40 Birthday Gifts For Dad

You’d think finding birthday gifts for dad would be easy as pie. If you’re looking to buy him something you’re probably thinking anything works just fine, even a pair of socks. Well, think again, because the real challenge is finding him something that’ll really put a smile on his face. Don’t even think about asking him, because he’ll tell you he wants nothing or he’s perfectly fine with what he has already. Rest assured that we will help you find the perfect gift for your dad, whether it’s his birthday, Father’s day, a holiday, or just because. We’ve got several ideas including sentimental and pampering ideas that’ll make him change his tune.


Be creative when shopping for birthday gifts for dad

It’s dad’s big day so go on — spend some time and money getting him gifts that speak to how special he is to you. Just make sure that when you go out to get a few birthday gifts for dad, you stay away from the usual dad gifts and be a bit more creative. Get him stuff that he can really enjoy like a folding pocket knife or a really nice watch — have these items engraved with a personalized message and you are bound to make him smile.


We want to give dad birthday gifts that he’ll treasure

Your dad is always taking care of everyone and he probably has the means to buy whatever he’d like. So when his birthday comes around, you want to get dad birthday gifts that will cause him to take pause and really appreciate them. One of the best gifts you can give dad is spending some valuable time with him. Whether you will go fishing, bowling or just sit together and enjoy a game of football this will be a gift he’ll remember and treasure for a long time.


A birthday gift for dad needs to be thoughtful and useful

If your dad is like most guys, he probably enjoys tinkering around and fixing things. For a guy who is so hands-on, he will no doubt enjoy an upgrade to the tools he uses in his DIY projects. Other dads enjoy reading a great book and for this type of dad, a great gift idea is to upgrade him to a Kindle and pre-buy all the books you know he will love. The idea is to know what dad enjoys doing during his free time. Then on his special day, make sure the birthday gift for dad is one that makes it easier for him to engage in his leisure activities.



What are some of the best birthday gifts for dad?

We all know that dads are the biggest softies when it comes to their babies. So, if you want to tag at your daddy’s heartstrings, one of the best birthday gifts for dad is to give him a gift that’ll remind him of you. For instance, you could gift him a framed old photo of you  and your siblings if you have any. You could also have a heartfelt message engraved for him on a wooden or glass plaque then have this prominently displayed at his house.

What’s a really fun birthday gift for dad?

Dads are horrendous joke tellers and the loudest of groans do not stop them from telling some truly awful jokes. So, how about improving dad’s game in this regard? A book containing the most horrible dad jokes one can find will be a really fun birthday gift for dad. Armed with a new arsenal of stale jokes, you can be sure dad will have the time of his life telling them.

What are some typical dad birthday gifts?

For most people, typical dad birthday gifts are socks, a necktie, a tie pin, or cuff links. We, however, recommend you stay away from these gifts and instead do something different for his birthday. How about you arrange for an outing for just the two of you, share with him how your life is going or simply ask him for advice? Do something that lets him know that he is important to you and that you still need him.