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40 Gifts for Death in Family

Looking for gift ideas for death in a family? We’re here for you.

There are very few things in life as difficult as losing a loved one to the cold hands of death. The grieving period that follows is equally as hard and devastating. Everyone experiences grief differently, and various people experience grief over varying lengths of time. One thing is for sure: the right gift can offer some solace. Apart from being physically supportive, sending gifts can offer anyone going through a loss sympathy, hope, and inspiration. We’ve put together a collection of thoughtful and comforting gift ideas that help express to the bereaved that they are not alone and you’re thinking of them.

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Flower Bouquet
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Engraved Locket With Picture
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Affirmation Card Set
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Thoughtful Gifts for Death in Family

Jar Of Smiles

Send a message of kindness and inspiration for every day of the month with this collection of thoughtful messages. Julie’s Smiles: The Power of Positive Thinking Quotation in a Jar will comfort and reassure loved ones at a difficult period. It is the ideal present for anyone who needs a little encouragement.


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Custom Charcoal Portrait

Losing a family member is not an easy thing to deal with. Finding a method to uplift those around you in some way is being thoughtful. Give a customized charcoal portrait of the departed to a loved one. Their favorite moment will be captured and preserved in this lovely portrait.


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Wood Memory Box

The Wood Memory Box is the next item on our list. These storage containers make excellent presents. Your loved ones can keep mementos that bring them some solace and serve as a reminder of the deceased. Due to the hand-made nature of this rustic box, no two are exactly alike. Gray, dark walnut, ebony, and natural are the various finishes for the box.


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Memorial Flower Vase

Flowers are frequently chosen as a token of support following a loss. The next item on our gift list follows a distinctive approach. As opposed to sending flowers, give this lovely Lillian Rose Crackle Glass Memorial Flower Vase to your loved ones. The crackle glass vase bears the inscription, “Like the Scent of Flowers, Wherever a Beautiful Soul Has Been, Memories Linger,” which makes this a thoughtful present.


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Angel Candle Holder

A cost-effective but heartfelt present for the loss of a loved one is the Angel Tealight Candle Holder. When a loved one passes away, what you do to show support is more important than what you say. By presenting this memorial candle, you can both express your sympathies and offer consolation. This angel figure candle holder is constructed of high-quality polished resin and comes with a tealight led candle and a condolence note. It is intended to give grieving loved ones some light in their lives.


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Memorial Wind Chime

This personalized wind chime is a thoughtful gift for anyone who has lost someone dear to them. The chimes will remind them that their loved ones are still keeping an eye on them during the heaviest of storms or the lightest breeze. It is made by hand from materials that can withstand the elements and will look lovely for many years to come.


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Flower Bouquet

Flowers are always a good choice. The Eternal Affection Arrangement uses a profusion of tasteful white flowers to show how much you care. It is a basket-style arrangement of alstroemeria, roses, poms, and other flowers. The lovely bouquet is a kind and appropriate present for anyone who is grieving. It will undoubtedly bring some color to their gray days.


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Custom Handwriting Bracelet

This Custom Handwriting Bracelet is a beautiful and unique gift that can serve as a keepsake. If the bereaved possesses a note or any piece of writing done by the deceased, it can be replicated on the bracelet. The bracelet comes in silver, gold, and rose gold and is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes.


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Personalized Family Memorial Print

Since the Personalized Family Memorial Print is a digital download, there is no delay in the delivery of your order. After answering a few questions, a picture of the deceased, wearing angelic wings and sitting next to the grieving, is created. Giving it to someone who has lost a close family member is sensitive and a wonderful gesture.


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Affirmation Card Set

Grief has no set duration, and there is no one right method to grieve. The Grief Affirmation Gift Card seeks to provide us with the reminders we occasionally need to get through another day. The 20 cards in the set of sorrow affirmation cards provide daily encouragement and solace to individuals who are mourning. You may also send your loved one a virtual hug by including 10 plantable paper hearts to let them know you’re thinking of them.


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Food Gifts for Death in Family

Fruit And Gourmet Gift Basket

Giving food as a gift is one of many ways to express your love and support for a loved one who is grieving. An illustration of this is the Sympathy Grand Fruit & Gourmet Snack Basket. D’Anjou pears, red pairs, Braeburn apples, navel oranges, and mandarins are just a few of the fresh, gourmet delicacies and fruits you can send as condolences. Additionally, a customized message can be included.


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Sympathy Ice Cream Gift Box

It is thought that eating ice cream melts away our sorrows and repairs our shattered hearts. The loss of a family member is one of the most tragic and devastating events that may happen. With the Sympathy Ice Cream Gift Box, you can send consolation, love, and support. Anyone would smile and have a better day after receiving this thoughtful gift, which contains delectable spoonfuls of ice cream.


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Fresh Meal Delivery

Send freshly made meals directly to the doorsteps of your loved one during a time of grief. At Freshly, the meals are freshly prepared and delivered, ready to eat in 3 minutes. They have a rotating menu of over 50 balanced dishes. Give any of the various types to a loved one who is experiencing loss as a way to show your support and love.


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Classic Gift Basket

The next item on our list is the As Good As Gold Classic Gift Basket. This high-quality gift basket will undoubtedly set the gold standard. It includes a variety of gourmet foods. The gift basket also includes a personalized card. The items are securely arranged to protect against damage during shipment.


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Sympathy Gift Basket

Food is a great way to reach out and send condolences during a time of grief, as most people won’t be able to focus on cooking or serving. This lovely ‘thinking of you’ bereavement gift is complete with everything needed to provide some relief in their hour of need. Salted almond crackers, fig jam, chocolate stables, orange pistachio shortbread, and many other treats are included in the gift box.


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 Bereavement Box

The Sincere Bereavement Gift Box has a perfect mixture of sweet and healthy treats. The elegant and lovely condolence gift box is a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them in a trying time. This classic and sophisticated present includes Fuji apples, Bosc pears, and two sweet snacks, all wrapped in a sympathy ribbon.


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E-Gift Card

The next food gift choice on our list is the Goldbelly E-Gift Card. The gift card allows the recipient to take their pick from hundreds of restaurants, chefs, and food makers. Simply select your desired amount, and input the recipient’s email and name. You can also include a heartfelt, personalized message.


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Milk Chocolate Slab

Send some sweetness to the bereaved during their hard time with the Milk Chocolate Personalized Slab. The best Belgian chocolate was used in its production, and it has three different toppings and an edible personalized inscription on top. You can choose any three toppings from the variety provided that the recipient will enjoy


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Italian Dinner Basket

The Italian Gourmet Dinner Basket Deluxe is packed with the most delicious gourmet items. The basket includes imported truffle linguine, porcini mushroom linguine, crisp crackers prepared with premium ingredients, a delectable sauce created with luscious Italian tomatoes and aromatic basil, and much more. Give this as a token of your love and support to a loved one going through the grieving process.


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Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Gift Basket

This comfort food gift box is the last item on our list. The With Sympathy Chocolate Caramel & Crunch Deluxe box includes Ghirardelli chocolates, freshly-made caramel corns, hand-crafted almond bark bars, chocolate pretzels, chocolate-covered sea salt cashews, and sweet and crunchy caramel-confection pretzels in a commemorative seagrass basket. It is a great choice to send to a grieving loved one.


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Comforting Gifts for Death in Family

Personalized Love Letter Blanket

A soft, warm blanket is the epitome of coziness. To encourage and soothe your loved ones during their time of loss, give them this personalized love letter blanket. You can find an old message that the deceased had written and have it customized on the blanket, or you could write your own encouraging words. The blanket has superb quality and will leave your loved one feeling special.


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Sympathy Gift Box

The With Deepest Sympathy Gift Box is a beautiful and thoughtful sympathy gift to comfort someone following a loss. A succulent, a leather journal, a campfire cup, and a customized handwritten card are all included in the gift box. Comfort stones, socks, a Starbucks gift card, and Moroccan mint tea are available as extras. To let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them, you may also include a “hug seed packet,” which is a digital hug with 10 plantable paper hearts.


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Notes on Grief 

Notes on Grief explores one of the most common and inevitable human experiences—grief—and in doing so, essentially unites us with one another. The book delves deeply into the familial and cultural aspects of loss, as well as the inevitable loneliness and rage that accompanies it. It’s a great addition to anyone’s library who has lost a loved one.


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Celebration of Life Photobook

The Celebration of Life Photobook is a comforting gift option to recognize and celebrate a life well lived. The timeless and elegant memorial book preserves treasured memories and makes it possible for the bereaved to treasure their experiences with the deceased for years to come. It will undoubtedly fill the recipient’s heart with warmth and happiness.


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Gift Box

With the “A Beautiful Soul Is Never Forgotten Gift Box,” you can express your love and support through tough times. These spa gift sets are the perfect way to let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them by sending a message of sympathy and sharing your affection. The box contains a body scrub, a bath bomb, a lip balm, and many more. It also includes a scented natural soy candle, a personalized candle with a special message sticker on the back, and a bespoke matchbox.


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The Grief Companion

People grieve differently. The Grief Companion is a deck of cards that provides insights into the ever-changing grief process. It offers ideas and information to help anyone feel grounded and understood. It also provides resources to turn to as well as suggestions on how to handle the loss. Each card is individually hand-painted with a distinctive geometric pattern and is sure to comfort your loved one.


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Handwriting Necklace

Anyone who has lost someone will treasure the sentimental jewelry item known as the Actual Handwriting Necklace. It entails personalizing the deceased’s handwritten note on the pendant of the necklace. With this necklace, you can give the bereaved a message of love and hope. Even if their loved ones may no longer be with them, wearing a small reminder of them will help them feel a little better.


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Engraved Locket With Picture

This classic locket is a timeless jewelry piece that will put a smile on the bereaved’s face. The locket has a vintage and distinctive appearance thanks to the embedded photo of the deceased. The locket can be customized with the bereaved person’s initials, and they will appreciate always having a piece of their loved one with them.


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Hand-carved Stone Reminders

The next gift is a one-of-a-kind.  Alongside the main glass centerpiece, there are four other bright hearts hand-carved from stone. The stones commemorate the lovely experiences in life. With each passing season, one of the four stones accompanies the bereaved on their grieving journey. As a permanent memorial to their loved ones, the stones can be placed somewhere special.


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Memorial Lantern

A beautiful, ornamental memorial lantern with a timeless style, the Celebration of Life Lantern is a lovely present for those in need and will look beautiful in any home. The lantern’s print of a pair of cardinals serves as a symbol of hope and inspiration for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. The lantern will bring light and comfort to a grieving family.


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Gifts For Kids Going Through a Death in Family

The Invisible String

The Invisible String has been hailed by therapists and social workers as an excellent resource for overcoming anxiety, sadness, and loss. The book is ideal for children who have lost a loved one. It presents a straightforward strategy for overcoming loneliness and bereavement with a creative twist that kids can readily comprehend and get behind. Additionally, in these turbulent times, it conveys a message that is very powerful.


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Piggy Bank

The Pennies From Heaven Piggy Bank is an excellent gift idea. It adopts the concept that each time a penny is found, it is a gift sent down from a late loved one. It is a unique place for kids to keep all those little reminders their angels send. The box is also customizable.


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Coloring Book

The Coping With Death Coloring Book contains numerous real-world examples. The activity and coloring book explores ways in which young kids can deal with the loss of a loved one. It includes pages for journaling, coloring, and drawing that will assist kids in dealing with their emotions openly. The book also teaches adults how to be compassionate with mourning kids.


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Memory Bear 

Another great gift suggestion for kids experiencing the loss of a loved one is this handmade keepsake memory bear. The bear is made using the clothes of the deceased. It is a consoling and unique gift that will undoubtedly ease the kid’s grief. The bear, which stands around 12 inches tall, is light and portable.


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Remembrance Journal

The Guided Grief Remembrance Journal is a handbook that promotes healing by documenting happy memories of a loved one who has passed away. This journal is special since it will serve as a memento for the children to cherish and share. The diary includes instructions on how to use the guided prompts to help remember happy moments and write them down clearly.


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Memorial Picture Hanging Board

A priceless and timeless gift is the Tuobsm Memorial Picture Hanging Board. Keep the pictures of the deceased loved one within reach. The picture hanging board with handmade string hearts is useful for organizing and displaying pictures. The young ones will enjoy hanging their favorite photos of or with the deceased.


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Custom Photo Necklace

With the Worry Stone Custom Photo Necklace, the young ones will always have their loved ones close to them. Ancient Greece, Tibet, Ireland, and many Native American cultures have all used worry stones in various forms. Worry stones are little tokens that you can hold between your finger and thumb to help you relax. It will be a wonderful present for children who are grieving.


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Snack Box

Our list continues with the Allergy Conscious Snack Gift Box. The snack gift box contains snacks that are free from nuts, tree nuts, eggs, gluten, and soy. This tasty snack box is guaranteed to add a ray of sunshine to their day. You can also attach a personalized message to let them know you’re thinking of them.


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Personalized Paint Set

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. People have long utilized art as a means of expressing their thoughts and feelings. The Personalized Paint Set for Kids will aid in their emotional expression. A 63-piece coloring set, including pencils, crayons, paint, a paintbrush, a ruler, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener, is enclosed in the wooden box. The child’s first name can be added to make it unique.


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Sympathy Box For Kids

The Grieving Child Sympathy Box is last but certainly not least. Every child who has had to bid farewell to a loved one would appreciate this box. The package comes with a book that explains where their loved one went. Every time they hear the lovely melody of the wind chimes, they are reminded that they have a permanent guardian keeping an eye on them. In the box, there is also a blank journal where they can jot down their ideas, remember their loved ones, or even draw pictures.


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