40 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Our Best 3 Picks


Lavender Bath Spa Gift Set

Get 15 essential luxury items in a large 15” x 6” x 10” basket.

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Also Great

My Family Cookbook

An entirely customizable workbook measuring 8.7" x 6.3" x 1.2".

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Good On A Budget

Personalized Beach Bag

Made of polyester with a zipper lining, it measures 17 x 12.5 x 6.7".

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Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Mother’s Day Gift Box

Give mom 4 beautifully packaged items for the ultimate spa experience.

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Lavender Bath Spa Gift Set

Get 15 essential luxury items in a large 15” x 6” x 10” basket.

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Basketeers Gourmet Snacks Gift Basket

4 lbs of individually wrapped snacks; a blend of sweet and savory.

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Self-Care Gift Basket

It contains a scented candle, a donut bath bomb, bath salts, and more.

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Spa Luxetique Gifts Basket

Spa Luxetique Gifts Basket

Moisturizes and pampers, made from eco-conscious ingredients.

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First Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Stroller Organizer

Made of high-quality materials with well-insulated cup holders.

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Matching First Mother’s Day Outfits

Made of 88% cotton, it’s comfy and durable to endure frequent washes.

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Tote Bag

It comes in black or white and has an internal mobile phone pocket.

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Baby Ink Hand and Footprint Kit

DIY with a clean-touch ink pad, 5 papers, and a durable wood frame.

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Love You Mom Pear Decor

Mantle decor made of wheat clay, paint, and a coat of clear varnish.

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Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Personalized Beach Bag

Made of polyester with a zipper lining, it measures 17 x 12.5 x 6.7".

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Customized Charm Necklace

Customized Charm Necklace

It's made of 18k gold-plated hypoallergenic material and 16" long.

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Personalized Family Mugs

Personalized Family Mugs

Personalize with your family name and artwork depicting each member.

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Letters to My Mom

Holds a set of 12 letter templates to tell Mom how much you love her.

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Long Distance Map Print

A handmade print on an 8 x 10 burlap mat — pay extra for framing.

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Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Leather band, aromatherapy wristlet with 8 scent-absorbing felt pads.

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Foreo Luna 3

Revive skin with this 2-in-1 soft facial cleansing brush cum massager.

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My Favorite Recipes: The XXL DIY Cookbook’

Write in and safely store all your favorite recipes.

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Cafe Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

WiFi-enabled voice-to-brew technology with a 10-cup glass carafe.

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Blushing Blends Tea Set

A 450 ml fine-bone china teapot with a stainless steel infuser.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Wife

What I Love About You Fill In The Love

112 pages of simple prompts that’ll make it easy to express yourself.

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The Spring Mani Box

Get 7 nail polish colors, 4 press-on nail designs, and other add-ons.

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Heart of Gold Bangle

This design is made of metal and measures 2.5"(D) and 0.5" (W).

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Self Care Subscription Box

Every gift box includes 1 self-care activity and 7 pampering products.

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Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

It features real dried flowers grown in Mexico and preserved in resin.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Grandma

Jigsaw Puzzle

Has 450 pcs made of premium chipboard and a soft-touch matte finish.

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Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Microwave for 2 min for muscle-relaxing warmth — with a calming scent.

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No-Skid Memory Foam Slippers

A textured bottom grips the floor to prevent sliding or slipping.

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Best Grandma Mug

Best Grandma Mug

It's made of high-quality ceramics and features genuine gold print.

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Grandma’s Brag Board

A 13.5” x 5.5” photo holder wall mount made from engineered wood.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Mother in Law

Terrarium Candle

Handmade of soy wax, select the green cactus or pink poppy candle.

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Bamboo cheese board and knife set

Odor-resistant, easy to clean, and with a scar-resistant surface.

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Mother-in-Law silver infinity love knot necklace

The 18'' silver-plated chain is hypoallergenic and rust-proof.

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My Family Cookbook

An entirely customizable workbook measuring 8.7" x 6.3" x 1.2".

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Bonsai tree

It’s 4 years old, 5"–8" tall, and comes with a decorative holder.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas For New Moms

Mom Son Charm Bracelet

Stainless steel adjustable wristlet that’ll fit a 6” to 8.5” wrist.

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New Moms Skin Recovery Set

With vitamin E, collagen and elastin to help smooth and firm the skin.

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Multi-Function Diaper Bag

It comes with a portable changing pad and transforms into a bassinet.

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Taco and Taquito Matching Outfit

It's made of 100% cotton, is durable, and has a comfortable fit.

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Baby Brezza Instant Warmer

Instantly dispense warm water at the perfect baby bottle temperature.

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Mother’s Day is an occasion that’s celebrated around the world to honor and show love toward our mothers. The day highlights the contribution of mothers and their pivotal role in our society. There’s no better way to honor them than with meaningful gifts. 

Choosing the best Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day celebrations were adopted by most of the U.S. by 1911 and, today, every country in the world celebrates. While Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in some countries, it’s an opportunity to show appreciation for the special role our mothers play in our lives. So, when looking for great gift ideas, ask yourself what would best celebrate her and make her happy, whether it’s your mom, grandmother, or your wife who’s celebrating. 

Personalized items are always popular because they can be customized to include special dates and details that all moms will cherish. If someone is a new mom and celebrating her first Mother’s Day, keepsakes, like her newborn’s hand or footprints, are incredibly special. Additionally, she may prefer a practical gift that can make life a bit easier as she begins this exciting chapter. If you’re buying for your wife or grandmother, you can even consider gifts pampering gifts that will make them feel cared for. 

How we identified the best Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day celebrations date back to 1908 when Anna Jarvis organized a memorial for her mother, social activist Ann Jarvis, who tended to wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. Her aim was to honor mothers worldwide for their contributions to their families and society. The celebration was later adopted by most of the United States and, today, the entire world celebrates.

Because Mother’s Day is about celebrating and honoring mothers, we chose gifts that can show appreciation to all, whether it be your own mom, new moms, your wife, grandmother, and even your mother-in-law. We selected personalizable items that are popular with moms not only because they’re meaningful, but because they’re functional or decorative as well. 

We considered that new moms who are celebrating their first Mother’s Day deserve something extra-special, which is why we opted for sentimental gifts that will always remind her of when she first became a mom. We also included practical gifts, in case she could do with a bit of help or convenience. And if you’re celebrating your wife, grandmother, or mother-in-law, you can opt for the pampering gifts we’ve included, which will show you appreciate her and care about her well-being. 

Tips for buying the best Mother’s Day gift ideas

  1. Listen to her
    Maybe your mom mentioned an item of jewelry, gadget, or decorative piece that she was thinking of getting. Gift it or something similar to her on Mother’s Day and she’ll feel even more appreciated because she’ll know you were paying attention.
  2. Consider her hobbies and interests
    Buy a gift that can encourage or facilitate her hobbies and interests. If she loves gardening, buy a gardening tool set. If she enjoys decorating her home, gift a personalized decorative item that suits her taste. It demonstrates how well you know her and sends the message that what makes her happy is important to you.
  3. Make it personal
    Above all else, Mother’s Day is a way to honor your mom and the role she’s played in shaping who you are. Find a way to express the nature of your relationship and what she means to you through a gift.