73 Gifts For Candle Lovers

Our Best 3 Picks


Vintage Candle Holder Home Decor Centerpiece

Features branches made of durable iron, and a resin bird and nest.

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Also Great

Candle Making Kit for Adults

It features 480g soy wax, 4 dyes, 4 essential oils, stickers and more.

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Good on a Budget

3 in 1 Candle Accessory Set

It includes a wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and wick dipper.

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Birthday Gifts For Candle Lovers

Christmas Candle Warmer

Sized at 6.29"L x 5.91"W x 12.59"H, this warmer holds most candles!

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The little town candleholder

A set of 5 terra-cotta clay 'houses' that hold LED flameless candles.

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Metal Wreath Candle Holder

Steel wire in a matte black finish with 4 built-in tea-light holders.

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Coffee Candle

With 7 different scents, this candle comes in a cute mug!

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Rechargeable electric Lighter

It's battery-powered with voltage- and high temperature protection.

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Decorative Candlesticks for Taper Candles

With a sturdy, heavy, round base that's padded to protect surfaces.

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Vintage Candle Holder Home Decor Centerpiece

Features branches made of durable iron, and a resin bird and nest.

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Sage Long Lasting Candles

Soy wax candle set comes in lavender, apple cinnamon, and sage scents.

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OakiWay Infinity Love Candle Holder

It's made of high quality resin and measures 4"(L) x 4"(W) x 8.5"(H).

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Quadruple Giraffe Metal Candleholder

Made of metal with silver finish and suited for standard-size candles.

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Scented Oil Pack

28, 0.3 oz glass bottles with premium, undiluted fragrance oils.

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Personalized Soy Candle

Comes in a personalized 'glow through' glass jar with 4 scent options.

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Cool Gifts For Candle Lovers

Candle Making Kit for Adults

It features 480g soy wax, 4 dyes, 4 essential oils, stickers and more.

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Flickering Touch Massage Candle, Vanilla Cream de Cacao

Scented candle melts into rich and sensuous oil suitable for massage.

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Unity Heart Candle Holder

Made of hand crafted solid wood, it measures 4 x 1.5” and 4.75 x 1.5”.

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Colorful Crystal Lotus Tealight Candle Holder

Made of shiny crystals that sparkle when illuminated by a candle.

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Metal Wreath Candle Holder

Steel wire in a matte black finish with 4 built-in tea-light holders.

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Farmhouse Wooden Candle Holders

Made of of sturdy mango wood with a steel plate for extra stability.

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Shiny Brass Wick Trimmer

With shiny brass finish, wipe clean after use with a soft, dry cloth.

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Jumbo lantern

A chrome-plated and tempered-glass cuboid with 5 color options.

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“The Best Things in Life” Birthday Candle

A terra-cotta candle holder with a copper lid and a tea candle inside.

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Teacup Candle

Comes in 3 oz or 8 oz with scent options of floral and woody.

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Dr Pepper Soy Candle

Soy wax candles in soda cans with 45+ hours of burn time.

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Cactus Blossom Candle

This sweet wax will burn for 4-5 hours.

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Votive Scented Candles Gift Set

A snuffer lid locks in the scent and douses the flame without smoke.

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Affordable Gifts For Candle Lovers

Natural Soy Wax Scented Candle Gift Pack

Lavender, lemon, and spring scented candles, each with 25+ burn time.

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Lingben 3 in 1 Candle Accessory Set

From durable stainless steel, they're rust-resistant and won't bend.

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Vintage Angel Wing Sculpture Candle Holder

Made from resin and includes a cup and flameless tealight LED candle.

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Wooden Wick Candle and Woman Sculpture Holder

A 3.8 oz soy wax candle with 18 hour burn and a repurpose gypsum jar.

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3 in 1 Candle Accessory Set

It includes a wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and wick dipper.

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2in1 Glade Candle Jar and Air Freshener

A set of two 3.4 oz candles with a unique blend of two amazing scents.

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Wick Trimmer

7" steel alloy tool with precise cut for a cleaner, safer candle burn.

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Candle Maker Sweatshirt

6 sizes and 4 colors available!

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Wick Dipper

7.87" steel alloy wick trimmer that's durable and heat-resistant.

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Candle snuffer

8.3" long, made of stainless steel with non-slip design on the handle.

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Aromatherapy Flower Tealight Candles

Long light and smokeless

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Iron Taper Candleholders

Metal holders with a matte black finish for standard or taper candles.

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Candle Making Shirt

This comfy, cotton shirt comes in 6 sizes with a choice of 10 colors.

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Unique Gifts For Candle Lovers

Literature-Themed Candle

Blend of soy wax based on themes from classic tales, promising to burn up to 21 hours.

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Cereal Candle Bowl

Vanilla scented soy wax candles with 3 wicks in a reusable bowl.

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Decorative Handmade Soy Wax Scented Candle

A scented soy wax, beeswax, and wicks blend with a 3 hour burn time.

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Handmade Evil Eye Ball Candles

They come in 4 sizes with a slow burn time of 20–60 hours.

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Black Sneaker Candle

Made of a soy wax blend with cotton wick for an even burn.

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IIQ glass votive

Handmade stained glass and weighted base for regular tealight candles.

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Alabaster Stone

It's carved from translucent alabaster stone and emits a warm glow.

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Bird Cage Candle Holder

Made of brushed distressed gold, with two sizes available.

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French Nostalgic candleholder

Made of high-quality resin with an antique bronze or gold finish.

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Black Cat candleholder

It's metal with black powder coating for candles with max 3" diameter.

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Fairy Tealight Cottage

Made from resin and vinyl based paint, these offer an inner glowing light.

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Spine Gothic vegan candles

Handmade soy wax candle; choose scent and color — each has 2 options.

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Candle Light Shirt

This cotton design has 5 different fit options, and comes in numerous sizes.

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Luxury Gifts For Candle Lovers

Premium Scented Candles, Candle Holder and Wick Trimmer

Two 8.5 oz coconut soy wax candles with a 110 hour burn time.

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Luxury Pumpkin Chai Scented Candle

A 43.7 oz decorative, richly scented candle with 100+ hour burn.

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Luxury Candles for Home Decor

Unscented, hand-carved and painted with 30 layers of colored paraffin.

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Luxurious Wax Candle Holiday Gift Set

Made of vegan wax and 20 ml pure essential oils with 40 hrs burn time.

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Handmade Non-Toxic Candles with Dried Flowers

This freesia scented soy wax candle comes with a wooden plate.

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Rustic Wood Anniversary Tea light Candle Holder

It's handcrafted from natural live edge wood as well as black cherry.

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Porcelain Jar Luxury Candle

A 21 oz floral-scented wax blend in a porcelain jar with a 30 hr burn.

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Hummingbird candle lantern

Ceramic glazed pottery with 3 size options and 7 glaze color options.

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White and Gold Candle Holders

Premium porcelain with real gold add-on, it holds standard tea lights.

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Tea Light Diwali

A decorative hanging iron-plated lantern with 3 scented tea candles.

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Personal Concrete Fireplace

Fueled by smokeless, odorless, rubbing alcohol, it burns for 45+ mins.

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Etched Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

Etched glass hurricane in antique silver finish

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5-Candle Metal Candelabra

10.3 inch tall, made of polished zinc alloy, able to hold five candles.

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Gifts for Scented Candle Lovers

Aromatherapy Mini-Heart Candle Gift Set

3 hour burn time with a sweet, floral scent.

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Coffee Scented Candle

8 oz candle with a long-lasting burn and a sweet latte aroma

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Thumbs up Scented Candle

Approximately 3 3/4" tall from the base to top, and 2" tall from knuckle top to the candle base.

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Strawberry Shaped Scented Candle

Made from paraffin and soy wax with sweet freesia and bluebell scent.

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Lavender & Vanilla Scented Candle with Crystal Inside

10 oz soy wax with healing amethyst crystals and a 55 hour burn time.

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Jelly Real Flower Scented Candles

7 oz scented jelly wax that's mixed with essential oils once it melts.

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8 Fragrances Scented Candles Gift Set

Each jar contains a 2 oz soy wax aromatic candle with a 15 hour burn.

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D20 Surprise candle

8oz (230ml) handmade, soy candle

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Scented Oil Pack

28, 0.3 oz glass bottles with premium, undiluted fragrance oils.

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Luxurious Natural Scented Candles

Made of natural soy wax with essential oils and 150 hrs burntime.

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Crafted Cactus Candle

Features scented soy candles in heat resistant glass with wooden cork.

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From medieval high-class dining to multi-religious activities, candles have been a social statement of illumination, prestige, and power. Today, they represent much more, making them a must-have for many people and homes. From decorations to therapy, candles bring a soft, warm feel whenever the flame is on.

If you are a candle enthusiast or looking for the perfect gift for one, then this list is for you. There are a million and one things you could do with candles besides sinking into that ahhh-mazing relaxing air they offer.

Set your world on fire with our selection.

Choosing the best gifts for candle lovers

Candles are not just a collection of scents. Nowadays, it’s more of an art form. There are many options available, from bespoke candles to infusers to kits and wick trimmers to wax melts

. Not only do they range from personal taste to themes like literature and pop culture, but there’s a whole world out there to be discovered, right down to sets of matches. There are even candles that can evoke certain feelings! And who could forget the infamous Gwyneth Paltrow Goop candle? When choosing the best gifts for candle lovers, consider the recipient’s taste and favorite things. With such a wide variety, you’re bound to find something! 

How we identified the best gifts for candle lovers

When we evaluated the best gifts for candle lovers, we didn’t simply look at the most basic options to add a bit of light in the darkness. We looked at every type of candle and candle accessory on the market! Candle-making is a complex hobby that takes time and skill. The finished products reflect that. For all the candle lovers, we scoured the net to find only the best DIY kits, subscriptions, infusers, melting pots, wick trimmers, and bespoke scents that money could buy. We considered all personal styles and budgets for our guide, from the classic to the more quirky. We examined the more high-end range of luxury candle products and included them for your benefit. Light up their life and fill their home with one of our unique choices today!

Tips for buying the best gifts for candle lovers

  1. Get Quirky
    There’s nothing better than receiving a unique gift. When it comes to candles, there’s no need to be generic. Pick a particular theme or color and go wild! From literature-themed to spooky candles, you can get down to the nitty-gritty when choosing unique candle ideas for your candle lover.
  2. Don’t forget the accessories!
    Candles themselves are lovely gifts to receive, but what about their accessories? Any candle lover would be grateful for the latest wax pot or wick trimmer for their budding collection. Candle holders are also a great go-to option if not a candle care kit.
  3. Go bespoke
    Gone are when candles were white wax sticks that brought light to a room. Nowadays, they have specialized scents, colors, designs, and brands. If you’re looking for a different type of candle to give, go for ones like terrarium candles or luxury sets like Beyonce’s. Some even come with their own candle snuffers and care kits!


What are some unique gifts for candle lovers?

Instead of getting ready-made candles, try unique gifts for candle lovers, such as candle-making kits, wax melters, themed DIY candles, and handbooks.