43 Gifts For Guy Friends

Our Best 3 Picks

Custom Bobblehead

Custom Bobblehead

Made of polymer clay, it stands at 6.5 to 12 inches tall.

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Merino Shearling-Lined Scuff Slippers

It has an easy slip-on design, and is soft with a rubber sole.

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Ultimate Shave Set

Customize your shave based on your personal grooming plan.

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Valentine's Day Gifts For Guy Friends

Men’s 100% Pure Cashmere Scarf

The cashmere is made from grade A, de-haired, 2 ply yarn.

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Luxury Display Case

It features a 2-layer design with 6 watch slots and compartments.

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MasterClass All-Access Pass

The on-demand videos in 11 subjects can be watched at your own pace.

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Luxury Rollerball Pen

Brass with jet-black lacquer finished in 24-karat gold.

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Portobello Notebook with Slide Closure

It's bound in crocodile-embossed calf leather with a slip pocket.

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LOUIS XIII Miniature

Made by Europe’s finest crystal artisans and fits in your palm.

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The Ooni Koda Pizza Oven

It reaches temperatures of up to 950°F and is gas-powered.

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The Riviera Sweater Polo

Made of Italian cotton silk and available in 8 colors.

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Birthday Gifts For Guy Friends

Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

These wireless headphones come with a microphone and 3.5 mm jack.

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GoPro Hero Camera

It's waterproof down to 33 feet and features a 2-inch touch screen.

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Magnetic Balance Lamp

The light works using embedded magnets to balance 2 suspended spheres.

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Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer

It can power up to four full phone charges, or 45 sanitizing cycles.

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Solar-Powered LED Lamp with Stand

5 hours of charging in the sun results in 5 hours of bright light.

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Tabletop Cornhole Game

Includes launchers, mini bean bags, score pegs and more.

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Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

Pick the battery-powered or rechargeable style, lasting up to 9 hours.

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Beard Hair Bib

High-density nylon material, waterproof, and anti-static design.

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Unique Gifts For Guy Friends

Your Own Reel Viewer

Create snapshots of your favorite memories with this nostalgic gift.

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Slim iPad Sleeve with Apple Pencil Holder

Made of signature premium full grain leather with wool felt lining.

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“Mando” Art Print

Available in 6 sizes and 18 different frame styles.

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The Dopp Kit Travel Organizer

It has a water-resistant black lining, and a mesh storage pocket.

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Geometric Glass Terrarium

Perfect for drought tolerant plants like cacti, air-plants, and fern.

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Cards Against Humanity Game

Comes with 500 white cards and 100 black cards for adult humor.

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Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Fireplace

Features reusable fiberglass with ethanol fuel, and decorative rocks.

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Personalized Neon Bar Sign

It's made from printed plaque and has a 110 V power supply.

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Cool Gifts For Guy Friends

The Man Dog Bike T-Shirt

This high-quality cotton shirt comes in 10 colors and 6 sizes.

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A Smart Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Features 36-page dotted grid, email transcription, and smart search.

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Red Stitching Baseball Coasters

These ceramic absorbent coasters are made of diatom earth.

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Hockey Stick Snow Brush

The handles are made from the sticks of retired professionals.

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Mosaic Photo Book

Includes 21 pages with a matte cover and everyday semi-gloss.

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101 Things All Men Should Know

Contains 40 hilarious and insightful articles by multiple writers.

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LifeStraw Personal Water Purifier

The microfiltration membrane removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria.

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Cold Massage Roller Ball

Combines the benefits of self-myofascial release and cryotherapy.

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Sports Gifts For Guy Friends

Under Armour Men’s T-Shirt

The 100% polyester material wicks sweat and dries quickly.

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Homar No-Tie Shoelaces

They are made from premium and stretchable silicone.

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NFL Folding Chair with Carrying Case

It has a collapsable compact size and a built-in velcro strap.

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Tifosi Sledge Cycling Sunglasses

Features a mirrored polycarbonate lens and scratch-resistant coating.

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Under Armour Men’s Tech Graphic Shorts

Choose between 14 different styles, all with UA Tech fabric.

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Nike Men’s Epic Knit Training Jacket

Made of 100% polyester with a zipper closure; available in 2 colors.

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Vintage Style Golfing Pocket Watch

Choose between a 31" chain, 14" belt chain, or vintage case.

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Personalized Custom Soccer Mug and Coaster

A custom ceramic mug with an 11 oz capacity and 89 mm coaster.

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Gift-giving for guys can be a challenge since there are not really as many particular go-to options as there traditionally are for women, such as chocolates, jewelry, or flowers. But let’s not get too stereotypical, men can enjoy gifts like that too, there are just so many more great options out there, as our gift guide illustrates.

Choosing the Best Gifts For Guy Friends

Research commonly claims that the best gifts for guys are ones that are more practical than flashy or decorative. This is the best rule to follow when you’re buying a gift for a guy that you don’t know too well. But since you’re most likely here because you’re looking for a gift for your guy friend, we’ll safely assume that you have a better idea of what his interests are and what he likes. Of course, if he’s a flashy guy and loves the extravagant, then by all means get him those red velvet dress shoes rather than a toolset. When it comes to buying the best gifts for guy friends, their particular interests always trump practicality.

It’s also important to keep the nature of your relationship in mind when searching for an appropriate gift for a guy friend. Of course, since it’s (most likely) purely platonic, steer clear of gifts that fall more in the romantic category.

How We Identified the Best Gifts For Guy Friends

According to Lifehack.org, the best gifts can be evaluated based on whether they fulfill your guy friend’s needs, and this is where the more practical gifts for men come in. Since a majority of men are into sports, we included a section dedicated to this where you can find all sorts of gifts that might fulfill a sporty guy’s needs such as cycling sunglasses or training shorts.

Although we said not to get romantic when buying gifts for guy friends, we included a Valentine’s Day section because, after all, the whole point of this day is to express your love for your friends too, not only romantic partners. The gifts we included in this section are far from romantic and more practical or pampering.

Tips for Buying the Best Gifts For Guy Friends

  1. Keep it casual
    Although gift-giving is certainly an important way to express your affection for someone, when it comes to buying the best gift for your guy friend, you don’t have to get overly sentimental. Especially for men who are usually more straightforward and inclined to be less emotional.
  2. Less is more
    Women tend to appreciate goodie bags filled with various gift items more than men do. Rather buy your guy friend that one item he’d really like or needs and spend more than buying several smaller, less expensive gifts.
  3. Have fun with it
    Most men enjoy humor and we’re sure your friendship is filled with witty banter. Tie this into your gift and go for something more quirky. Gag gifts are great for this, and if you can somehow incorporate an inside joke between you too, even better!