40 Gifts For Tween Girls

Our Best 3 Picks


Ring Light with Tripod

A 13” LED light with 3 lighting colors and 10 brightness modes.

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Also Great

Radiate Happiness Gift Box

With 2 color-changing cups and more — personalize it with a name.

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Good on a Budget

Fairy String Lights

A 10-ft, thin wire with 30 LED lights and a waterproof battery box.

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Fun Gifts For Tween Girls

Fluffy Slime Kit

The 25-pc ice cream parlor slime DIY set makes butter slime and more

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Crystal Growing Lab

Grow 8 color crystals in 3 to 4 days — with silicone growing chambers.

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Charm Bracelet Making Kit

With 4 snake bracelet chains, 5 string necklaces, and various beads.

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STMT DIY Journaling Set

STMT D.I.Y. Journaling Set

A 70-sheet spiral journal and 35+ stationery items for customization.

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Fidget Sensory Toy

A 3-pc silicone set — press the bubbles to make a “pop” sound.

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SUNLIN Dance Mat

Includes adjustable volume, built-in music, and 3 challenge levels.

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Water Marbling Paint for Kids

Drop the paint into water, swirl it, then transfer it to paper.

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“Not Parent Approved” Card Game

An award-winning game — finish the sentences with the silliest answer.

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Birthday Gifts For Tween Girls

Ring Light with Tripod

A 13” LED light with 3 lighting colors and 10 brightness modes.

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Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

It features a 60 mm lens, a selfie mirror, and automatic exposure.

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Noise Canceling Headphones

An on-ear foldable design and built-in 400mAh rechargeable battery.

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Jewelry Box

Made of faux-leather with removable trays and 8 color options.

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Dainty Name Necklace

This handmade rose gold necklace can be personalized with a name.

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Vanity Mirror

Has 18 LED lights and touch sensors to adjust color and brightness.

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Cinema Lightbox

With 220 letters and 180 emojis — fit up to 10 letters in each row.

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Birth Flower Necklace

A sterling silver chain and silver-plated pewter — choose your flower.

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Unique Gifts For Tween Girls

Floor Lounger

Holds 5 king-sized pillows and is made with plush, ultra-soft fabric.

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D.I.Y. Squishies

Receive 30 random toys made of safe PU foam and paint them yourself.

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Bath Bomb Set

Handmade 6-pc set made of organic ingredients that moisturize skin.

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Butterfly Claw Clip

6 acrylic clips with rounded edges that won’t pull or damage hair.

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Personalized Robes

Have the back, front, or both embroidered or send a custom design.

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Radiate Happiness Gift Box

With 2 color-changing cups and more — personalize it with a name.

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Unicorn Dream Catcher

Handmade of wood with an iron ring, LED lights, and more.

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Glow-in-the-dark Blanket

It’s 50” by 60”, made of 100% polyester, and glows for 30 minutes.

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Cool Gifts For Tween Girls

Custom Name Neon Sign

Customize the acrylic LED sign’s font, color, size, and more.

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Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

MRCOOL Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

With sensitive touch control, 4 brightness levels and multiple colors.

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Illuminated Doodle Pillowcase

It’s 100% cotton and the design glows for 5 minutes before fading.

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Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker, mp3 player, and recorder.

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Skull Soap

It’s handmade — choose your desired color and scent from the options.

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Purple Ladybug Bottle

Get 2 BPA-free bottles and decorate them with the included stickers.

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Fairy String Lights

A 10-ft, thin wire with 30 LED lights and a waterproof battery box.

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Dustless Hair Dust

It works on all hair types and the color lasts for up to 4 days.

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Sporting Gifts For Tween Girls

Sports Bottle

With quotes and time markers to encourage more water drinking.

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Women’s Athletic Running Shoes

Geometric, athlete-informed outsole patterns evenly disperse impact.

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Digital Sports Watch

It tracks step counting, calories, mileage, and much more.

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Adidas Sackpack

With drop mesh water bottle pockets, an easy cinch opening, and more.

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Basketball Night Light

Personalize the acrylic light with a name and choose from 2 LED bases.

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Personalized Headband

Select the color and image, and customize it further with a name.

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Diamondback Bike

With an aluminum alloy frame and smooth shifting between 6 speeds.

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STOROMO Exercise Ball

Made of non-toxic PVC with a honeycomb crack-resistant design.

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Tween girls are no longer little kids but they’re not quite teenagers either. As they begin to leave childhood and enter adolescence, they experience many physical and behavioral changes. Their interests change as well, which means you have many new gift options to explore.

Choosing the best gifts for tween girls

Pre-teen girls, or “tweens” are between the stages of childhood and adolescence. While the age range can vary, the tween years are usually from ages 9 to 12 years old. It’s a transitionary period and, with the onset of puberty, they’ll experience physical, emotional, social, and cognitive developmental changes. 

According to experts, increased independence is a key characteristic of the tween years. She’ll begin exploring many new things as she tries to figure out her identity, and friendships will play an important role in her life. Gifts that appeal to her interests, whether it be music, physical activity, or creative self-expression, will allow her to explore and express her interests. She’s at an age where she’ll constantly be scrolling Instagram and TikTok, so you can be assured she knows what’s cool and trendy, which is why the latest accessories, gadgets, stylish items of clothing, and other popular items are a hit with tween girls. As they get older, tween girls also take an interest in games and activities that challenge them and test their problem-solving abilities. Educational games, like science and building kits, are ideal for stimulating their evolving cognitive capabilities.  

How we identified the best gifts for tween girls

When selecting gifts for tween girls, we identified the hallmark characteristics of this age group and chose gifts that will appeal to their shifting interests. One of the biggest milestones that occur is the need for more independence and self-discovery. 

For this reason, we selected a variety of gifts that she can use to explore what she loves and showcase her personal style. We included artistic tools, accessories, and unique decorative items that she can use to express herself creatively and customize her personal space. We also factored in that tween girls spend a lot of time on social media. The gadgets and activities we chose are some of the trendiest on the market, which is why they’ll appeal to them.

Girls this age are not only developing physically and emotionally, but cognitively as well. As their logic and reasoning abilities evolve, they appreciate activities that are more challenging. We chose games of logic, building sets, and exploration kits that will test and strengthen these abilities and encourage them to seek solutions on their own.

Tips for buying the best gifts for tween girls

  1. Understand her interests
    Her interests are changing as she moves from childhood to adolescence. She may have once loved dolls, whereas now, her interests may lie with gadgets or games and toys that she can use to creatively express herself. Understanding what her current interests are will help you buy a gift that will bring her joy.
  2. Ask her
    Tweens are discovering what they like as they explore their identity. Their tastes are likely to be quite specific as well. Ask her how she enjoys spending her time and you’ll have a better idea of the type of gift to buy.
  3. Consider what’s cool
    Tweens are at an age where they want to fit in with their peers as friendships become more very important to them. The coolest gadgets, fashion, and style accessories tend to be popular because it’s likely her friends will have them too. Always look at what’s considered cool among the age group and you’ll have a winning gift.