75 Last Minute Gifts For Mom

Our Best 3 Picks


Mom Blanket

It’s made of 280 gsm flannel with a digitally printed letter design.

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Night Light

Also Great

Night Light

Made of resin and wood with a 1–2 W LED white light and 2 dragons.

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Good on a Budget

Flower Globe

Real flowers and leaves in epoxy resin — engraved text can be added.

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Mom

Preserved Rose with Necklace

The specially-treated rose won’t die and the necklace has a surprise.

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Personalized Magic Box

Made of beech wood — send the message you’d like to be projected.

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Birthstone Wine Stopper

This hand-blown glass birthstone topper will keep your wine fresh.

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Fleece Robe

Select a color and have a name, initials, or text embroidered on it.

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Bath Bomb

7 individually wrapped and scented bath bombs that nourish the skin.

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Bathtub Caddy Tray

An expandable water-resistant bamboo tray with several sections.

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Family Calendar Board

Track birthdays and dates using the tracker board and wood discs.

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Ninja Nutri-Blender

The 900-peak-watt motor base easily crushes ice and frozen foods.

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Morning Glory Butterfly Puddler

Made of stoneware and recycled glass — use it to attract butterflies.

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Tea Around the World Set

10 single-estate, loose leaf teas from Japan, Korea, China and more.

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Shiatsu Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massager

With 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes and built-in heat function.

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Whipped Body Butter

It’s 100% natural shea butter and promotes collagen production.

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My Bean Monthly Coffee Subscription

Each box has 2 different types of freshly roasted whole bean coffee.

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Chevron Box Sign

It’s wood with a distressed paint design and can be hung on a wall.

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Gua Sha Set

A roller and small roller for eyes made of real rose quartz, and more.

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Last Minute Birthday Gifts For Mom

Custom Necklace

Made of 18k gold, add your personalized name/word and select a finish.

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Cotton Cap

It’s 100% cotton with a snap buckle closure and quality embroidery.

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It’s 925 sterling silver; add letters and symbols and choose a finish.

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Wooden Photo Frame

Made of FSC-certified wood, customize it with a name and photo.

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Night Light

Night Light

Made of resin and wood with a 1–2 W LED white light and 2 dragons.

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Oil Perfume

It’s alcohol-free and has a sweet vanilla scent with woody notes.

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Flower Globe

Real flowers and leaves in epoxy resin — engraved text can be added.

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Name Ring

It’s 925 sterling silver — add a name and choose a color or finish.

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Esker Bath Salts

Dead Sea and epsom salts in a glass carafe wrapped in woven seagrass.

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Diamond Painting Set

Create your own diamond paintings with 9 canvases, diamonds and tools.

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Milk Bar Birthday Cake

Have a vanilla cake with layers of frosting and crumbs delivered.

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New Moms Skin Recovery Set

With vitamin E, collagen and elastin to help smooth and firm the skin.

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Constellation Zodiac Necklace

Brass dipped in 14k gold with cubic zirconia — select your star sign.

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Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

The mat has 6,210 acupressure points and the pillow has 1,782.

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“The Light We Carry” by Michelle Obama

With practical wisdom and strategies for staying hopeful and balanced.

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Last Minute Gifts For Mom From Daughter


It’s handmade from ceramic — personalize it with a name.

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Mom Blanket

It’s made of 280 gsm flannel with a digitally printed letter design.

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Scented Candle

Handmade from soy wax with a 25-hr burn time — select from 13 scents.

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Artificial Rose Flower Case

The petals, leaves, and stem are 24k gold-foil plated.

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Butterfly Suncatcher Wind Chime

Sterling silver and zinc alloy with flowers pressed between the glass.

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Candleholder Statue

Made of resin, it’s hand-painted and comes with an LED candle.

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Gift Basket

With a stainless steel tumbler, scented candle, bath bomb, and more.

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Personalized Silky Pajamas

Made from polyester and it can be personalized with monogram letters.

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Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

16 colors LED with rechargeable battery touch and remote control.

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Tabletop Concrete Planter Trough

Available in 4 colors and finished to expose aggregates and silica.

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Letters To My Mom

Filled with situation-specific prompts to express your gratitude.

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Mom Life Coloring Book

68 coloring pages that celebrate the highs and lows of motherhood.

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“Mom I Wrote A Book About You”

Complete the fun yet meaningful prompts in under an hour.

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Custom Letter Picture Frame

Made of genuine wood with 160+ letters and emojis for custom messages.

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Glitter Face Mask

The 24K gold moisturizes and the collagen regenerates skin.

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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts For Mom

THE COMFY Original Wearable Blanket

Comfy Original Wearable Blanket

It’s oversized, lined with Sherpa fleece, and comes in various colors.

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Tote Bag

It comes in black or white and has an internal mobile phone pocket.

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Personalized Slippers

Made of faux fur with rhinestones — initials or text can be added.

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Personalized Plaque

Cherry wood and acrylic or birch and cherry wood — add up to 12 names.

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Mom Journal

A handmade 118-page spiral notebook with 90 gsm lined paper.

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Mitt Glove

Made of highly-absorbent, quick-drying linen — lots of color options.

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Facial Mask

100% pure vegan hyaluronic acid reduces the appearance of fine lines.

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It’s 925 sterling silver; add letters and symbols and choose a finish.

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Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Has a passive hydroponic system that brings nutrients up to the roots.

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Custom Fingerprint Necklace

It’s sterling silver — customize it with a fingerprint or handwriting.

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Ayesha Kitchenware

A 10-pc set made of non-stick aluminum that provides fast, even heat.

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NEST Perfume Oil

A nourishing perfume with sandalwood extract and baobab oil.

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Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

It nourishes, strengthens, and provides UV- and thermal protection.

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Park Perfection Instant Eye Lift

Visibly reduces fine lines, crow's feet, and puffiness in 60 seconds.

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Sunday Riley Sleeping Night Oil

A retinoid oil that improves the appearance of wrinkles and pores.

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Last Minute Gifts For Mom (General)

Monogram Purse

Made of faux leather, personalize it with initials and choose a color.

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Personalized Beach Bag

Made of polyester with a zipper lining, it measures 17 x 12.5 x 6.7".

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Leafy Mama Aprons

Made of cotton and polyester with 2 pockets and a 23” neck loop.

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Bow Floral Headband

A plastic band covered with fabric, leatherette and satin — 6 colors.

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Gardener’s Tool Set

A 7-pc set with a weeding fork, folding stool, tool bag and more.

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Turkish Towels

Made of organic cotton with the option to have it embroidered.

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Wireless Hand Massager

Built-in pressure on all sides with 3 pressure modes and intensities.

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It’s stainless steel and engraved with a clear, no-fade message.

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Kuna Placemat

Made from 100% natural fibers and measures approximately 16 inches.

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Travel Blanket Set

Convert the microfleece polyester blanket into a pillow and carry bag.

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DASH Compact Air Fryer

With a 2 qt capacity and AirCrisp tech to reduce added fat by 70–80%.

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Bamboo Bag

Made of 100% natural bamboo, it’s sturdy with a spacious interior.

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Black Truffle Hot Sauce

It’s vegan, gluten-free, and has 2,500–3,000 Scoville heat units.

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Italian Black Cherries

17.9 oz of Amarena Toschi Italian cherries in syrup.

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Copper-Colored Watering Can

Made of galvanized steel that’s non-rusting with a 40 oz capacity.

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The love of a mother is immeasurable, her sacrifices are unquantifiable, and her efforts invaluable. It would be awesome to spend every day celebrating moms and what they have had to go through for us. Thankfully, these days are dedicated to moms; some are to moms worldwide, and others are more specific to our moms. Still, every occasion is a reason to get mom a gift.

We have gathered some of the most awesome gift ideas for you. Time may not be on your side, but we definitely are, so here are some last-minute gifts for Mom. We have included helpful hints to ensure you choose a gift to make her happy. 

Choosing the best last-minute gifts for mom

Did your mother’s little angel leave gift shopping until the last minute? Do not fret if you have procrastinated and waited until the eleventh hour to buy a gift! By taking her unique interests into account, you will have a good idea of what you are looking for and will still be able to select a great last-minute gift that will not seem like an afterthought. 

For special occasions, demonstrate that you have put considerable thought into her gift. If she loves jewelry, take it further by personalizing the item. If your mom enjoys relaxation or the finer things in life, consider pampering or self-care gifts to offer her this experience. Perhaps she enjoys cooking meals for her family or hosting dinners, in which case, appliances or gadgets for the kitchen are clear winners. And remember, your presence will always be her favorite gift.

How we identified the best last-minute gifts for mom

Gifts should be chosen with love and consideration for her likes and dislikes. We considered some of the most important occasions and selected gifts that would appeal to all moms. 

We chose personalized gifts ranging from jewelry and decorative pieces to clothing because the customization gives any item a unique quality. No two gifts will be alike, which is the appeal. Personalization also demonstrates that thought and effort went into the gift. 

Moms love a bit of relaxation, or they could certainly do with it. For this reason, we chose several pampering and self-care options. These thoughtful gifts show that you care for her well-being. 

Home is a place of happiness and comfort, and she undoubtedly takes great pride in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. For the moms who love decorating their homes, we chose decorative items that add that extra-special touch.    

Tips for buying the best last-minute gifts for mom

  1. Consider the occasion
    Special occasions, like her birthday, require more thoughtful or meaningful gifts. A gift that shows you take an interest in her interests will make her feel seen, appreciated, and loved on her big day.
  2. Make it personal
    When in doubt, personalize it. Moms love their families above all else, so a gift that reminds her of her special relationship with you and her loved ones will always be cherished.
  3. It does not have to be expensive!
    You have heard the expression: it is the thought that counts. That is true in this instance. A last-minute gift can often mean you have not saved up tons of cash, so remember, she will love it as long as you show thought. You are, after all, her greatest gift.


What kind of last-minute birthday gifts for mom should I get?

Everyone likes to feel special on their birthday. When it comes to last-minute birthday gifts for mom, getting a personalized gift is always a good idea. It shows that thought went into it, even if it was purchased at the last hour. A monogrammed mug or necklace are both poignant items to get.

What are some last-minute gifts for mom from a daughter?

Moms and daughters have a special bond. They’re also unique because they can share that bond over specific things. You know your mom best. Showing your mom how you appreciate her is a good option. Last-minute gifts for a mom from a daughter can include things like night oils, spa days, and self-care items, which symbolize your nurturing relationship.

What is an inexpensive last minute gift for mom?

Something as simple as taking her to the movies or having a picnic can be a great last-minute gift for Mom. Cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t heartfelt. Sometimes, the moments we share are the most precious.