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40 Gifts For Astrology Lovers

Are you having trouble finding gifts for astrology lovers? Look no further!

One of the reasons astrology has gained popularity over the years is because it links people from different demographics. Astrology provides the comfort of being seen and understood, which we all crave on an innate level. Nowadays “what’s your sign?” is the new “how are you?” and selecting presents for our loved ones who have their birth charts memorized by heart can be challenging, but we were not joking when we said we had you covered. From birthday gifts for your favorite Capricorn to unique and personalized gifts we have put in the effort to research and compile the best selection to help you show them how much you care.

Our Top 3 Picks


Solar system Necklace
This jewelry is the right fit regardless of where your loved ones fall on the astrology fandom spectrum.

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Also Great

Personalized Star Map
This item provides the perfect amount of sentiment and astrology at a reasonable price.

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Good on a Budget

Personalized Notebook Birth Flower
This notebook is the perfect low-cost alternative.

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Birthday Astrology Gifts

Birthdate Candles

A very fine option to consider when searching for birthday gifts for an astrology lover is the birthdate candles. These candles are a high quality gift,  uniquely created based on the zodiac sign of the celebrant. The front of the candle features the person’s distinctive ruling number, ruling planet and a custom aroma blend of natural fragrance oil while the back of the candle features a personality profile and a tarot card for innate psychic perception.

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The Language Of Birthdays

There is no better way to wish someone who loves astrology a happy birthday than with a book that provides an insightful and in-depth personality assessment of their birthday. It has long been believed that birth dates can accurately predict certain personality traits and psychological characteristics.This book mixes astrology, numerology, and intuition to reveal one’s strength and weaknesses as well as offers spiritual guidance.

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Zodiac AF T-shirt

We all have that one zodiac-obsessed friend that doesn’t go a day without spewing the words, “I’m such a (insert zodiac sign here)” and never misses an opportunity to throw in their star signs in any conversation. The addition of this t-shirt to their collection is ideal. Gift them the opportunity to wear their signs with pride.

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Ancient Egyptian Zodiac Astrology Posters

This lovely ancient Egyptian astrology poster will add a dash of elegance to any home. The craftsmanship and attention to detail of these hand-made posters are exceptional. Along with other Egyptian themes and hieroglyphs, it depicts all 12 zodiac signs. It is a fantastic birthday present for any astrology enthusiast and ought to be on your list of things to buy them.

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Zodiac Embroidered Journal

This is for the journaling royalties who also fall under the astrology fandom spectrum. Keeping a journal is a fantastic approach to developing organizing abilities and exploring ideas. Any astrology lover who wants to keep track of their position in the cosmos will love this gift. The journal is covered in a fabric with zodiac-themed motifs and is of really great quality.

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Zodiac Constellation Sign Earrings

You can never go wrong with jewelry, it is always a safe bet when in doubt. Well, why not go the extra mile by gifting your horoscope-obsessed friends zodiac sign-themed earrings? These beautiful earrings are certain to add sparkle and glam to the aura of the recipient. They are a perfect size and can be used when layering.

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Valentines Astrology Gifts

The Astrology Of You And Me

This horoscope driven handbook will enlighten anyone on how to cope with the various zodiac signs. What makes a cancer tick? How to handle a libra? This book holds the answers and so much more. It helps the reader understand their significant other and the people around them using astrology. Each sign is divided into various chapters and further subdivided into topics of work, love, familys, and friends. 

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Zodiac Mystery Box

The zodiac mystery box comes with crystals, jewelry, candles, and flowers. The crystals and candles positively influence the aura of any home and ward off any negative energy. This gift box is customizable as it offers the buyer the option of selecting their desired box size, the buyer can also provide any special requirements as well as attach a personalized note. Making this a top-tier choice for a Valentine’s Day gift

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Zodiac Body Mist And Zodiac Perfume Oil Set

The third item  on our list and a personal favorite is the crystal- encrusted zodiac body mist and oil gift set. This bundle also includes an intention mist and crystal essence. The fragrance is uniquely matched to the zodiac sign of the recipient and the crystals can be preserved as momentos. This package is a healthier alternative to the conventional store scent, each item is made with positive energy and is free of formaldehyde and gluten.

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Personalized Star Map Gift Night Sky Print

This gift is the pinnacle of romance. Your significant other will love receiving the personalized constellation star map print. When a date is selected, it displays the night sky precisely as it is or was. Additionally, it depicts the sun and the brightness of the Milky Way, which is missing on typical star map prints. A custom quote of your choice is added to the print. This print can also fit into any standard size frame.

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Solar System Necklace

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let your partner know they mean the world to you. What better way to accomplish this than by giving them a necklace depicting your world and the other planets in the solar system? This necklace consists of carefully selected gemstones. Each represents a planet in our solar system. Any astrology lover will love adding this to their jewelry collection.

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Tarot Zodiac Necklace

Another fantastic gift is the tarot zodiac necklace. The presentation box for this alone is breathtaking. It is handcrafted and comes with a personalized cute little note on the back. You can also select the material, color, and adjust the length. This piece of jewelry is a must-have and is guaranteed to have the recipient feeling special.

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Christmas Astrology Gifts

Magnificent 101 Mercury Retrograde Candle Set

The term “mercury retrograde” conjures up negative feelings for astrology enthusiasts, as is well known. A natural product made of soybean wax, the Survive Magnificent 101 Mercury Retrograde Candle helps purify your surroundings and summons a bounty of favors. The candles are very effective for clearing energy, balancing chakras, bringing clarity to the process of setting intentions, and providing comfort.

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What’s Your Sign? The Horoscope Card Game

Christmas is a time for pleasure and happiness. This horoscope game is a fantastic Christmas present, especially for astrology enthusiasts, and is guaranteed to make the holiday season a little more enjoyable. It may be played in groups of three to 20 people and is very simple to learn and budget-friendly.

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Moon Lamp

This lovely moon lamp will make your space into an ethereal galaxy. It comes in 16 colors and has different light settings, including fading, flashing, and strobing. Additionally, a remote control is included to adjust the colors to your pleasure. If we’re being honest, this is a fantastic present for any occasion and an even better one for someone who enjoys astrology.

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Glow in the Dark Constellation Blanket

This product is about as comfortable as they get. The constellation blanket glows in the dark and is just the perfect level of cozy. It feels like a starry night in the clouds when wrapped up in this blanket. It is constructed entirely of polyester and easily recharges when placed under the sun or in another well-lit location for 30 to 60 minutes.

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Constellation Coasters

Any home will have a slight astrological element thanks to the constellation coasters. They come in garden blossoms, boho, modern geo, and under-the-stars sets. When looking for a stylish yet budget-friendly gift for an astrology lover, the coasters should be at the top of your choice because they are of the highest quality.

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The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need

As the name implies, The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need explains the arrangement of the planets in your houses, the most recent astronomical discoveries, and the information on the sun, moon, ascending, and rising signs. Additionally, it gives compatibility between each sign and offers health, financial, lifestyle, and relationship advice. It also suggests tips on how to deal with each sign’s drawbacks. This book is the ideal gift for everyone who swears by their zodiac sign.

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Personalized Astrology Gifts

Personalized Birth-Chart Reading Hardcover Book

Our top recommendation is a personalized hand-made book that analyzes a person’s horoscope based on their birth information. Unquestionably, it is a one-of-a-kind present. This book’s cover features the name of the recipient and a horoscope-inspired design. On more than 40 pages, it provides a thorough analysis that reveals the multidimensional nature of personality qualities.

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Zodiac Personalized Dog and Cat ID

Is your astrology-obsessed loved one also a huge animal lover? Why not gift them this zodiac -themed personalized cat or dog tag and watch their face light up with joy? There’s no need to say thank you; the pleasure is all ours. Up to four lines of text can be added to the back of the thin tag. The pet’s ID information will never rub off due to the durable laser engraving.

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Custom Moon Phase Necklace

The detailing on this piece of jewelry is extraordinary. Input any date with sentimental value to you and the moon phase which appeared that night is crafted as the pendant of this jewelry. It also comes with a custom gift card and gift box. If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your gift, you should consider this item.

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Personalized Horoscope Bracelet

Your astrological sign and an initial are added to this simple bracelet, one on either side of the pendant. So, both sides are wearable. It comes in gold, rose gold, and silver. Any astrology enthusiast will be in awe of these exquisite bracelets. It is simple and elegant, making it easy to match any outfit.

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Zodiac Gift Pocket Mirror

This portable custom pocket mirror is another gift with sentimental value. The zodiac constellation of you or your loved one is personalized onto high-quality birch wood. The pocket mirror has an engraving of a custom message around the mirror frame. It is also available in a wide range of beautiful colors.  

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Ceramic Mug Personalized

This is the ideal choice when searching for something simple and not over the top for an astrology lover. Simply have their name customized onto a zodiac-themed ceramic mug. The 110z Ceramic Mug has good quality and gets the job done. Gift this item to any astrology-obsessed person and watch it become their favorite tea or coffee mug.

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Chinese Astrology Gifts

Personalized Chinese Lunar Horoscope

This custom Chinese lunar horoscope art print is our top recommendation for Chinese astrology presents. The typographic design draws attention to each Zodiac sign’s good traits and will sit proudly on any astrology lover’s shelf. A name and birthdate can be added to the prints to make them uniquely yours. This item has a wonderful finish thanks to the use of Ultra-Chrome HD ink and premium 300 gsm smooth ultra white German milled paper.

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Chinese Incense Stick Holder

These lovely, adorable, and compact Chinese zodiac incense holders would complement any home. They will last for a very long time and can hold incense sticks of any size. They are also a simple method to give a lovely smell to your atmosphere. This item  is a must-have in terms of Chinese astrology presents.

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Old Chinese Twelve Zodiac Bullion

The Asian zodiac assigns an animal to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle. These animals are known for having lucky connotations thus why we’re recommending this 12-piece Chinese zodiac silver copper bullion. This item will make excellent collectibles. It is a  unique item to own and the detailing is impeccable.

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Year of the Tiger 2022 Lucky Rope Bracelet

The year 2022 falls under the sign of the Tiger in the Asian zodiac. Give this auspicious red bracelet with a tiger pendant to your astrology-obsessed family or friend to act as a charm and draw luck and riches. There are five different pendant designs, each of which is exquisitely produced by hand.

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Personalized Snake Chinese Zodiac Mug

This year of the Serpent Snake Chinese zodiac coffee mug is customized with the Serpent Snake oriental horoscope sign. This lovely ceramic mug also contains many decorative design elements, like lanterns, stars, clouds, bamboo, and a Chinese character printed on both sides that denotes this zodiac sign. There is a design variant available for every horoscope sign.

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Chinese Zodiac Drink Coasters

This set of coasters is another fantastic choice for presents with a Chinese astrological theme. The 12 authentic Chinese Zodiac patterns are all included in this set. It can withstand extremes of heat and cold, as well as dampness. The coasters are compact and portable.  Additionally, they preserve furnishings and maintain the durability and dryness of the kitchen and dining area tabletops.

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Unique Astrology Gifts

The Mixology of Astrology

The answers are in the stars? No, the answers are in the Mixology of Astrology. This cocktail recipe collection has the answer to the ideal drink for every astrology sign. Offer a French 75 to a balanced Libra or propose something adventurous for a carefree Sagittarius. This book is an excellent addition to any astrology enthusiast library.

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Constellation Cufflinks

The perfect opportunity to wear the star signs on sleeves. These one-of-a-kind cufflinks are for those looking for something unique and stylish as a present for an astrology enthusiast. The zodiac constellation of your choice is engraved onto the high-quality cufflinks. They  are available in a variety of finishes including gold, standard, rose gold and gunmetal.

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3D Crystal Ball with Solar System Model

This unique 3D design solar system crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any space and is perfect for anyone who enjoys the cosmos. Seven different hues make up the lighting base, making the solar system crystal ball more beautiful and mystique in the dark. The light is subtle, warm and a great mood setter.  Except for Pluto, the solar system’s eight planets are visible in the crystal ball.

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Crystal And Healing Stones Set

These premium gemstones and crystal sets contain all the materials required for both novice and expert collectors to experiment and learn about healing. Crystals possess energetic properties that align with the 12 zodiac signs. They are especially beneficial for healing, chakra balancing, reiki therapy, meditation, spiritual practices, creating crystal grids, and other similar activities.

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Personalized Star Moon Sun Ring

This beautifully crafted jewelry is one of our favorites since it allows you to engrave not just one but three signs. Select three constellations of a friend or partner, have them engraved on the ring, and wear it around your finger. You will feel as though you are next to each other even if you are in a distant location.

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14K  Yellow Gold Zodiac Pendants

This beautiful necklace is crafted from genuine 14-carat gold. It is available for all 12 zodiac signs and includes a product certificate. Due to the fact that each piece of this pendant perfectly reflects the true essence of each star sign, it will make a wonderful present for any astrology enthusiast. Additionally, it is editable so that a quote or gift message can be added.

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Astrology Gifts For Her

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

Remember when Frank Sinatra sang, “I realize love is ours by the stars in your eyes?” Don’t fact-check us anywhere but he was most likely gazing into the eyes of someone wearing the Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow. This palette adds an ethereal touch to every makeup look during the day or at night. With both bold and neutral shades, the possibilities are endless and is an ideal present for the “her” in your life.

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Zodiac Necklace

Another suggestion in regards to astrology gifts for “her” is the non-tarnish Zodiac Necklace. Very unique, very chic, this jewelry is hypoallergenic and available in silver, gold, rose gold, and stainless steel. A quote or note of your choosing is engraved behind the necklace. This necklace is an excellent addition to the jewelry collection of astrology lovers.

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Astrology Gifts For Teens

Galaxy Shoe Sneakers

This pair of sneakers take the expression ‘the world is at your feet” to a whole new level. These glorious sneakers are custom-made and crafted to the highest quality and provide the buyer an opportunity to select between the black or white soles. They are a great choice, especially for teens who have a knack for astrology.

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The Astrology Deck

This 70-card deck is jam-packed with fascinating facts about eclipses, planets, asteroids, and more. Readers will learn how astronomical events like retrogrades, moon phases, and sun signs affect relationships with others as well as their careers and personalities. Readings can be done independently or with others thanks to the interactive birth chart and accompanying training manual. This deck is a must-have item for anyone curious and willing to explore the world of astrology.

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