Celebration of Life Day – January 22, 2020

Wed Jan 22

Celebration of Life Day is January 22! This day was originally established as a day to celebrate the children in our lives, but it’s evolved into an occasion to celebrate life at any age! The great thing about this holiday is, it’s all about you and celebrating your life! If you’re in school, it’s the perfect day to celebrate just how great this phase of your life is, how wonderful it is to be able to study and spend time expanding your mind. If you’re a parent, it’s a great day to try to focus on your kids and really appreciate this phase of their lives — and yours, too. Single? Use this day to appreciate your freedom and autonomy. All of us have hard days, but on Celebration of Life Day, we try to enjoy what’s good about our lives!

Celebration of Life Day Activities

  1. Make a list of good things

    Celebration of Life Day is a great excuse to make a list of everything in our lives worth celebrating! Think big ("I'm healthy," "I have a roof over my head", "I have great friends") and small ("I love my haircut right now," "The way the sun comes through my windows in the morning makes me smile.") Writing the list will put a smile on our faces and remind us how great our lives are.

  2. Indulge yourself in an ideal day

    One way to celebrate your life is to live your best life, today! Think about what you can do for yourself to make today extra special. Indulge in a doughnut with your morning coffee, take a long walk, invite friends over for pizza and TV. Whatever your favorite things to do are, do them today!

  3. Do activities you enjoyed as a child

    No one enjoys life quite like kids, and sometimes our inner child truly knows what's best when it comes to getting the most out of life. What did you enjoy as a child? Did you like doing puzzles? Did you like the swings? Did you like ice cream cones? Think back to something you loved as a child, and see if you still love it. Kid-you was pretty smart, we bet you'll celebrating life in no time!

Why We Love Celebration of Life Day

  1. It reminds us of the little things

    As we get older, life can get the best of us and make us quickly forget simple joys. Remember when getting a candy bar was the best thing in the world? Remember when we didn’t have to worry about stressful activities like taxes and dating? On Celebration of Life Day, we get the chance to reflect on the simple things that make us smile.

  2. It's a reason to connect with the ones we love

    It can be hard to set aside quality time with the people you love, but friends and family make life worth living. Celebration of Life Day reminds us to reach out to the ones we love most and celebrate how beautiful life is, together.

  3. It's a day to reflect on what we want our lives to look like

    If we're not feeling very celebratory about our lives, Celebration of Life Day is a great way to do something about that. What is hard? What could we change? What would a life worth celebrating look like? Change can be hard, but there's no time like the present to start making the changes what will make our lives look like what we want them to.

Celebration of Life Day dates
2020January 22Wednesday
2021January 22Friday
2022January 22Saturday
2023January 22Sunday
2024January 22Monday