40 Gifts for Gardeners

Of all places in the world, one place gardeners love to spend their time is 100% their garden. Whether they’ve got their hands in the dirt tending to a garden of beautiful flowers or veggies growing in their backyard or they’re reading something garden related or they’re even sitting and enjoying the beauty of their hard work, every gardener spends most of their time on things that concern their garden. 

It takes a special person to take their time to plant a garden and find satisfaction in giving it all the essential care to grow and flourish. Talk about hard work, patience (and a list of gardening tools that never ends)! It only makes sense to help them enjoy their favorite place by giving them functional and helpful gifts. 

Finding the perfect gardening gift can be hard; it’s even harder if your giftee isn’t a novice and they probably have lots of tools, seeds and clothes already. But shopping doesn’t have to be hard. Right? That’s why we’ve done a significant amount of work by rounding up the best gifts for gardeners (whether novices or experts) for you. So you don’t need to scramble to find the coolest, most unique and most creative gifts for the gardener in your circle.