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Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army – March 22, 2025

The Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army is commemorated on March 22 in the Philippines. It is a day to recognize the country’s valiant and fearless military. On December 21, 1935, the Philippine Commonwealth Army was founded as a service branch. The Philippine Army is the oldest and largest branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (A.F.P.), responsible for ground warfare. It has been involved in numerous battles, including the continuous Communist struggle in the Philippines, the Moro conflict, and international conflicts alongside other national military forces.

History of Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army

The Philippine Army was formed as a result of the National Defense Act of 1935, which established the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The act stated that initial appointments by the President in grades higher than the third lieutenant should be made from among past holders of reserve commissions in the United States Army as well as former officers of the Philippine Scouts and Constabulary.

Following the formation of the Philippine Commonwealth on November 15, 1935, President Manuel L. Quezon enlisted the assistance of Army General Douglas MacArthur, the Philippine Army Field Marshal, to develop a national defense strategy. The Philippine Army was officially reborn on December 21, 1935, with the passage of Commonwealth Act No. 1, which established a Council of National Defense and the Army of the Philippines. The statute detailed the army’s organizational structure and established enlistment and mobilization procedures. The A.F.P. was officially constituted by this act.

However, the formation of the new Philippine Army went slowly. The year 1936 was devoted to camp construction, cadre organization, and special training of instructors mostly drawn from the Constabulary to join the new force as the Constabulary Division. The Philippine Department commander offered Philippine Scouts as teachers and detailed U.S. Army officers to help in the program’s inspection, instruction, and administration. Instructors were trained and camps were organized by the end of that year.

The Philippine Army is led by the Chief of the Army who is a Lieutenant General. The Vice-Commander and the Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army aid the Army Chief in organizational and administrative responsibilities, both of whom hold the rank of Major General.

Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army timeline

The First Forces Test

The Philippine land forces are put to the test on April 27.

Establishing the Headquarters

The Philippine Army establishes its headquarters on July 10.

A Nation Builder

The Martial Law era begins on September 21.

Sacrifice, Bravery, and Patriotism

On September 9, the Philippine Army stops Moro National Liberation Front members from taking over Zamboanga City, resulting in a three-week battle.

Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army FAQs

In the Philippines, how long does military training last?

Registrants who are selected for Basic Citizen Military Training, according to Section 30 of the Philippine Laws, must complete the training in no more than six months. The course of instruction must be prescribed by the Secretary of National Defense.

Did the Philippines participate in the Vietnam War?

During the Vietnam War, the Philippines supported civil and medical activities. In 1964, 28 military personnel, including nurses, and six civilians were deployed.

What is the Philippines' military power ranking?

The Philippines is ranked 51st out of 142 nations assessed for the annual G.F.P. assessment in 2022.

How to Observe Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army

  1. Learn about Filipinos

    On the Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army, make an effort to learn about Filipinos in the Philippines and beyond. A quick Google search will give you some insight into this.

  2. Raise awareness

    Raise awareness about the Philippine Army's good efforts by sharing posts with hashtags on social media. This may encourage more people to join the cause and observe this week.

  3. Make donations

    Financial donations are required, and even a small amount can make a significant difference. You may also donate airline miles to the Army for their excursions.

5 Fascinating Facts About Armies

  1. Only five five-star generals

    The five-star rank did not exist until 1944 and was revoked in 1981 when the last recipient, Omar Bradley, died.

  2. Holiday block leaves for soldiers

    The army permits soldiers in basic and advanced training to take holiday block leaves at the end of each year, giving them a much-needed break to spend time with their families.

  3. The commander of the Philippine Army

    The President of the Philippine Republic is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

  4. Military bases in the world

    At least 74 countries have military bases with a total of about 800 in the world.

  5. The Army predates the country

    In June 1775, George Washington led the first continental army, indicating that the Philippine Army is more than a year older than the country itself.

Why Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army is Important

  1. Protecting a nation

    The army does the brave job of keeping its people safe. Protecting the lives and property of citizens is often at the cost of the soldiers’ lives, yet they remain unfazed.

  2. Assisting those in need

    The Philippine Army is one of the few groups that work at the grassroots level, reaching out to the poorest in times of disaster. The Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army is in recognition of the outstanding work they do throughout the year.

  3. Awareness is dwindling

    People are largely unaware of the Army's contributions. This week raises public awareness of their significant commitment to uplifting people from all walks of life.

Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army dates

2025March 22Saturday
2026March 22Sunday
2027March 22Monday
2028March 22Wednesday
2029March 22Thursday

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