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ThuMar 20

International Day of Happiness – March 20, 2025

If you’re happy and you know it, celebrate it on International Day of Happiness on March 20! Other than being in a neutral state, happy is how we should mostly be. Unfortunately, emotions like anger and sadness are increasingly becoming a default way to be for a lot of us, so here’s a day to cheer up and appreciate the good things and silver linings in life. 

When is International Day of Happiness 2025?

International Day of Happiness is a global event arranged by the United Nations annually on March 20. It serves to remind us that being happy is a human right and worth celebrating — and if you’re not already happy on this day, the celebrations may change that!

History of International Day of Happiness

A holiday called International Day of Happiness may sound a bit infantile to the uninitiated. Perhaps you’re imagining children singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it…’ or people gleefully dancing under a smiling sun and rainbows. While you’re not entirely wrong — who doesn’t like a good sing-song session — the truth is there’s much more to this delightful day than just smiles and good vibes.

We celebrate International Day of Happiness thanks to the work done by the United Nations and its partner nonprofit group Action for Happiness, which is composed of people from 160 countries. The ultimate goal of the movement is to spread awareness that progress is not only about increasing bottom lines and encouraging economic growth, but well-being and human happiness as well. In 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that made it a “fundamental human goal” to give happiness as much priority as economic opportunity. Two years later, in 2013, all 193 member states of the UN celebrated the world’s first International Day of Happiness, and it has continued to grow since.

So as you listen to Pharrell Williams’s ‘Happy’ on repeat, also take a minute this March 20th to consider what truly makes you happy, and how you can pursue it.

International Day of Happiness timeline

July 12, 2012
International Day of Happiness is established

Conceptualized by United Nations special advisor Jayme Illien, the holiday is established at the first ever UN conference on Happiness.

March 20, 2013
International Day of Happiness is celebrated

The first International Day of Happiness was celebrated, launched by Ndaba Mandela and Chelsea Clinton at the TedXTeen conference in New York City.

March 20, 2014
Pharrell releases "Happy" music video

In honor of the holiday, Pharrell releases the 24-hour music video for his song "Happy."

February 15, 2017
The Smurfs join United Nations

The United Nations announces partnership with the Smurfs to help promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the 2017 International Day of Happiness.

Traditions of the Day

Everyone has their own definition of happiness, or things that make them happy, which is why there are no traditions set in stone for this day. Happiness is about feeling content and not having to fake your feelings, so whatever makes you happy, you do you! Being internally happy is key to being satisfied with your surroundings, so challenge yourself and be open to new people and experiences. Cherish the little things, and be grateful for everything in that moment.

By the Numbers

6 or 7 – the number of hours spent socializing per day that leads to the highest levels of happiness.

10 – the number of friends it takes to give your well‑being a big boost.

5 – the number of positive interactions happy couples have for every negative one.

$75,000 – the annual salary it takes to put a smile on the average person’s face.

25% – the percentage increase in happiness from having a close friend living nearby.

33 – the general age that is considered the ‘happiest.’

40% – the approximate percentage of your happiness that is truly up to you.

15.3% – the percentage increase in your happiness if a loved one is happy.

50% – the percentage of our happiness that is genetic. 

37% – the percentage by which your happiness increases by wearing bright colors.

International Day of Happiness Activities

  1. Make it a point to be social

    Humans are social creatures. If you’ve been putting off organizing a get together with your friends, or have said “no” to going out a bit too much recently, try reversing this trend. Go out, laugh, have fun, don’t take your day so seriously, and you may find your stress levels drop and stay low from this one interaction. Smiling and laughing are among the best methods for relieving tension, and best of all, they’re free!

  2. Get informed

    Stress and unhappiness due to work, the economic situation, fears over health and safety and myriad other factors can be a heavy weight around anyone’s neck. But by doing a little reading on well-being, mindfulness, and other ways to get in touch with what’s most important, you may start to grab a new outlook on life.

  3. Make a list

    One of the best ways to experience contentedness is also one of the simplest: Make a list. Specifically, jot down five things that truly make you happy. And think hard about this. Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix venture may be fun, but does it truly bring you happiness? Once you’ve written down five things, be sure to include at least one of them, in some form, in your everyday life. This way, the effects of International Day of Happiness can go on all year.

5 Delightful Facts About Happiness That Will Brighten Your Day

  1. Get better soon

    Those who are happier are less likely to develop the common cold.

  2. Stop and smell the roses

    Spring allergies aside, floral scents make you happier.

  3. Not all smiles are the same

    Scientists have classified 18 different types of smiles, from enjoyment to embarrassed.

  4. Can we keep him?

    Playing with or stroking a pet lowers stress and depression.

  5. Next stop: Finland

    According to the UN's 2018 report, Finland is currently the happiest country in the world.

Why We Love International Day of Happiness

  1. Happiness isn’t a given

    The World Health Organization estimates that as many as 300 million people are currently living with depression, while countless more are facing an undiagnosed lack of happiness in their lives. With mounting pressure to succeed in a fast-paced, globalized society, many aren’t taking their well-being seriously, which can have serious effects on an individual as well as their surroundings. It’s time to put happiness in the spotlight

  2. Smiles are healthy

    There have been several studies linking something as simple as smiling to improved mood, less stress, and greater amusement. What’s more, these reactions lead to more smiling, creating a positive cycle. So on International Day of Happiness, even if you have to fake a smile, the science says the positive effects you’ll soon be feeling are real.

  3. It’s contagious

    Studies have found that improving the mood of others around you may be as simple as improving your own mood. By looking at what is shared most online and what “goes viral,” researchers have discovered that positive, happy and funny posts are shared far more than negative ones. In this exponential growth cycle, a single uplifting message in one country could raise the spirits of an entire population in another. All you have to do is spread the word!

International Day of Happiness dates

2025March 20Thursday
2026March 20Friday
2027March 20Saturday
2028March 20Monday
2029March 20Tuesday

Let’s get social

Here are some special hashtags for the day.



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