40 Sympathy Gifts

Our Best 3 Picks


Handwritten Jewelry

Made of high-quality plated silver with a 1 or 2 sided engraving.

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Also Great

Memorial Journals

With 224 lined pages; white marble, grey, or brown faux leather cover.

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Good on a Budget

Engraved Candles

Hand-crafted, with a floral aromatic scent and 35 hours' burn time.

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Unique Sympathy Gifts

Angel Candlelight Holder

Polished resin figurine and flameless, flickering LED tealight candle.

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Sympathy Wind Chimes

Made from pinewood with 6 anodized aluminum tubes and other add-ons.

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Memorial Lanterns

9" lamp made from sturdy plastic with LED flickering flameless candle.

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Hand-drawn Charcoal Portrait

Hand-drawn using a digital platform with 7 print-size options.

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Engraved Candles

Hand-crafted, with a floral aromatic scent and 35 hours' burn time.

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Personalized Sympathy Gifts

Sister Memorial Bracelet

A hypoallergenic, adjustable wire bracelet that fits 7"–8.5" wrists.

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Memorial Star Map

Memorial Star Map

This maps the stars on the date, time and location they passed.

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Custom Memorial Blanket

Durable, machine-washable and fade resistant with plush sherpa lining.

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Infant Loss Memorial Bracelet

Comes with an encoded secret message — pick from 6 color combinations.

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Memorial Journals

With 224 lined pages; white marble, grey, or brown faux leather cover.

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Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts

KindNotes Keepsake Gift Jar

A glass jar with 31 notes to offer words of comfort at a time of loss.

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Engraved Round Locket Necklace

Stainless steel plated 1" locket with fade-resistant laser engraving.

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Luna Weighted Blanket

Uniquely designed to keep air circulating and regulate temperatures.

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The Grief Companion

The Grief Companion

An illustrated deck of cards providing guidance and support.

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Custom Embroidered Pet Portrait

Send your pet's photo and name, and it is converted into this artwork.

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Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mother

Handwritten Jewelry

Made of high-quality plated silver with a 1 or 2 sided engraving.

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Plush Soft Stuffed Animal

A 12-inch stuffy with a pocket to contain a 4x4-inch photo.

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Photo Collage Frame

20" x 20" display with 12 wood clothespins for hanging mementos.

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Thinking of You Box

A lavender set with a scented candle, lip balm, scrub, oil, and more.

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“Recipes From Mom” Book

Record at least 100 of mom's classic recipes in this blank book.

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Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Father

A Collection of Seedlings

Set of 5 seed-grown trees with transplant and care instructions.

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Shirt to Pillow Keepsake

Turn a loved one's clothing into a pillow with a personalized patch.

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“A Prayer for My Dad” Wood Frame

Comes in 2 sizes with the option to hang or display as a desk plaque.

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Sympathy Frame

8 x 10" glass frame in black or rustic grey and holds a 4 x 6" photo.

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Sympathy Memorial Gift

Made of frosted acrylic and engraved with a permanent, crisp print.

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Sympathy Gifts for Men

Men’s Leather Memorial Bracelet

A leather and stainless-steel band that reads, "Forever in my Heart."

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Personalized Angel Wing Photo Memorial Hanger

Custom-made 2-sided angel wings that come with a silver or gold chain.

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Wine Country Sympathy Gift Basket

Complementary mix of sweet and savory snacks, dips, olives, and more.

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Personalized Engraved Ring

0.3", made from stainless steel in 3 colors — gold, black, and silver.

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Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box

Reviewers say it's a beautiful, spacious box, with a clear engraving.

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Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Husband

“Healing After Loss” Book

Features 384 pages of words to strengthen, inspire, and comfort.

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Crystal Glass Memorial Gift

Hand-cut from high-quality, sturdy acrylic with clear anti-fade print.

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Memorial Jewelry

Made of premium copper, it's hypoallergenic, durable, and anti-rust.

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Memorial Sign

A 1.25” durable wrapped canvas with long-lasting UV-resistant ink.

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Memorial Garden Stone

Choice of marble, concrete or slate stone with UV printed content.

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Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Pet

Pet Collar Keepsake Picture Frame

With an 8" collar, 1.25" pin, and 4.5" x 6.5" photo in a wooden frame.

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Stuffed Dog Plush Toy

A 13" toy made from acrylic fabric and filled with plush filling.

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Cat Memorial Urn Necklace

Made of durable, anti-rust alloy and has a polished shiny surface.

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Pet Loss Care Package

Offers supportive suggestions to honor the passing of a beloved pet.

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Freshly Baked Cookies

Made to order and retain a fresh-out-of-the-oven taste up to 3 weeks.

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Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences in life. Everyone grieves differently, so it can be challenging to know how to best support those who have lost someone, however, the right sympathy can be a huge comfort to someone who is mourning. 

Choosing the best sympathy gifts

Grieving the loss of a loved one, whether it’s a family member, friend, or pet, is a profoundly painful experience. Sympathy gifts are a touching way to show your love and support to someone who’s mourning. 

If you’re close to someone who’s experiencing a loss, a poignant gift is one that can be personalized. Whether it’s a customized piece of jewelry or a framed photograph that they can hang on the wall, it will serve as a meaningful reminder of their loved one, and it can be a great source of comfort for days that are especially difficult. Additionally, it shows you’ve gone the extra mile to express your sympathy.  

It’s also important to consider who they’re grieving for, the nature of the relationship they had with that person, and if thoughtful reminders or ways to help them navigate the grief are what they need more. Whether it’s a parent, spouse, or even a pet, you’ll want to ensure the gift speaks to the unique relationship.  

How we identified the best sympathy gifts

Everyone’s grieving process is different. We considered which gifts would best convey love and support to all, we looked at different relationships and tried to include practical and unique items that will provide help or comfort, or that are personalized and a bit more meaningful. 

Our thoughtful and practical items, like grief baskets, memorial journals, and grief companions are wonderful options. They can provide support and give people the tools they need to express their pain and come to terms with their loved one’s passing. We also selected personalized items, like jewelry and memorial portraits. These can be worn every day or placed in the home’s central room and will serve as meaningful tributes. 

We also chose special gifts for specific family members and pets because these are some of the most beautiful relationships we experience in life. These gifts best honor the uniqueness of each profound relationship.  

Tips for buying the best sympathy gifts

  1. Remember the mourner’s needs
    People experience grief differently, so a sympathy gift that brings comfort to one may not be helpful to another. Some may need practical ways to navigate their grief, whereas others find solace in meaningful mementos. In order to buy a gift that will best support them in their time of grief, consider what they need most.
  2. Consider culture and religion
    Some cultures and religions actually celebrate death and have specific death rituals that they practice. It’s important to consider whether or not someone has these types of religious or cultural beliefs so that you can steer clear of gifts that may be meaningless or even inappropriate.
  3. Consider your relationship with the mourner
    If you have a close relationship with the person who’s grieving, your sympathy gift will mean a lot to them. For this reason, personalized gifts are often the most precious because they show thoughtfulness and consideration, and they’ll best convey your condolences.