75 Best Anniversary Gifts For Couples

A couple’s anniversary is a special, heartwarming occasion. Sure, marriages and relationships can be turbulent but that’s even more reason to celebrate whenever a couple clocks an extra year. The best anniversary gifts are items that symbolize the journey so far.

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of anniversary gift ideas, which are sure to make the occasion all the more memorable and possibly even rekindle the spark. There’s something for everyone, from traditional to modern or unique, to remind them of their love and to celebrate milestones.

What are traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year?

Just like you can go the traditional or modern route when it comes to planning your wedding, you also get traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts, each representing a different stage in the marriage or relationship.

Anniversary gifts are either symbolized by a certain material or they can be specific objects. For example, the traditional first-anniversary symbol is paper (so you can buy or make anything from paper), while the modern first-anniversary gift is a clock. This can certainly help narrow down your options when it comes to deciding what to buy your partner.

Modern anniversary gifts evolved from traditional anniversary gifts as societal tastes began to change. This is why you’ll find appliances, desk sets, and watches on a modern anniversary gift-by-year list, as opposed to flowers, copper, and crystal, respectively.


Traditional Gifts

Modern Gifts

6thCandy/IronWooden Objects
7thCopper/WoolDesk Sets
10thAluminum/TinDiamond Jewelry
25thSterling SilverSterling Silver

Choosing the best anniversary gifts for couples

The chosen gift should ideally correspond with the number of years a couple has been together. The bigger the anniversary, the more significant the moment, and it’s important to find a gift that personifies that. Some anniversaries carry more weight than others, such as milestone anniversaries. These are celebrated every five years until the 30-year anniversary, after which it is extended to every 10 years.

When it comes to finding the best anniversary gift for a couple, keep in mind how long they’ve been together — you don’t have to buy an expensive luxury gift for a couple who is celebrating their first anniversary. Since you’re buying for a couple, go for gifts that they can share such as gift baskets or matching ‘his and hers’ items for the home. Personalized gifts that commemorate their relationship can mean a lot to them too, such as a memory keepsake box with their names on it or a framed photo collage of their moments together. More practical gifts are always welcome too, for example, a double camping chair or hammock for two if they’re the outdoorsy types.

How we identified the best anniversary gifts for couples

We kept years, uniqueness, practicality, and sentimentality in mind when compiling our anniversary gift guide for couples. If you’re searching for a specific gift related to the number of years a couple has been together, we focused on the more major milestones and included gifts for the 10th, 25th, and 50th anniversaries. We’re also aware that there are many couples who would appreciate non-conventional gifts more or already have everything, which is why we’ve included some very unique and useful gifts that no one would ever think of.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern gift, whether symbolic or more practical, you’re bound to find something special and heartwarming in our list.

Tips for buying the best anniversary gifts for couples

  1. Be personal
    If you’re one half of the couple, the more personal you make your gift, the better, to show your significant other how well you know them. If they have a specific hobby or interest, get them something related to that. If you’re buying a gift for a couple, the same applies!
  2. Be romantic
    It’s a celebration of the durability of love and resilience of a couple’s bond — why not be romantic? And if you’re the opposite of romantic, this gift guide is a great place to start.
  3. Celebrate the date
    It doesn’t matter if the couple in question or you as the couple have been together for a year or half a century, it’s worth celebrating every moment. Base the gift on the number of years you’re celebrating, whether you go the traditional gifts route or buy a specific number of gifts to symbolize it.


What are the best anniversary gifts for couples?

The best anniversary gifts for couples vary, and you can give personalized gifts that celebrate their love or useful ones that they can use at home. Customized matching jewelry, photo albums and frames, and anniversary journals are incredibly special, whereas gifts like matching robes or customized bedding are practical and will also be appreciated (and put to good use).

Why are unique anniversary gifts for couples a good idea?

Couples are, we daresay, great to shop for! Why? Because there are so many unique anniversary gifts for couples out there! Unique gifts that best suit their personality and the type of relationship they have are an incredibly meaningful gesture! You can give them sentimental gifts like photo albums or fun games and books to spice up their relationship.

What are good marriage anniversay gifts for a couple that they'll appreciate?

It all depends on the couple! If they’re traditional, they’ll likely adore gifts that suit the theme for that particular anniversary, whereas some couples prefer more personalized anniversary keepsakes. Good marriage anniversary gifts for a couple are ones that take the nature of the their relationship into account.