75 Gifts for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Our Best 3 Picks


Woodford Pocket Watch

It has a PVD gold-plated case and can withstand light splashes only.

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Also Great

Plush Blanket

It's made of high-quality microfiber polyester and measures 50" x 60".

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Good on a Budget

50th Anniversary Picture Frame

This two-tone metal frame holds a 4" x 6" horizontal photo.

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Unique Gifts for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Day Chart

It features facts from the wedding day, like popular songs and more.

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Personalized Aprons

Made from 100% polyester, it measures a generous 33 x 24 inches.

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Tinted Glass Keepsake

A maximum of 25 characters can be engraved in the center.

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Matashi 24K Gold Plated Double Heart Ornament

It's studded with precision and weighs approximately 4.8 ounces.

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Pop-up Card

It's made of layers of laser-cut paper and includes a message.

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Porcelain Figurines

This sweet sculpture is made of hand-painted resin and won't fade.

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Anniversary Ornament

It's made of white ceramic with a glossy glaze and will not fade.

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Anniversary Plate

The plate is traditionally gilded and comes with a 9 inch stand.

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50th Wedding Anniversary Swans

It represents purity and perfection, with resistant laser engraving.

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Ceramic 50th Anniversary Couple Figurine

It's made of high quality ceramic material and stands at 4.75 inches.

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Happy Anniversary Cheese Board

Includes an engraved charcuterie board, a fruit plate, a gift box, and more.

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Stunning Anniversary Sundial

Stunning Anniversary Sundial

Handmade from thick brass, it features a beautiful message about love.

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50th Anniversary Throw Pillow Covers

Made from flannel with a hidden zipper closure for an elegant appearance.

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Affectionate Hug Couple Art Sculpture

Handcrafted and made of resin and cast iron, with quality finishing.

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Heart-Shaped Wood Coasters

Made of acacia wood, which is highly durable and water-resistant.

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Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket

It has 3 layers and can easily accommodate up to 4 adults.

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Kusini Electric Fondue Pot Set

It includes a melting base, a removable 10 oz melting bowl, and tray.

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Luxury Gifts for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Woodford Pocket Watch

It has a PVD gold-plated case and can withstand light splashes only.

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Vintage Bordeaux and Newspaper from a Special Date

This blend is traditionally vinified and aged in oak baroques.

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Champagne Glasses

Made of hand-blown, leak-proof glass with an 8 ounce capacity.

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Square Crystal Decanter

It has a 0.8 liter capacity and a thick base for sturdiness.

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Hotel Getaway E-voucher

Choose a hotel of your choice from over 70 different locations.

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Personalized Gold Finish Carriage Clock

It uses a quartz clock mechanism and includes a custom message.

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Luxury Bathtub Tray Caddy

It’s waterproof, highly durable, and has an adjustable length.

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His and Hers Luxury Robes

They're made of 100% cotton and are machine washable.

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Lovino Crystal Wine Decanter

It has a 360° rotation, increasing the decanting rate of the wine.

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Luxury Linen Photo Album with Acid-Free Pockets

It contains 100 cream pages to accommodate 200 4"x"6" photos.

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VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow

Features 3D rotating massage nodes and a gentle heating function.

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Lukinbox His and Hers Accent Bath Rugs

100% polyester and non-toxic TPR rubber that's skid resistant

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Tea Tree Bath Set

The beauty products are made with peppermint oil, argan oil, and more.

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Stemless Aerating Wine Glass Set of 2

7 oz glasses that have built-in 360º aerating cells with 8 holes.

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4-Piece 100% Silk Sheets

Hosts 18 amino acids including Glycine, promoting collagen production.

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Instant HEPA Quiet Air Purifier

A HEPA-13 filter that captures 99.97% of dust, pollen, and smoke.

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Camellia European Style Bone China Porcelain Set

It's entirely handcrafted and available in several different patterns.

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Meaningful Gifts for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Embroidered Anniversary Towel

It's made of 100% ring-spun cotton and measures 27 by 51 inches.

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They're made of 100% polyester and are safe to machine wash.

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Golden Anniversary Mugs

This keepsake can be personalized with a message, names, and a date.

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Personalized Cushion

It's made of 100% cotton and includes a cushion insert.

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Plant Pot

This ceramic pot features a hole in the bottom for plant health.

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Plush Blanket

It's made of high-quality microfiber polyester and measures 50" x 60".

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50th Anniversary Picture Frame

This two-tone metal frame holds a 4" x 6" horizontal photo.

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Coffee Tumblers with Lids

They're made of stainless steel with a 20 oz fluid capacity.

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Then and Now 50th Anniversary Photo Frame

Crafted with medium density fiberboard and holds 2-4" x 6" pictures.

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Poignant Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit

Poignant Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit

The unique rubbery cast will capture every fine line and fingerprint.

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“50 Years Together We Made A Family” Glass Crystal Decoration

Made of high-quality K9 crystals, with no bubbles, or distortions.

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“Our Adventure Book” Scrapbook Photo Album

It includes 146 pages and can hold over 300 photos.

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“The Story of Us” Photo Holder

It's made of MDF wood and measures 13.5 x 5.5 inches.

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Personalized Engraved Wood Candle Holder

These freestanding candles have a height of 10 and 12 cm respectively.

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50th Wedding Anniversary Lantern

It's hand painted, and made with engineered wood, and alloy steel.

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Practical Gifts for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Mug Warmer

It has 3 temperature settings plus an auto on/off switch.

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Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack

Features soft padded shoulder straps and a top-mounted carry handle.

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Professional Espresso Maker with Milk Frother Steam Wand

It features a 34 oz removable water tank and a 20-bar pressure system.

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Luxury Ultra Large Towel Warmer

With a built-in timer to heat towels for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

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Gifts for 50th Wedding Anniversary for Women

Trinket Box Organizer

It's made of premium zinc alloy with 2 inner layer dividers.

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Gold-dipped Rose

It's a real rose that has been coated with resin then gold plated.

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Leather Journal

It features 144 acid-free pages that reduce ink leakage.

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Romantic Words Necklace

The words are inscribed in 24k gold and set in vermeil and silver.

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Vintage Music Box

The rotating hand crank plays the song "You are my sunshine."

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Ceramic Ring Dish

It's crafted from high quality glazed ceramic and includes a gift box.

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Porcelain Jar Luxury Candle

A 21 oz floral-scented wax blend in a porcelain jar with a 30 hr burn.

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Handbag Set

The crossbody handbag has a 50" adjustable strap and slip pockets.

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Funny 50th Wedding Anniversary T-shirt

It's made of lightweight cotton, with a double-needle sleeve.

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“To My Wife” Plaque

Made of sturdy wood, it's free-standing and powered by a USB cable.

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“To My Wife” Compact Mirror

It has a tabletop mount and each mirror is individually crafted.

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Gold Bracelet

It's nickel-free and made of real 14k gold, with cultured pearls.

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Gifts for 50th Wedding Anniversary for Men

Sundial Compass

It has a brass and copper top with an antique finish and style.

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DIY Kit Whiskey Infusion Set

With 12 oak woods, 2 glass bottles, and stainless steel ice cubes.

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This cotton shirt is available in 10 different solid colors.

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Engraved Leather Wallet

Send a sweet message with this RFID-protected, tri-fold wallet.

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Whiskey Stones Gift

The whiskey stones are made from high-quality 304 stainless steel.

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Vetiver by Guerlain

3.4 oz and features notes of bergamot, coriander, lemon, and neroli.

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Amazon Gift Card

It has no fees and no expiration date and is 100% redeemable.

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Leather Journal Gift Set for Him

It's made of luxury horse leather and features 300 unlined pages.

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Men’s Stainless Steel Fossil Watch

It's water resistant up to 50 m with a mineral crystal lens display.

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Montblanc Ballpoint Pen

It features black precious resin inlaid with the Montblanc emblem.

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Anniversaries make life meaningful. They jog our memories of crucial historical occasions, whether cultural or personal. A significant celebration is in order after 50 years of being with one person. The 50th year of marriage is also known as the Golden Anniversary and is customarily linked to the color gold. The 50th year of marriage draws a wealth of the couple’s experiences and, with refinement, conveys optimism for the years beyond with each other, much like what the color gold stands for.

Choosing the best gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary

A 50th wedding anniversary is quite a milestone achievement. The gift you select should reflect this. There are two routes to go when selecting a wedding anniversary gift, namely traditional or modern. Whichever route you choose, the gift should be elegant and convey the achievement of reaching 50 years together.

Traditionally, 50th wedding anniversaries were celebrated with gold items, gemstones, and the age-old favorite, flowers. The reason gold is associated with 50th anniversaries is that it is refined and mined to create something beautiful that stands the test of time, similar to a marriage.

When thinking of what items to get for a 50th anniversary, one doesn’t have to be limited. There are plenty of elegant items one can choose from, from plain gold pocket watches, to gold accent champagne flutes. The goal is that the item should be as refined as the 50-year marriage of the couple you’re celebrating. 

In contemporary culture, wedding anniversary gifts are generally determined by value, gradually increasing with each year that passes. However, this could mean gifts become quite pricey, and so it is up to you to determine the value. Generally, items of sentimentality are a good choice, as well as ones that look back on the past. 

How we identified the best gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary

When we evaluated the best gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary, we settled on a more traditional approach. Many of our gifts include gold accents as a nod to the Victorian era tradition of gold symbolizing a 50th wedding anniversary. However, you’ll also find luxury items with value. Just as a 50th wedding anniversary is highly valued, we chose useful gifts and a little bit more expensive ones. Our selection offers items to pamper and please and are useful in everyday life. 

We sought to select gifts that were elegant above all else. In our sections, you’ll find stylish gifts for both men and women including watches, jewelry, compasses, hip flasks, and cologne.

For gifts a little more on the nose, we’ve included items that proudly state the 50-year mark. On occasions like a 50th wedding anniversary, gifts that memorialize the occasion are commonplace and are a nice reminder to look back on in years to come. 

For the more sentimental couple, we focused on gifts that mark a memory and can serve as reminders of a life lived together, like the “Our Adventure Book.” We also included more personalized gifts that can be engraved, to add an extra touch of care. 50 years is a huge accomplishment and should be treated as such. 


Tips for buying the best gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary

  1. Be thoughtful
    Whatever gift you select, ensure that a lot of thought goes into it and that it shows. No one likes getting a throwaway item. Think about the qualities of the couple or of your significant other and try to find something that they would want for themselves.
  2. You don’t have to be traditional
    Just because it’s a golden anniversary doesn’t mean you have to buy something gold. It’s about a celebration of love and strength. Any gift that conveys this sentiment is a good choice, no matter the color.
  3. It doesn’t have to be expensive
    Luxury items might be a bit out of reach for some and that’s perfectly fine. An item of value doesn’t need to break the bank. Gifts should be about what they represent, not only what they can do for us. If you can’t afford that brand-new coffee maker, even a personalized mug will do. After all, it really is the thought that counts. 


What are some luxury 50th wedding anniversary gifts?

A 50th wedding anniversary is a great time to splurge, and there are multitudes of gifts to choose from. From engraved watches, silverware, crystal glasses, vintage wines, or massage chairs, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate a half-century milestone!

What is the perfect 50th-anniversary gift?

Traditionally, a 50th anniversary is represented by gold. When hunting for a 50th-anniversary gift, selecting an item that symbolizes the event is a great choice. A gold ring, pendant, or dinner set are some options.

Can flowers be given as gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary?

Yes, flowers can always be given for any anniversary, especially a 50th! The flowers that symbolize this important milestone are yellow roses and violets, symbolizing the merging of two individuals and their longevity.