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SatMar 22

Nauryz Day is observed from March 21, and it celebrates not only the spring equinox but also the rejuvenation of nature. Nauryz, which means “new day,” has been commemorated throughout the Great Steppes for centuries. Nauryz represents kindness and riches, happiness, love, and wonderful friendships since this festival is celebrated by many cultures. During Nauryz ceremonies, previous transgressions are forgiven and forgotten, and everyone strives to leave all ill will behind and usher in new beginnings in the New Year.

History of Nauryz Day

Nauryz is an age-old holiday that has been observed by several cultures for over five thousand years. After a tough winter, discovering that the days were starting to get longer than the nights on the exposed plains of the steppes must have come as a pleasant relief to the tribes who lived there.

Kazakhstan became a part of the Soviet Union in 1926. Observing Nauryz was prohibited because the authorities could not accept any references to the traditional or ethnic heritage, since it was considered as detracting from the development of a pure Marxist state and a Soviet ethnicity.

Nauryz became a holiday again in 1988, soon before the Soviet Union’s demise, and was officially recognized by a presidential order on March 15, 1991. Since then, it has reclaimed its position as Kazakhstan’s most prominent and popular festival.

Traditional practices, as with other spring celebrations around the world, center on the idea of renewal, rebirth, and a fresh start. House cleaning, debt settlement, and forgiveness of previous offenses are widespread.

Today, the celebrations are a combination of the old and the new, ranging from rich meals to rock concerts. It appears that anything goes while celebrating Nauryz, with the general rule being the more festive, the better.

Nauryz Day timeline

224 A.D.
The Earliest Celebration

Records of the celebration emerge.

A Revival

Nauryz is revitalized.

An Official Acknowledgment

Nauryz is formally recognized.

UNESCO’s Recognition

UNESCO inscribes Nauryz on the Representative List of Humanity's Intangible Cultural Heritage on September 30.

Nauryz Day FAQs

What is Nauryz's signature dish?

Nauryz kozhe, the traditional meal, is created with seven ingredients. The number seven is revered in the worldview of the Kazakhs. As a result, the elements that comprise Nauryz kozhe are revered.

In Kazakh, how do we say "Happy Nauryz"?

You can say “Nauryz Kutty Bolsyn!” to wish someone a happy Nauryz, which translates to “Have a good Nauryz!”, and the customary response is “Birghe Bolsyn!”, which means “You, too!”

Why is Nowruz celebrated?

Nauryz represents the rebirth of the environment and humans, as well as the beginning of a new life.

Nauryz Day Activities

  1. Attend a festival

    It is a time for festivals, feasts, dressing up in traditional Kazakh garb, singing and dancing, playing traditional games, and greeting one another with "Happy New Year." Nauryz is essentially a New Year's event based on the changing of the weather and the turning of the Earth rather than on calendar dates.

  2. Enjoy the delicious cuisine

    Kazakhs celebrate Nauryz with a unique holiday soup called nauryz koje, which contains beef, butter, millet, salt, and milk. It contains seven ingredients, each of which is believed to represent a different facet of good luck and wealth. For Nauryz, people also drink kumys, which are prepared from horse milk.

  3. Enjoy other activities

    Apart from the cuisine, there are numerous national and municipal championships in wrestling, humorous poetry recitals, logical skills, street plays, and horse games. Wooden swing sets are also installed, which is a popular spot for boys and girls to socialize.

5 Important Facts About Nauryz

  1. A secular holiday

    The festival is not religious; it comes from the Pagan and Zoroastrian cultures.

  2. Names of newborn babies

    Nauryzbay, Nauryzgul, and other names derived from the word ‘Nauryz’ are commonly given to newborn babies.

  3. A good omen

    If it snows on Nauryz, it is considered to be a good omen.

  4. Snow

    Snow that is white, clean, soft, and flaky embodies the attractiveness of beautiful women.

  5. Interesting custom

    It is believed that visiting seven houses on March 22 inspires success and riches.

Why We Love Nauryz Day

  1. The first day of spring

    Trees are bursting with new leaves and blossoms. Everything is brand new, and the weather is excellent for a celebration. Why not rejoice at the beginning of a new season and the earth's rebirth?

  2. Diversity

    Technology has brought us closer together than ever before, making it easy to enjoy all of the world's cultures. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn about different cultures and holidays around the world.

  3. Delicious food

    Several delicious meals are prepared for Nauryz Day. You can also try fish and rice, a variety of candies and pastries, and much more to satisfy your cravings with special Nauryz Day dishes.

Nauryz Day dates

2025March 22Saturday
2026March 22Sunday
2027March 22Monday
2028March 22Wednesday
2029March 22Thursday

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