40 Toys For 9 Year Old Boys

At age nine, your son is becoming more aware of himself. Encouraging creativity through active play is one of the ways to promote their development. At this age, their sense of style and justice is also developing, and encouraging them to stand up for what is right and make wise choices is a great way to go. It is the perfect time to encourage your fourth grader to participate in social causes and work in groups that provide value-driven leadership.

At this age, this is the time to stimulate mental development through fun memory exercises and activities like reading, playing chess, and puzzles. As their minds become sharper, so should their bodies as well. Muscle-strengthening exercises like monkey bars and jumping rope, aerobic exercises like swimming and bicycling, and bone-strengthening exercises like climbing are highly encouraged.

Choosing toys for your 9-year-old is a task we take seriously. Here are our top picks.