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ThuMar 20

Kiss Your Fiance Day – March 20, 2025

National Kiss Your Fiance Day is an annual event held every March 20, and we are excited at this one of the numerous opportunities to enjoy love and romance with our better half. Kisses are one way of expressing your love for your fiancé with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life, and research has found that it increases intimacy in relationships.

History of Kiss Your Fiance Day

A kiss has different meanings and serves different occasions. Since antiquity, a soft well-placed kiss on the cheek or hand signifies a form of greeting between two people, a kiss on the forehead speaks of reassurance and trust, and chief among them is one shared by people who are absolutely in love with each other. Sharing a kiss with your better half increases the bond of love and romance between you, deepens intimacy, and is therapeutic.

The origin of National Kiss Your Fiance Day is sketchy at best, but the history of kissing can be traced back 3,500 years to ancient India. A set of historians believed that kissing began from mouth-to-mouth feeding mothers did for their children back in the days when mothers chewed harder food materials and fed them directly to their children, but the second school of thought backed by historical Indian writings found that kissing evolved as a result of the Indian way of greeting which involved rubbing noses together. In some of such cases, their noses slipped and their mouths met, making them discover the pleasurable existence of kissing.
The conquering armies of Alexander the Great subsequently spread the kissing culture from India to other societies.

National Kiss Your Finance day evolved as a day to remind those engaged and planning to get married to take time and indulge themselves in the romantic pleasure of kissing. Planning life ahead and marriage can be hectic sometimes and one can forget to be intimate on a deeper level, so this day comes in handy to remind us of the power of intimacy in a relationship through kissing.

Kiss Your Fiance Day timeline

1500 B.C.
The Origin of Kissing

Some texts in Vedic Sanskrit literature in India mention kissing.

326 B.C.
Spread of Kissing

The armies of Alexander the Great spread kissing after seeing Indians do it.

A Ban on Kissing

The Catholic Church regulates kissing due to its fast evolution.

French Kissing

The active use of the tongue in kissing becomes popular.

Kiss Your Fiance Day FAQs

Can diseases be transmitted through kissing?

Kissing is a very low-risk method of transferring diseases. Diseases like C.M.V., herpes, and syphilis can be transferred through saliva and open sores.

Are there laws against kissing in public?

Generally, there is no big deal at kissing in public as long as lines of morality and decency are maintained. But depending on the area and country, kissing in public might be discouraged.

Where is National Kiss your Fiance Day Celebrated?

The holiday is celebrated in the U.S. and other countries and among couples that choose to partake.

Kiss Your Fiance Day Activities

  1. Kiss your Fiance

    How can you observe National Kiss your Fiance Day without a warm passionate kiss from your fiance? Take a moment together and indulge yourself in the pleasures of kissing, and you can go all day if you so wish.

  2. Plan a romantic getaway or date

    This day is to remind you of the power of intimacy and how it further strengthens the bond of love. You can take it a notch higher by planning a dinner or taking your fiance out so you can spend quality time together while throwing in as many kisses as you can.

  3. Share on social media

    You can jump on the celebration by sharing on social media with the hashtag #KissYourFinanceDay. If you wish, you can also share pictures of you and your fiance having fun kissing.

5 Fun Facts About Kissing That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Kissing is therapeutic

    Research has found that it releases hormones that quicken the body’s metabolism.

  2. The act of kissing uses several muscles

    About 113 postural muscles and up to 34 facial muscles are involved.

  3. Kissing helps to maintain the relationship

    It increases oxytocin, the ‘love hormone,’ as it connects feelings.

  4. The world’s longest kiss

    Thai couple Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat kiss for about 58 hours.

  5. A lot of swapping goes into kissing

    Water, protein, gland secretion, salt, and bacteria are shared in the act.

Why We Love Kiss Your Fiance Day

  1. Kissing is fun

    Kissing is a euphoric fun thing to do. A lot of hormones are released during kissing that quickens body metabolism and brings pleasurable feelings.

  2. It’s a display of love

    Kissing between two people planning to marry helps to deepen their love and intimacy for each other. The increase in oxytocin especially is necessary to further increase their bond of love.

  3. It reminds us to show love

    This day reminds us of what is important as we go through the tasking rigors of living our daily lives and trying to plan a wedding with our other half. It reminds the couple to take time together to intentionally care for and love each other.

Kiss Your Fiance Day dates

2025March 20Thursday
2026March 20Friday
2027March 20Saturday
2028March 20Monday
2029March 20Tuesday

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