40 Gifts for Doctors

Our Best 3 Picks



Custom Bobblehead


Custom Bobblehead

Made of polymer clay, it stands at 6.5 to 12 inches tall.

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Also Great

Desk Lamp

An acrylic LED light that's 3D printed — add a name and job title.

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Great on a Budget

Funny Doctor Mug

A ceramic 11 oz mug with double-sided print — handwash only.

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Doctors

Nuts and Bolts Sculpture

Crafted from screws, nuts, metal, and copper, and can be engraved.

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Doctor Keychain

It’s handmade and silver plated — personalize it with an initial.

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Heart Pendant Necklace

Made of bronze and "marble powder" and comes in a luxury jewelry box.

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Desk Lamp

An acrylic LED light that's 3D printed — add a name and job title.

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Heart LED Lamp

An engraved acrylic LED light that shines in 7 colors — customize it.

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Personalized Gifts for Doctors

Personalized Wallet

Has a large compartment for cash and a coin pocket with snap closure.

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Custom Bobblehead

Custom Bobblehead

Made of polymer clay, it stands at 6.5 to 12 inches tall.

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Personalize this 11 oz ceramic mug with a name.

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Stethoscope ID Tag

Customize the wrap-style aluminum, copper and brass tag with a name.

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White Coat Hanger

Handmade of wood and can be personalized with names, dates, and more.

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Funny Gifts for Doctors

Funny Medical-Joke Book

Has a matte finish cover and is great for doctors and med students.

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Funny Gag Gift for Doctors

A 120-pg diary with a matte cover and funny/inspirational quotes.

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Funny Doctor Mug

A ceramic 11 oz mug with double-sided print — handwash only.

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Funny Doctor T-Shirt

Lightweight with double-needle sleeves and available in 10 colors.

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Thank You Gifts for Doctors

Thank you Doctor Mug

It’s handmade from ceramic — personalize it with a name.

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‘Thank You’ Card

Printed on linen cardstock and comes with an A2 kraft paper envelope.

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Custom Journal

A faux-leather hardcover — add a name to the front, text to the back.

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Arty ‘Thank You’ Card

Personalize the skin tone, top/bottom combination and add a name.

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Digital Letter Art

Personalized alphabet photography featuring a name, date, and more.

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Glass Plaque

Made of thick premium jade glass and engraved by a specialist.

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Gifts for New Doctors

Doctor Silver Key Chain

Stainless steel with an inspirational engraving and 4 color finishes.

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Coffee Mug and Wine Glass Set

An 11 oz mug and 18 oz stemless wine glass with no-fade printing.

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Wine Gift Bag

2 felt lab coat wine bags with buttons and various accessories.

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Medical Socks

Made of combed cotton, polyamide and spandex — 15 styles available.

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Coffee Tumbler Mug

It's stainless steel, rust-resistant and double-wall vacuum insulated.

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Gifts for Future Doctors

Doctor-To-Be Shirt

Made of ring-spun cotton, choose a T-shirt and text color.

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Name Loading Mug

Choice of an 11 oz or 15 oz ceramic mug — personalize it with a name.

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Future-Doctor Journal

Features a 350 gsm cover and 110 lined pages.

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Unique Mug

A ceramic mug with no-fade text — dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

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Future-Doctor T-Shirt

It’s lightweight with a classic fit and available in 4 colors.

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Gifts for Female Doctors

Silver Heart Stethoscope Necklace

It’s made of 925 sterling silver — choose your birthstone.

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Tumbler Cup

Stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation no-fade printing.

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Women’s Low Cut Spa Socks

Polyester and infused with moisturizing vitamin E and lavender.

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Scrub Hat

It’s 100% cotton with a built-in front center sweatpad.

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Doctor Bags for Women

Made of polyester, waterproof, and stores cosmetics, jewelry and more.

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Gifts for Male Doctors

Male Doctor Shirt

Made of 100% airlume combed, ringspun cotton with 4 color options.

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Speidel Scrub Watch

A silicone band, stainless steel case, and Japanese quartz movement.

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Eye Chart Necktie

Made of microfiber with a screen-printed eye chart — choose a color.

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Pen Light

A 3-in-1 multifunctional pen with writing tip, flashlight, and stylus.

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Sanis Enterprises Doctor’s Clock

A weighted zinc alloy metal clock with Japanese quartz movement.

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You may have a doctor who has treated you so well and you want to express your appreciation or a loved one who has just become a doctor and you want to celebrate them. We have compiled a list of appropriate gifts that ensure you do not blur professional boundaries; keeping in mind that there is a code of conduct that governs this profession.

Choosing the best gifts for doctors

Doctors and other healthcare workers are bound by a strict code of ethics which dictates that there should always be a professional doctor-patient relationship. Most doctors do not expect gifts from their patients because these can blur this relationship. So, when choosing gifts for doctors ensure you pick neutral items, such as a bobblehead figurine or a surgery cap. Pick gifts that do not have sentimental value.

Choose items that let the doctor know that your intention is purely to show your appreciation and there are no strings attached. Something as simple as a thank you card with a simple message of gratitude will suffice.

How we identified the best gifts for doctors

We want to help you celebrate doctors within their set code of ethics with gifts that will be meaningful to them. We picked gifts and placed them in a thank-you category as selected items that will pass on the right message. We identified simple thank-you cards, a thank-you journal, and a ceramic mug.

We also identified gifts for the doctor who is a family member or a friend whom you want to celebrate. We know the journey toward becoming a doctor is rigorous and the one who has achieved this ought to be commended. We identified unique keepsakes such as the nuts and bolts sculpture that’ll help the doctor remember their achievements. We also picked sentimental items such as a personalized wallet to let them know you support their career progression.

Tips for buying the best gifts for doctors

  1. You don’t have to spend much
    An expensive gift is bound to make a doctor, who you do not have a personal relationship with, uncomfortable. Keep the item you want to give as simple as possible to ensure it passes the intended message of gratitude.
  2. Get practical gifts
    A pen, a clock, a key chain — items the doctor can use on a daily basis. These practical items are a safe bet and will be considered to be within professional boundaries.
  3. Ask before getting the gift
    Most doctors have administration staff who keep records and tend to the patient’s welfare. If you want to get the doctor a gift and you are not sure what can be considered ideal, talk to these staff members — they are sure to advise you appropriately.


What are some unique gifts for male doctors?

Some unique gifts for male doctors include personalized items that can bring a smile to their faces. Something as simple as an engraved plaque, a unique mug, or even a silly bobblehead are all ways to show appreciation.

What should I get when it comes to funny gifts for surgeons?

Surgeons have a high-stress occupation. Each moment could mean life or death in their profession. This is why when it comes to funny gifts for surgeons, adding as much humor and light-heartedness as possible is a good idea. Consider a cheeky inscription on a mug, an “excuse” dice, or a keychain that pokes fun.

What are some good choices for gifts for doctors?

When choosing gifts for doctors, think about what they may need. It could be a new pen stand, an organizer, a journal, or a new coat. And if you want to be a little less serious, a medical gag gift is always a nice touch.