40 Gifts that Give Back

Our Best 3 Picks


Three Daisies Chill Cap

Made of breathable, durable cotton and has an adjustable back closure.

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Personalized Catchall Tray

Made from high-quality Italian leather with merino wool felt lining.

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Good on a budget

Support Ukraine Bracelet

Handmade to support relief efforts and they come with a size guide.

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Gifts that Give Back in 2023

Support Ukraine Bracelet

Handmade to support relief efforts and they come with a size guide.

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Know Your Rights Popsocket

With a sticky adhesive that stays firmly attached on smartphones.

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Falsa Blanket

Machine-washable, made from recycled materials with 10+ color options.

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Love Wins Necklace

Made from tarnish-free, durable, steel alloy with anti-fade engraving.

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Handmade African Notecards

A pack of 6 handmade 6" x 4" note cards with African-themed collages.

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Food Gifts that Give Back

Rainier Cherry Truffle Bar

Premium dark chocolate with fresh dried cherries and praline pecans.

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Rescue Roast

Reviewers say it's a flavor-rich coffee; full bodied but not bitter.

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Cookie Dough

A pack of 4, 16 oz cans with zero preservatives, it makes 120 cookies.

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Indigenous American Yaupon Holly Tea Trio

Features 3 different teas in individual tubes with 16 sachets each.

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Benevolent Brownies

These desserts last 2 weeks in room temperature and 3 months frozen.

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Cute Gifts that Give Back

Conserve Candle

8 oz soy wax candle with a lead-free wick and 45 hours burn time.

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Hand Stitched Travel Bag With a Cause

Hand stitched anti-tear canvas bag that's color fast and made to last.

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Organic Hard Lotion Gift Set

1.2 oz organic, non-greasy hand lotions sold in sets of 3, 5, or 10.

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A Little Pocket Bear Hug

Reviewers say it's a practical, heartwarming, and uplifting gift.

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Luxury Gifts that Give Back

Nantes Dessert Plate – Set of 6

Features dish-washer safe porcelain plates with fade resistant motifs.

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Black Starburst Diamond Signet Ring

18k pure gold signet ring with starburst set in white diamonds.

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Gemstone & Diamond Emblem Drop Earrings

High-end pieces, handmade from a selection of rare, exclusive stones.

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Wide-Collar Long Wrap Coat

A stylish mix of soft baby alpaca yarn, wool, and polyester lining.

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Pajama Set

Made from soft silk and will last long if hand washed and air-dried.

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Corporate Gifts that Give Back

Leather Laptop Sleeve

Hand-made from genuine leather and designed to fit a 13” laptop.

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OXOMIO Display Tray

A walnut wood tray with solid brass feet designed to hold keepsakes.

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Handmade leather journal

Comes with 160 cartridge papers and waxed linen thread binding.

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Nurse/ Doctor Pen

Insulin syringe converted to writing pen; pick pen type and ink color.

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Business Card Holder and Pencil Cup

Made from delicately hand-blown glass — not suited for hot liquids.

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Baby Gifts that Give Back

White Baby Cardigan

Made of a premium yarn knit, it's warm and has a perfect fit.

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Eloise the Elephant

Hand-knit with 100% natural cotton; 2 size options — 13" and 20".

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Love Your Melon White Speckled Cuffed Beanie

Made of soft cotton with a double-thick knit, it's stretchy and warm.

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Green Turtle Shirt

Made from organic, moisture absorbing cotton, with nickel-free snaps.

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Handmade Knit Baby Blanket

Made of soft acrylic yarn, it's machine-washable with a chevron motif.

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Gifts that Give Back to Animals

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

270 lavender-scented, leak-proof, and extra-long waste bags.

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JoAnn Stratakos Protect the Animals Mugs

Hand-carved from stoneware, it's microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Gifts that Give Back to the Environment

National Parks Iconic Enamel Mug in Red

12 oz, made of carbon steel with enamel coating and a glossy finish.

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Vintage National Parks Puzzle

Celebrate the USA's natural wonders with this 1,000-piece puzzle.

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Gifts that Give Back to Children

Three Daisies Chill Cap

Made of breathable, durable cotton and has an adjustable back closure.

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Market Tote

Cotton canvas bag with 2 exterior slip pockets and fits a mini-laptop.

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Gifts that Give Back to the Homeless

Women’s Floral Ankle Socks

16 pcs made from soft, durable cotton with a cushioned foot bed.

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Mini Key Necklace

16" gold-plated chain with a 2" extender and a lobster clasp closure.

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Gifts that Give Back to Women’s Causes

Hand Care Duo

Contains 8 oz handwash and 8 oz lotion with a eucalyptus mint scent.

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Home Gift Set

Features lavender scented items — a candle, 8 oz soap and 8 oz lotion.

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The next time you’re buying a gift for someone special in your life, why not make the occasion even more meaningful? When you buy gifts from companies that give back, nonprofit organizations benefit from the proceeds of these special gift purchases.  

Choosing the best gifts that give back

Few feelings are more fulfilling than giving back or contributing to society in a meaningful way. Gifts that give back can take various forms and support all types of important causes. When buying a gift, you should decide if there’s a type of cause you’re particularly passionate about supporting. For example, you could buy a gift that supports children’s causes, animal and environmental causes, causes that support women, and so many more. If there’s one that’s close to your heart, try to choose a gift that aligns with the interests of the person whom you’re buying from the selection that supports your chosen cause.

Additionally, you can look at what percentage of the proceeds go to that cause. All gifts that give back share part of the proceeds with various nonprofit organizations, like the Australian Wildfire Recovery Effort, for example. In some cases, companies even donate 100% of the proceeds. Alternatively, you can buy purely from the position of the type of gift you’re looking for for someone special, and can smile knowing the proceeds will be put to good use by those who need it. 

How we identified the best gifts that give back

We looked at items from brands that are committed to giving back, as well as what some of the most noteworthy causes are to give back to. Additionally, our overall selection is diverse to ensure that there’s a great gift for everyone. 

We identified some of the best causes for 2023, which include supporting the Ukraine people, as well as the rights of queer black people, and selected gifts that give back to these important causes, like bracelets, blankets, and items of jewelry. We also covered various types of gifts, from luxury and food items, to corporate and baby gifts. This way, you can select according to what you’re looking for while resting assured that the proceeds will support something worthwhile.

Additionally, we looked at some of the most prominent issues we face as a society today, and chose various gifts that support animal and environmental causes, children’s and women’s causes, and more. We included items like jewelry, gift sets, and clothing accessories, to name a few, so you can select a gift that suits the interests of whom you’re buying for in the process. 

Tips for buying the best gifts that give back

  1. Choose a cause
    The great thing about buying a gift that gives back is you can help to support a cause of your choosing. If you’re passionate about protecting animals or the environment, for example, find a company or brand that supports that type of cause and then buy a gift from them.
  2. Consider the proceeds
    When a gift is purchased, part of the proceeds will go to the organization or charity. In some instances, companies even give 100% of the proceeds. Always remember to check how much or what percentage is given, especially if you’re buying a gift with the sole intent of giving back.
  3. Make it a habit
    We give gifts throughout the year for birthdays and various special occasions. Why not make it a habit to buy a gift that gives back every time? Not only will you be gifting something great to someone you love, but you’ll be making a meaningful societal contribution in the process.