75 Gifts for Your Boss

Our Best 3 Picks



Polaroid Camera

Includes a Polaroid 600 Impulse Instant Camera, film, frames and more.

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Also Great

Laptop/MacBook Bag

Made from sustainably sourced leather with a laptop sleeve for a 15.6 laptop/Mac.

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Good on a Budget

C.R. Gibson Large Journal Notebook

A bonded black leather journal featuring 192 lined pages.

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Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Made of aluminum with 270-degree rotation and silicone pads for device protection.

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Portable Power Bank

20,000 mAh cell capacity provides more than 5 charges for most phones.

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Productivity Planner

120 undated pages contain space for reflections, notes, and goals.

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Everlasting Comfort Office Footrest

The teardrop-shaped footrest is designed to contour your foot's arch.

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Storm Cloud

It crystallizes in different patterns as the air pressure changes.

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Emerald Gem Necklace

Available in all the birthstones and carnelian or black tourmaline.

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C.R. Gibson Large Journal Notebook

A bonded black leather journal featuring 192 lined pages.

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Electric Cold Brewer

Add water and coffee grounds and the select speed — brews in 15 mins.

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Marble Mentor Plaque

Choose between 2 sizes (6" square or 8 x 12") and white or marble.

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Tabletop Water Fountain

Features a 3-tier Asian-inspired design with a quiet, built-in, submersible pump.

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Birthday Gifts for Your Boss


Magnetic Ball Calendar

Mark the year, month, and day of the week with the magnetic balls.

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Foot and Leg Massager with Heat

With 9 massage techniques — adjust the mode and intensity via remote.

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Polaroid Camera

Includes a Polaroid 600 Impulse Instant Camera, film, frames and more.

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Apple Charging Station

Simultaneously charge your AirPods, iPhone, and Apple watch series.

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Orgonite Pyramid For Success

Features copper dust and rainbow moonstone to boost hope and energy.

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Cell Phone Stand Docking Station

Easy to assemble, made from solid wood, and has a protective finish.

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Fixer of Everything Plaque

Made of wood, it's shiny, durable, and beautifully finished.

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Personalized Birthdate Candle

Personalized Birthdate Candle

It comes with a customized label based on the person’s birth details.

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Funny Gifts for Your Boss


All-purpose Pouch

Made of waterproof linen, it's 9" x 7", and is printed double-sided.

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Dumpster Pencil Holder

It includes a set of 100+ flame notecards and 3 compartments.

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Custom Bobblehead

Custom Bobblehead

Made of polymer clay, it stands at 6.5 to 12 inches tall.

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Because Clients Beer Glass

This pilsner glass is printed with professional-grade permanent vinyl.

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Funny Boss Keychain

From quality stainless steel, it comes packaged in a jewelry box.

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Boss Crew Socks

Made of cotton, nylon, and spandex, they fit men's shoe sizes 7-12.

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Honest Acronyms Sticky Notes

Includes 6 funny sticky-note pads, each containing 40 sheets.

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Dammit Doll

It's 12" in size and the color of the doll is randomly selected.

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Proud Boss T-shirt

Lightweight with a classic fit and available in 9 colors.

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Everything is Fine Paper Pad

With 50 sheets of 4 x 5.25 inches and a durable chipboard backing.

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Spreadsheet Mug

Made of high-quality ceramic, it's microwave and dishwasher-safe.

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Gifts for the Boss Who Has Everything


Rose Quartz Tree

Rose quartz crystals symbolize joy, abundance, love, and kindness.

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World of Tea Gift Set

45 organic tea bags including aged Earl Grey, Golden Chai, and more.

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Concrete Business Card Holder

It holds 50 cards and comes in Ocean, Plum, Lava, Mint, and more.

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Levitation Fixture

A magnetic levitation design with purple, pink, and cyan LEDs.

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Funny Candy Jar

A strong ceramic jar with a removable lid, it's printed on both sides.

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Decision Maker Paper Weight

Made of zinc alloy and matte silver, it measures 3.5 x 3 x 1 inches.

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Desktop Boxing Mini

Includes a punching bag with suction cup base and a book with trivia.

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Personalized Gifts for Your Boss


Customized Business Card Holder

It's faux leather with a magnetic closure and comes in various colors.

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Personalized Pendant Keychain

It’s stainless steel and can be engraved with one line on all 4 sides.

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Personalized Initial Canvas Beach Bag

Personalized Initial Canvas Beach Bag

A sturdy cotton canvas bag personalized with high-density embroidery.

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Personalized Cufflinks

17 x 17 mm and rhodium plated for a shiny look and long-lasting finish.

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Preppy Stripe Personalized Stationery

Choose between signature, recycled, double, or triple-thick paper.

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Personalized 5-pc Whiskey Decanter Set

Made from non-leaded ultra-clarity glass and dishwasher safe.

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Personalized Luggage Tags

Have the name engraved and choose the color and charm you want.

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Personalized Monogram Face Socks

They're comfortable and stretchy, and one size fits all.

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Retirement Gifts for Your Boss


1001 Fun Things to Do in Retirement

An introduction to activities, exercises, and side-gigs in retirement.

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Greeting Card

It's ‎5.4 x 8.2" in size and an envelope is included.

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MAHOMAY Retirement Tumbler

Made of premium stainless steel and with an enhanced inner wall and leak-proof lid.

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Full Length Lounge Socks

From quality combed cotton, it's 1-size-fits-all and made to stretch.

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Retirement Compact Mirror

It's stainless steel, pocket-sized, and has a magnifying mirror.

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Wooden Retirement Clock

From quality raw wood, it comes with a stand or a string to hang it.

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Thank-You Gifts for Your Boss


SOUNDANCE Laptop Stand

Suitable for 10–15.6" laptops, it's made of thickened aluminum alloy.

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Ballpoint Pen

It writes smoothly in glossy black lacquer and includes 1 refill.

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Boss Plaque

This crystal plaque comes with a flannel cloth and a gift card.

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Mentor Gift

It features the word "LEADER" in alphabet photography letters.

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Leadership Quotes

50-sheet notepad with 50 inspirational or humorous leadership quotes.

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Thank You Spa Gift

It includes a soy candle, sugar scrub, peppermint lip balm, and soap.

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Boss Lady Gift Pack

A ceramic marble mug and the socks come in cupcake-inspired packaging.

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Golf Pens and Pen Holder

It measures 3" x 7" x 7" and comes with 3 pens in blue, red and black.

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Farewell Gifts for Your Boss



It's stainless steel with smoothly polished edges for easy handling.

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Farewell Poster

The unfolded size is 21.6 x 13.8" and it's made of thick cardboard.

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Farewell Cheese Board Set

A bamboo set consisting of an engraved charcuterie board, a fruit plate and more.

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Wine Bag

It's made of linen and fits a 750 ml wine bottle (no wine included).

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Farewell Puzzle Plaque

Made of white MDF, walnut plywood, and black, white, or gold letters.

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Planter Terrarium

4 glass test tubes are held by clear acrylic and the message is expertly engraved.

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Gifts for a Male Boss


Whiskey Gift Set

It features 8 granite whiskey rocks, a velvet carrying bag, and more.

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Beard Grooming Kit

With the necessary beard products like shampoo, conditioner, oil, etc.

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Neck Tie Set

It includes cufflinks, 3 pocket squares, and 4 tie clips.

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Laptop/MacBook Bag

Made from sustainably sourced leather with a laptop sleeve for a 15.6 laptop/Mac.

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Gifts for a Female Boss

Natural Soy Candle

Made with lavender oils and the sleep-promoting scent lasts for up to 45 hours.

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Mouse Pad

It's non-slip, waterproof, washable, and offers wrist support.

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Inspirational Flip Calendar

Comes in various seasonal colors and contains goal-setting templates.

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Quartz Wristwatch

With 3 bar water-resistance depth and leather bands in various colors.

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Boss Lady Brush Holder

Designed to hold make-up brushes, it's made of porcelain.

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Boss Gift For Women

3 ceramic pot planters (plants not included) with drainage holes.

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Chaos Coordinator Mug

Double-wall insulation keeps drinks hot for 3 hrs and cold for 9.

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Every workplace is unique and only you can know what kind of gifts are suitable to buy for your boss. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a selection of gifts you can choose from.

Is buying Gifts for Your Boss an acceptable practice?

The question of whether or not to give your boss a gift has been found to bedevil many people. There are those who think it is a good show of appreciation and those who are firmly against it saying it can distort the workplace’s power dynamics.

In an attempt to answer this question, we looked at the different schools of thought out there. We found a survey conducted by staffing firm Accountemps that found that at least 58% of human resources managers think it is “perfectly acceptable for employees to give their boss a gift.”

Then we found those who believe anything more than a greeting card is not ideal. They think gift-giving might make an “employee feel pressured to make purchases.” In defending their position, they say “gifts at work should flow downward, not upward (meaning that your boss can give you a gift, but employees shouldn’t be expected to give gifts to their managers).”

While opinion remains divided, we were able to determine that buying your boss a gift remains (and should remain) a matter of choice based on the culture of the organization you work for. 

Choosing the best Gifts for Your Boss

Because this area of buying gifts for your boss is such a potential minefield you need to be extra careful. We found that there are some definite no-nos to this that you want to keep in mind and we have highlighted the top three.

Several etiquette and HR experts recommend staying away from items that touch the body so no jewelry, perfume/cologne, and definitely no underwear/lingerie. They also say it’s a bad idea to buy your boss anything weight-related so avoid a gym membership, a weighing scale, or a book about a particular diet. Then steer clear of anything that has religious or political connotations — these tend to be emotive topics that can leave your boss feeling offended.

How we identified the best Gifts for Your Boss

In picking our gift list, we looked at items that will let your boss know you appreciate them and so we selected some personalized gifts such as a journal, card holder, and desk name sign. We also considered that some bosses are also your friends so we included a funny gifts section to cater to this kind of dual relationship.

All in all, we kept our gift selection thoughtful and professional catering to all the reasons you would be buying a gift for your boss. So whether you want to say thank you, give a farewell gift, celebrate their birthday or retirement, you are bound to find an appropriate gift item from our comprehensive list.

The don’t(s) of getting Gifts for Your Boss

  1. Don’t ignore company policy
    Find out from the organization’s HR department whether or not employees are allowed to give gifts to their boss. You do not want your ignorance of company policy to put your job at risk.
  2. Don’t break the bank
    Don’t go too expensive or too cheap in your gift buying; you need to find a middle ground that works. As one resource manager put it: “A $5 gift or gift card says, ‘You mean nothing to me’; a $100 gift or gift card says, ‘I’m a major suck up’. Stick to the $10 to $25 range.”
  3. Don’t send gifts to their home
    Sending a gift to your boss’ home might lead to misunderstanding and can be considered a breach of workplace etiquette. Keep the gift-giving professional by handing over your gift at the office.


What is a unique farewell gift for boss who’s male ?

We know you are having a hard time determining what would make a unique farewell gift for boss who’s male How about getting him a gift that has been personalized with a heartwarming farewell message. You could, for example, give an engraved mug to your coffee loving boss or a bookmark — for your book loving boss — that makes special reference of him.

What's a thoughtful farewell gift for a boss?

Even as they leave, you want your boss to know that you care for their well-being and comfort as they undertake their duties. There are a few thoughtful gifts you can consider such as a neck and shoulder massager, an office footrest, a rustic desk lamp, a laptop stand among others. Any of these is bound to make a farewell gift for a boss that he/she will really appreciate. 

What’s an appropriate birthday gift for boss who’s male ?

An appropriate birthday gift for boss who’s male is one that does not blur the boundaries of your professional relationship. A laptop bag is a safe option, as is a gift card preferably one he can redeem with his family, you also cannot go wrong getting him a bag of his favorite brand of coffee or tea.