Margaret Kroesen developed Frownies in 1889. These were adhesive patches that held the skin taut to smooth wrinkles.

As Young As You Feel Day timeline

69 B.C.
Cleopatra’s Innovative Skincare Routine

Cleopatra takes daily baths in donkey milk to make sure her skin remains soft and young.

Searching for the Fountain of Youth

Spanish Juan Ponce de Leon goes on a search for youth but discovers Florida instead.

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Raw Meat

Elizabethan women place thin slices of raw meat on their faces to reduce wrinkles.

Frownies to Battle Wrinkles

After seeing her daughter’s frown lines, Kroesen makes patches to smooth out wrinkles.

As Young As You Feel Day FAQs

Is As Young As You Feel Day a public holiday?

As Young As You Feel Day is not a public holiday. Banks, schools, and government offices function on this day.

When is International Youth Day?

International Youth Day is celebrated annually on August 12.  It brings different issues faced by the youth to global attention.

Who Created International Youth Day?

International Youth Day was first celebrated by the United Nations in 1999. The day was established after a recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth in Lisbon to the U.N. General Assembly.

How To Celebrate As Young As You Feel Day

  1. Post a throwback picture

    Nothing like reminding yourself and your followers on social media that you’re still young at heart, by dressing up in your old college clothes and posting a picture. Caption it with the hashtag #AsYoungAsYouFeelDay and inspire others to do the same.

  2. Sing your heart out

    Trying some karaoke is a great way to feel youthful. Find your favorite song and sing like the young rockstar that you are!

  3. Try something new

    Feeling young is also about trying new things. If there’s something that you have always wanted to do (like bungee jumping!), now is your time to try.

5 Fascinating Facts About Aging

  1. Aging is not influenced by your genes

    Many factors influence aging, including external and internal.

  2. Getting wrinkles does not make you old

    Wrinkles are not the first sign of old age, worry not.

  3. Expensive does not mean effective

    You can ditch your expensive anti-aging creams, they aren’t doing much.

  4. More is not always better

    Drinking more water to look young is not a proven fact.

  5. Stay away from skin irritants

    If it produces a burning sensation on your skin, it’s not working!

Why We Love As Young As You Feel Day

  1. To appreciate life

    Feeling young means that you feel alive and energetic. This day is a great way to celebrate life.

  2. To feel good about ourselves

    This day allows us to get out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves. It makes us feel confident in our skin.

  3. It reduces depression

    Celebrating youthfulness helps reduce sadness and negative thoughts. Today is all about positive vibes.

As Young As You Feel Day dates

2025March 22Saturday
2026March 22Sunday
2027March 22Monday
2028March 22Wednesday
2029March 22Thursday

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