75 Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Our Best 3 Picks


Skylight Digital Picture Frame

It measures 10" with 1280 x 800 resolution and it's WiFi-enabled.

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Also great

Nomsum Apron Set

It's 100% machine washable polyester with a drawstring closure.

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Good on a Budget

Yinyang Pendant

It's 100% hypoallergenic, and free of lead and nickel.

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25th Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Stainless Steel His and Hers Wrist Watches

It's made of top quality IP plated stainless steel which doesn't fade.

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Rustic Wood Anniversary Tea light Candle Holder

It's handcrafted from natural live edge wood as well as black cherry.

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Matching Morse Code Bracelet

It's handmade, measures 0.04", and has a nifty slide lock.

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Nomsum Apron Set

It's 100% machine washable polyester with a drawstring closure.

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25th Anniversary Crystal Swans

It represents purity and perfection, with resistant laser engraving.

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25th Anniversary Glasses

They have an 8 ounce capacity and are made of hand-blown glass.

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Unique Anniversary Gifts For Couples

DasyFly My Side and Your Side Pillowcases

They're machine-washable, quick-drying, and wrinkle-resistant.

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Kiss Cat Coffee Couple Mug set

This set of 2 is durable and has a 350 ml fluid capacity,

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Yin and Yang Matching Couples Bracelets

Adjustable cord bracelets with 6 beads inlaid with diamonds.

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Bond Touch Pair Of Bracelets

They have a battery life of up to 4 days and include a USB charger.

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Beautiful Anniversary Wine Box

This box houses 3 bottles to be opened on specific anniversaries.

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Vegetal Or Dinnerware Collection

It's made of delicate porcelain and is dishwasher safe.

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Couples Names and Date Print

Printed on 250 gsm smooth matte photo paper; frame not included.

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Poignant Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit

Poignant Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit

The unique rubbery cast will capture every fine line and fingerprint.

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Personalized Acrylic Song With Photo

Choose the song and the photo to make that memory last forever.

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Engraved Cutting Board with Natural Wreath Design

It's made of natural solid hardwood that is sustainably sourced.

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Romantic Couple Figurines in Love

This resin statue is hand painted and stands at 9 inches tall.

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Host Cooling Wine Freeze Cups with Lid

It features double-wall insulation as well as freezing gel.

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Siphonless 1 Gallon Craft Beer Making Starter Kit

It includes a siphonless glass bubbler, a bottle capper, and more.

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Stunning Anniversary Sundial

Stunning Anniversary Sundial

Handmade from thick brass, it features a beautiful message about love.

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Double-Side Food Decision Maker Coin

It’s made of sturdy stainless steel and comes with a free gift box.

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Romantic Candle

Made with soy wax, it’s vanilla-lavender scented and burns for 55 hrs.

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50th Anniversary Gifts For Couples

50th Anniversary Photo Album

This stainless-steel album contains over 40 pages for your use.

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The Anniversary Journal

240 pages of journal prompts, and space for notes and photos.

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Vow Books Set of 2

It features a cardstock cover with velvet lamination and 24 pages.

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Matching Secret Message Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This personalized set is ideal for a 10th anniversary gift.

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50th Wedding Anniversary Lantern

It's hand painted, and made with engineered wood, and alloy steel.

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Leather Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Leather Forever Rose

It features custom monograms as well as up to 25 characters.

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Custom Leather Valet Trays

Made of 100% full grain leather, it's available in many colors.

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Handmade Buffalo Leather Duffle Bag

It features brass hardware with optional pocket choices per size.

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Leather Scrapbook

It includes 80 pages and can hold over 160 photographs.

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Personalized Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Personalized Modern Couples Bracelets

Hypoallergenic and handcrafted, they have a genuine leather inlay.

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Memory Keepsake Box

This plywood box has a hidden inner engraving and measures 14".

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Matching Photo Keychains

It's made of stainless steel, clear epoxy, and measures 2 inches.

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Personalized Love Letter Blanket

Personalized Love Letter Blanket

Write your own letter using the handwritten font.

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Personalized Cornhole Set

Handmade with premium sanded pine, it includes 8 cornhole bags.

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“Better Together” Personalized Book of Love

Create a custom storybook by choosing colors, design, names and more.

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10th Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Mr and Mrs Wine Tumbler Set

They're powder coated and dishwasher safe, with a 12 oz capacity.

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Sleepwish Mr and Mrs Bedding Set

It has convenient inner duvet ties and a hidden zipper closure.

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Luxury His And Hers Robe

A combination of polyester and fleece, it's good for cold weather.

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Matching Holiday Pajamas

It's made of 100% cotton and is lightweight and breathable.

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Mellanni Queen Sheet Set

A 4-piece microfiber set that is wrinkle-, fade-, and stain-resistant.

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Cheap Anniversary Gifts For Couples

King and Queen Magnetic Bracelets

It measures a length of 7 inches and is made of alloy and metal.

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Yinyang Pendant

It's 100% hypoallergenic, and free of lead and nickel.

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Family Tree Picture Frame

Includes 10 ornamental hanging frames and a base for display.

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The Big Activity Book For Couples

Full of games, puzzles, and quizzes to entertain you and your partner.

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Couples Engraved Wooden Date Night Dice

It's made out of solid wood and presents 12 different food options.

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Engraved Ice Cream Spoons

These stainless steel spoons are durable, and heat and cold resistant.

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Cool Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Skylight Digital Picture Frame

It measures 10" with 1280 x 800 resolution and it's WiFi-enabled.

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OakiWay Infinity Love Candle Holder

It's made of high quality resin and measures 4"(L) x 4"(W) x 8.5"(H).

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Long Distance Lamps

Multi-colored LEDs and WiFi enabled — tap one, the other lights up.

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The Anniversary Clock

It shows the months since your wedding and has an MP3 card slot.

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Wingspan Strategy Board Game

Connect each bird to a habitat in this bird-collection game.

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Drunk In Love: A Couples Drinking Game

It features 100 cards encouraging players to spill spicy secrets.

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Mr & Mrs Moon Lamp

It’s dimmable with a touch sensor and powered by USB.

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PureWine Wand Technology Histamine and Sulfite Filter

Alleviate wine allergies with this pack of 3 disposable stick aerates.

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“Lucky to Be in Love With my Best Friend” Picture Frame

This sleek and warm wooden frame measures 11.7" (L) x 7.7" (W).

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Wedding Anniversary Blanket

Made of soft washable flannel, it measures 60" x 50".

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Couple Photos Holder

This rustic gift measures 13.5" x 5.5", and includes mounting tools.

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The 50 Couple Challenge Book

Offers entertaining challenges aimed at enhancing connection

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Anniversary Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything

A Year of Date Night Cards

It contains 52 sealed cards with 51 date ideas to inspire you.

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Lock and Key Necklace Set

The lock measures roughly 1.25" and you can choose your chain length.

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Magnetic Bracelets

Choose between alloy or stainless steel magnetic charms.

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Matching Mountain Rings

Made of 925 sterling silver, these minimalist rings fit perfectly.

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His and Hers Anchor Bracelets

These bracelets are handmade, and made of paracord and zinc alloy.

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The Two of Us: A Three-Year Couples Journal

It offers 3 years of daily journal prompts to bring couples together.

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Healing Himalayan Salt Lamp

It's hand-carved from authentic Himalayan salt block from Pakistan.

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Tiki Fire Pit

Tiki Fire Pit

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Matashi 24K Gold Plated Double Heart Ornament

It's studded with precision and weighs approximately 4.8 ounces.

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Feraco His and Hers Matching Necklace Set

It's made from titanium stainless steel and measures 23.6" to 25.6".

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TableTopics Couples Question Game

It includes 135 question cards for a memorable date night.

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Meer Mini Projector

Features a maximum display resolution of 1080 pixels.

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Kootek Camping Double Hammock

It can support up to 500 lbs and folds easily into its attached sack.

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Affectionate Hug Couple Art Sculpture

Handcrafted and made of resin and cast iron, with quality finishing.

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VAREZZA Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

Features 23 charcuterie utensils, dishes, and a cheeseboard book.

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A couple’s anniversary is a special, heartwarming occasion. Sure, marriages and relationships can be turbulent but that’s even more reason to celebrate whenever a couple clocks an extra year. The best anniversary gifts are items that symbolize the journey so far.

To get you started, we’ve put together a list of anniversary gift ideas, which are sure to make the occasion all the more memorable and possibly even rekindle the spark. There’s something for everyone, from traditional to modern or unique, to remind them of their love and to celebrate milestones.

What are traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year?

Just like you can go the traditional or modern route when it comes to planning your wedding, you also get traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts, each representing a different stage in the marriage or relationship.

Anniversary gifts are either symbolized by a certain material or they can be specific objects. For example, the traditional first-anniversary symbol is paper (so you can buy or make anything from paper), while the modern first-anniversary gift is a clock. This can certainly help narrow down your options when it comes to deciding what to buy your partner.

Modern anniversary gifts evolved from traditional anniversary gifts as societal tastes began to change. This is why you’ll find appliances, desk sets, and watches on a modern anniversary gift-by-year list, as opposed to flowers, copper, and crystal, respectively.


Traditional Gifts

Modern Gifts

6thCandy/IronWooden Objects
7thCopper/WoolDesk Sets
10thAluminum/TinDiamond Jewelry
25thSterling SilverSterling Silver

Choosing the best anniversary gifts for couples

The chosen gift should ideally correspond with the number of years a couple has been together. The bigger the anniversary, the more significant the moment, and it’s important to find a gift that personifies that. Some anniversaries carry more weight than others, such as milestone anniversaries. These are celebrated every five years until the 30-year anniversary, after which it is extended to every 10 years.

When it comes to finding the best anniversary gift for a couple, keep in mind how long they’ve been together — you don’t have to buy an expensive luxury gift for a couple who is celebrating their first anniversary. Since you’re buying for a couple, go for gifts that they can share such as gift baskets or matching ‘his and hers’ items for the home. Personalized gifts that commemorate their relationship can mean a lot to them too, such as a memory keepsake box with their names on it or a framed photo collage of their moments together. More practical gifts are always welcome too, for example, a double camping chair or hammock for two if they’re the outdoorsy types.

How we identified the best anniversary gifts for couples

We kept years, uniqueness, practicality, and sentimentality in mind when compiling our anniversary gift guide for couples. If you’re searching for a specific gift related to the number of years a couple has been together, we focused on the more major milestones and included gifts for the 10th, 25th, and 50th anniversaries. We’re also aware that there are many couples who would appreciate non-conventional gifts more or already have everything, which is why we’ve included some very unique and useful gifts that no one would ever think of.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern gift, whether symbolic or more practical, you’re bound to find something special and heartwarming in our list.

Tips for buying the best anniversary gifts for couples

  1. Be personal
    If you’re one half of the couple, the more personal you make your gift, the better, to show your significant other how well you know them. If they have a specific hobby or interest, get them something related to that. If you’re buying a gift for a couple, the same applies!
  2. Be romantic
    It’s a celebration of the durability of love and resilience of a couple’s bond — why not be romantic? And if you’re the opposite of romantic, this gift guide is a great place to start.
  3. Celebrate the date
    It doesn’t matter if the couple in question or you as the couple have been together for a year or half a century, it’s worth celebrating every moment. Base the gift on the number of years you’re celebrating, whether you go the traditional gifts route or buy a specific number of gifts to symbolize it.


What are the best anniversary gifts for couples?

The best anniversary gifts for couples vary, and you can give personalized gifts that celebrate their love or useful ones that they can use at home. Customized matching jewelry, photo albums and frames, and anniversary journals are incredibly special, whereas gifts like matching robes or customized bedding are practical and will also be appreciated (and put to good use).

Why are unique anniversary gifts for couples a good idea?

Couples are, we daresay, great to shop for! Why? Because there are so many unique anniversary gifts for couples out there! Unique gifts that best suit their personality and the type of relationship they have are an incredibly meaningful gesture! You can give them sentimental gifts like photo albums or fun games and books to spice up their relationship.

What are good marriage anniversay gifts for a couple that they'll appreciate?

It all depends on the couple! If they’re traditional, they’ll likely adore gifts that suit the theme for that particular anniversary, whereas some couples prefer more personalized anniversary keepsakes. Good marriage anniversary gifts for a couple are ones that take the nature of the their relationship into account.