40 Gifts for Teens

The teenage years are a time of many physical and emotional changes as adolescents journey toward early adulthood. As they grow, learn, and discover themselves, their likes and dislikes begin to change, so gifts should appeal to their ever-expanding interests. 

Choosing the best gifts for teenagers

The teenage years are an exciting time of transformation and discovery, as well as confusion. Teenage boys and girls experience many physical, emotional, and mental changes as they undergo puberty and begin their journeys of self-discovery and maturation. As they learn more about themselves, their interests begin to evolve and they look for ways to express and validate their experience. 

The teenage years range from 13 to 18 years old. When buying gifts, not only should you keep their changing interests in mind, but you should base it according to which end of the age spectrum they fall on — a 13-year-old’s interests will differ greatly from an 18-year-old’s. If it’s a younger teen, popular Disney gifts that they loved in their preteen years might still appeal to them, whereas if it’s an older teen, trendier and more sophisticated gifts are appropriate.

Ask yourself what the teen in your life enjoys doing. Do they spend a lot of time playing with the latest gadgets, do they enjoy expressing themselves creatively, or do they prefer being active and socializing with friends? Their interests should inform your gift-buying decisions, and you can then opt for the trendiest gadgets on the market, unique accessories and decorative items that they can express themselves with, or gadgets and social games that they can enjoy with their friends.

How we identified the best gifts for teenagers

Teenagers grow and develop with the latest trends, and social media plays a huge role in their lives. They favor the coolest gadgets as well as tools of expression as they begin to assert their personal identities. Additionally, they become very social and the older they get, the bigger the influence their peers have over them. 

We considered all these elements and selected gifts that are popular among younger and older teens for their “cool factor,” functionality, and as tools of self-expression. Our stylish items of clothing, such as Nike sneakers, and tech gadgets that include items like Bluetooth speakers are some of the most popular on the market and they facilitate a teen’s desire to “fit in,” and have what’s trending. Because they’re also discovering and establishing who they are, we included many unique decorative items and accessories that they can use to personalize their space and express themselves. 

As they begin to spend more time with friends, it’s also important for them to bond in fun and meaningful ways. For this reason, we selected items that can immortalize the memories they create, such as instant cameras, as well as games and sports toys that facilitate social activities.  

For the older teens, we chose more age-appropriate gifts that will appeal to their maturing interests and that even prepare them for adulthood.  

Tips for buying the best gifts for teenagers

  1. Their age is important
    Teens who have just entered adolescence have vastly different interests compared to a 17- or 18-year-old who’s getting ready to enter adulthood. Keep this in mind when buying a gift, so you can ensure it’s age-appropriate and that it’s something that will appeal to their emotional and mental wants and needs.
  2. Celebrate them
    The teenage years are some of the most exciting in anyone’s life. It’s a period characterized by change and self-discovery, so when buying a gift, make it one that’s a celebration of the young person they are and who they’re becoming. You’ll make them feel special, understood, and loved.
  3. Stay on-trend
    There are no two ways about it, teenagers like what’s cool. They’re influenced by the trends and by what’s popular among their peers. If you’re not sure what to get, a safe bet would be a gadget, item of clothing, or accessory that “all the kids are talking about.”