40 Gifts for New Grandparents

Our Best 3 Picks


Grandparents T-shirts

These comfy, cotton T-shirts are a fun way to announce your pregnancy.

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“How Women Tell Time” Wine and Mug Rack

Also Great

“How Women Tell Time” Wine and Mug Rack

The sturdy, easy-to-install wine- and mug rack arrives gift-wrapped.

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Good on a Budget

New Baby Keyring

Hand crafted with stainless steel, it's fade and rust resistant.

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Personalized Gifts for New Grandparents

“Grandma” Personalized Necklace

19" chain made from 14k gold-plated brass with lobster clasp closure.

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Grandparents Personalized Wood Picture Frame

Choose the frame orientation and size for a 4" x 6" or 5" x 7" photo.

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Skylight Digital Picture Frame

It measures 10" with 1280 x 800 resolution and it's WiFi-enabled.

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Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Picture Frame

Contains non-toxic, air-dry clay, a roller, stencil kit, and others.

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Personalized Grandparent Keepsake Book

A wire bound album with 30 or 45 plain pages to affix mementos.

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“Promoted From Dog Grandparent to Human Grandparent” Funny Mug

Microwave and dishwasher safe; printed both sides with anti-fade ink.

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Customized Burlap Pillow

Machine-washable, moisture-wicking polyester case with hidden zipper.

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New Baby Keyring

Hand crafted with stainless steel, it's fade and rust resistant.

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Personalized Family Tree Print

Printed on archival paper with a detailed, colored illustration.

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Custom Welcome Foot Mat

A coir mat that's slip-resistant; printed with fade-resistant UV ink.

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Unique Gifts for New Grandparents

Convertible Mini Classic Diaper Bag

Made from faux leather with a wipeable, stain-resistant nylon lining.

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“How Women Tell Time” Wine and Mug Rack

“How Women Tell Time” Wine and Mug Rack

The sturdy, easy-to-install wine- and mug rack arrives gift-wrapped.

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Personalized Tape Measure

The 16' tape measure comes with a gift box for easy gifting.

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Grandma Definition Scented Candle

Made with natural soy wax blend, its cotton wick has 50 hrs burn time.

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Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Long Distance Touch Lamp

The paired WiFi lamp lights up with your own, wherever it may be.

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Microwaveable Foot Booties

With aromatic herbs, it can be heated or chilled to ease muscle pain.

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New Baby Wine Label

Peel and stick labels that are water-resistant and repositionable.

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Grandparents’ First Christmas Personalized Ornament

Made from lightweight polyresin with detailed laser engraving.

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“Nanaville: Adventures in Grandparenting” Book

176 pages of funny yet thoughtful reflections on 'grand-parenthood'.

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Ultrasound Photo Frame with Countdown

With wooden elephant pieces fixed with velcro for easy take off/on.

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Thoughtful Gifts for New Grandparents

Amazon Echo Show

With 8 mics and noise cancellation, it'll hear you from any direction.

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Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

Each one has 39 built-in massage buttons to relieve pain and more.

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Grandparents T-shirts

These comfy, cotton T-shirts are a fun way to announce your pregnancy.

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Sleep Tight Kit

Includes a silk eye pillow, aromatherapy sleep spray, and more.

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Safety Magnetic Lock

With a plastic template for proper alignment during installation.

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Portable Play Yard

With a sturdy frame made of iron tubes to support up to 33 lbs.

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Letters To My Grandchild

12 letter templates to fill with memories and words of wisdom.

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Custom Star Map

It uniquely details the stars' alignment on your special occasion.

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Personalized Photo Keychain

Photo printed on a stainless steel insert and kept in a leather case.

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“Goodnight Moon” Bedtime Story

Lull them to sleep with this 30 page short poem of goodnight wishes.

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Useful Gifts for New Grandparents

Travel Tumbler Set

Features food-grade stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation.

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Baby Trend Nursery Set

A multifunctional 3-in-1 sleeping, diaper-changing, and playtime unit.

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Audio Baby Monitor

Portable with a 5-level sound indicator and 2-way talk-back intercom.

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Outdoor Stepping Stones

Made of polymer resin and resistant to all weather conditions.

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Yoga Starter Kit

Features a 72" yoga mat, a strap, 2 blocks, and 2 micro-fiber towels.

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Green Goo Baby Moisturizer

Special formula to relieve diaper rash and other skin irritations.

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Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Made from high-quality crystal to keep drinks chilled and undiluted.

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Waterpik Water Flosser

With 10 pressure settings and 2 modes to remove plaque and debris.

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My Family Cookbook

An entirely customizable workbook measuring 8.7" x 6.3" x 1.2".

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Grandma Tea Towel

100% microfiber towels hand-printed with fade-free fabric dye.

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When a baby is born, no one dotes on them more than their loving grandparents. New grandparents are always eager to get into their role, which is characterized by love, caregiving, and being their grandchild’s favorite playmates. Celebrate their exciting new journey with a meaningful gift. 

Choosing the best gifts for new grandparents

Studies show that children who have strong relationships with their grandparents tend to have fewer emotional and behavioral issues, and challenges with their peers. It’s a very important role, one that first-time grandparents look forward to with all their heart. To celebrate new grandparents, first, consider if you’d like to mark the special occasion or if you want to make their journey easier.

Personalized items can best highlight this meaningful event in their lives. Beautiful picture frames of their new grandchild or customized keepsake books are thoughtful gifts and give them something to look back on and treasure. Additionally, gifts like custom foot mats are a great opportunity for them to boast about their “new grandparent” status. 

If you’d like to go the practical route, gifts like baby monitors and portable play yards will be incredibly useful for when they’re looking after their grandchild at home. To say thank you for all their love and hard work, you can also consider gifts that promote their well-being, such as acupressure foot massage sandals. These types of gifts can be used after a long but fulfilling day of looking after their bundle of joy. 

How we identified the best gifts for new grandparents

Grandparents have raised their own children with love, so when the time comes for them to welcome their first grandchild, they’re filled with excitement as they look forward to showering their baby’s baby with love and affection. We looked at the special role that grandparents play in their grandkids’ lives and what it means to become a new grandparent. We chose some of the most popular gifts among new grandparents, either for their sentimental or practical value.

Becoming a first-time grandma and grandpa is something they’ll always want to remember, which is why we selected some of the most poignant keepsakes to celebrate the occasion. From baby footprint and handprint frames and ultrasound countdown frames to customized jewelry and accessories, these mementos are visual reminders of the beginning of their beautiful journey. We also included customized items, like mugs, that they can use to show off their new status as grandparents.

The new grandchild will spend a lot of time at their grandparents’ home, which is why we chose more practical gifts such as diaper bags and nursery sets — these will undoubtedly come in handy to grandma and grandpa. Being a grandparent is a rewarding experience, but it can also be tiring. We included self-care items like sleep-tight kits as a way to express that all their hard work is seen and appreciated. 

Tips for buying the best gifts for new grandparents

  1. Personalized is best
    Becoming a first-time grandparent is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it should be commemorated as such. Personalized gifts can best honor the occasion — they’re a way for grandparents to look back on the momentous experience, even when their grandchild is all grown up.
  2. Practical is also great
    Practical gifts that can help or prepare new grandparents for their role are also great options. Grandchildren will spend a lot of time at their grandparents’ house. Essentially, it will be like a second home to them, which is why items like play yards and nursery sets are useful.
  3. Get creative
    Above all else, becoming a new grandparent is a celebration that won’t soon be forgotten. When giving a gift, try to think of the best way to honor this special relationship. For example, if they can’t wait to start imparting nuggets of wisdom, gift them something like Letters to My Grandchild, so they can get started right away.