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World Storytelling Day
ThuMar 20

World Storytelling Day – March 20, 2025

World Storytelling Day, which occurs annually on March 20, is a day that celebrates the art of storytelling. Whether the story has words, pictures, signs, or expressions, all forms of storytelling are appreciated on this day.

The day acknowledges the art form of storytelling and encourages diversity among different cultures and races. So get your Peter Pan on and join us to celebrate one of the oldest forms of communication.

History of World Storytelling Day

Storytelling is considered a communication method like no other. It can travel through space and time and still have relevance to the present day. Storytelling can be presented in any language and form and still be relatable and understandable. It also can influence thoughts/emotions and stimulate creativity.

The history of storytelling dates back to the stone age. Over the year’s cave paintings, drawings and messages have become a source of information. It serves as remnants of ancient knowledge that educates us about the past. The stories that were found on cave walls were reiterated every time man set eyes on them. Each time the story was told, the art form of storytelling started to grow.

As the populations expanded and people started moving across borders, they carried their experiences in stories passed on from generation to generation. Stories even multiplied as the years went on, as every generation had their own set of experiences to add to it.

Besides true stories that contained experiences and information, people also created fictional stories. This is the world of make-belief and imagination. Each genre of storytelling has a specific place in life, and it’s clear that the art form has existed for more than a few decades.

Coming towards the exclusivity of the day, the proper dedication of this day to storytelling was done by the Swedish in 1991 when they started celebrating ‘Alla Berratares Dag’ The people who started this day passed away, but the reigns were taken over by the dedicated followers and the trend caught pace by becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Every year people from around the globe celebrate World Storytelling Day by bringing their favorite compelling tale to life. Most people visit storytelling seminars, libraries, and more to take part in the fun and festivities of a day arranged with words brings.

World Storytelling Day timeline

Earliest Beginnings
The Arrival of Man

The primitive man lives, eats, sleeps, and tells stories.

6,000 Years Ago
The First Linguistic Language

It’s believed the first linguistic language comes into being and the art of oral storytelling emerges during this same time as well.

2100 B.C. to 1200 B.C.
“Epic of Gilgamesh”

Possibly the first-ever book — the“ Epic of Gilgamesh” — is written as a story and it is found in ancient Mesopotamian archives.

‘Alla Berratares Dag’

In Sweden, the first ‘All Storyteller’s Day’ is celebrated.

World Storytelling Day FAQs

Why do we have a storytelling day?

World Storytelling Day aims to celebrate the art of storytelling and encourage storytellers to orally tell stories to an audience as big as possible. 

What can we learn from storytelling?

Most stories have a profound message in them. Learning from the message in those words of a story can help us in our personal lives. Besides, the art of oral storytelling inspires and influences others towards something. If done properly, a storyteller can influence or direct the audience to a real cause.

What are the four Ps of storytelling?

It’s People, Place, Plot, and Purpose. The best stories combine all the 4 Ps and make a perfect story that leaves an impact on the audience.

How to Celebrate World Storytelling Day?

  1. Tell a story

    Gather a few children, and tell a story to them that you heard from your grandparents or anyone and marvel at their expressions.

  2. Attend a storytelling event

    The day will see many large to small-scale storytelling events organized in different areas. Attend an event and listen to their story.

  3. Organize a storytelling activity

    Ask your children or friends to make short stories and to read them to you. You can do the same by writing or creating a story yourself and then reading it to someone.

5 Facts About Storytelling Everyone Should Know

  1. It is an ancient art

    Having been in existence since the beginning of mankind, no other form of art predates the art of storytelling.

  2. We are all good at storytelling

    One may not be good at telling a story on the stage, but for their own needs, everyone's an expert at making and telling stories.

  3. 65% of our conversations are storytelling

    Technically, we are telling stories all the time — 65% of all the conversations that we have are stories.

  4. Storytelling influences us

    Stories of heroes, generally called legends, influence us to be someone or get something we aspire to be or achieve — modern storytellers influence others in their stories by using personal narratives or political/cultural commentary.

  5. Storytelling has the same pattern

    There are fixed templates for storytelling and story writing. Grab a storybook, and you will notice the same pattern over and over again.

Why We Love World Storytelling Day

  1. Celebrating an ancient art

    It is an ancient art and deserves a dedicated day to talk about the art of storytelling and to take out time for the sake of telling and listening to stories.

  2. Forges connections between people

    Telling a story to someone or listening to someone’s story forges a connection of understanding between people and promotes active listening. Today when no one has time to listen to each other, the day reminds us to listen to someone as they tell their tale.

  3. It is fun

    When we all are unintentionally listening to the familiar stories of each other in our conversations, why not dedicate some time to actively listen to some interesting story of a professional storyteller in an event? It is always great to listen to such stories.

World Storytelling Day dates

2025March 20Thursday
2026March 20Friday
2027March 20Saturday
2028March 20Monday
2029March 20Tuesday

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