32 Gifts For New Drivers

Our Best 3 Picks


Car Cleaning Kit

A 17-piece kit with a handheld vacuum, brushes, towels and more.

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Also Great

Car Trash Can

Features a leak-proof lining to ensure your car is dry and neat.

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Lumbar Support Pillow

Good on a Budget

Lumbar Support Pillow

Designed to conform to the back curve, alleviating pain and fatigue.

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Christmas Gifts For New Drivers

Mini Panda Doll Decoration

Features 8 heat-resistant and anti-fade figurines made of resin.

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Lumbar Support Pillow

Lumbar Support Pillow

Designed to conform to the back curve, alleviating pain and fatigue.

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Dancing Hula Girl Figurine

Dashboard doll made of poly resin, with tape to hold it in place.

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Skull Car Air Fresheners

Made of resin with aromatherapy pads that keep the car fragrant.

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Swinging Duck

A gypsum plaster ornament with rope to hang on the rear-view mirror.

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Car Charger

With a USB-C port and 2 standard ports — charge 3 devices at once.

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Handy Gifts For New Drivers

Glasses Holder

It's made of leather and flannel lined to keep glasses scratch-free.

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Car Seat Cushion

Made of durable PU leather, breathable mesh, and soft memory foam.

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Tire Valve Stem Caps

Easy to install and made of luminous material that glows in the dark.

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Smart Car Air Freshener

The energy-saving battery can last for 40 days after 1 hr of charging.

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Blind Spot Mirror

2" HD frameless convex glass with adjustable swivel mounting bracket.

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Seat Covers

Made from soft nappa leather with 50+ different colors and styles.

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Car Gifts For New Drivers

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

With a non-slip texture for firm grip, it resets when taking pressure.

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Car Cleaning Kit

A 17-piece kit with a handheld vacuum, brushes, towels and more.

Buy Now for $39.99 ($0.67 / Ounce)

Trunk Organizer

Can be resized to fit big or small trunks and collapsed to store away.

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Car Cleaning Gel

Comes in a 5.7 oz tub and can be used regularly until it turns black.

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Drop Stop

Made of faux rubber, it prevents objects from falling between seats.

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Headrest Hook

Pack of 4 hooks made of strong plastic, each designed to hold 13 lbs.

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Cup Coaster

Made from silicone, it's heat resistant, waterproof and easy to clean.

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Car Trash Can

Features a leak-proof lining to ensure your car is dry and neat.

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Cool Gifts For New Drivers

Digital Speedometer

Equipped with speeding and fatigue alerts for increased driver safety.

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Phone Mount For Car

An Industrial-strength suction cup keeps the mount safely in place.

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Dash Cam

It has WiFi, GPS, a 150° wide-angle lens, and 4K video recording.

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Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Made from soft, non-slip PU leather and high-gloss rhinestones.

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LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

Transform any room with this 20 multi-color and 8-mode strip tape.

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LED Rock Lights

Super bright, water- and dust-proof LEDs with 16 million colors.

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Gifts For New Teenage Drivers

Stylish High-Top Sneakers

Reviewers say they are well padded and offer good surface grip.

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Key Chain

Made from durable stainless steel with a fade-resistant message.

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“Licensed to Drive” Shirt

Made of lightweight cotton, it's breathable and machine washable.

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Claw Mark Stickers

Made of quality vinyl to endure all weather and won't fade or crack.

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Bluetooth F.M. Transmitter

Has a 1.44" display and noise-cancellation for enhanced sound quality.

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Wraparound Sunglasses

Designed to filter out harsh rays and fits over prescription glasses.

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Cars are exceptional machines; they are made even more extraordinary by movies like The Fast and the Furious. They inspire people to be in charge, confident, and commanding behind the wheel. For new drivers, the experience is unmatched. It is like unlocking a new superpower; the possibilities are endless. This is why we have chosen gifts for new drivers so they can enjoy the driver’s adventure. From cool lights to valuable gadgets, we have them all lined up.

Choosing the best gifts for new drivers

Confidence in new drivers varies. Some feel like they have excellent skills, while others are afraid. Many driving instructors say, “No new driver is a good driver.” While this may not be entirely true, it’s good to remember new drivers need to be extra vigilant as they learn to come to grips with driving. Some gadgets are invaluable to drivers, new or old. These include safety items like GPS gadgets, trackers, window breakers, seatbelt cutters, and other items. But there should also be a fun element to driving. It’s newfound freedom, and as with anything you own, you’ll want to customize it with cool lights, steering wheel covers, and even something as quirky as a Hello Kitty review mirror. Yes, they make those. When choosing gifts, always be aware of what cars don’t need. Phones are a big no-no in cars. Driving with your cell phone in hand is one of the biggest killers on the road, apart from speeding and driving under the influence. So think of gifts that will enhance safety, such as Bluetooth speakers, phone holders, and other items to ensure no danger is present. 

How we identified the best gifts for new drivers

We identified many different aspects when considering what gifts to get for new drivers. Of course, we had to include the fun section, including customization like dashboard figurines, valve stem caps, and items like glass holders. It was important to us to keep it functional but also not make it a distraction. As much as it’s nice to have nifty products decorating your dash, visibility is crucial, and we made sure none of our gifts would detract from the sole purpose of driving and keeping safe.

We included a section that featured things, like our trusty car cleaning kit, necessary to keep your car clean, which might not immediately seem important. But if you ever want to sell your car or impress a significant other, keep it clean and maintain it. This also means the driving experience will be free from distractions.

Our vital section, Car Gifts for new drivers, features gifts that make driving safer and prevent inconveniences from occurring. It is mandatory to check blind spots are visible, tire pressure is appropriate, and all the parts are in working order. That’s why we’ve included a drop spot and blind spot mirror. For those concerned with nighttime safety and monitoring your daily drives, our trusty dashcam will come in handy if there are any incidents on the road. Our purpose, apart from introducing the fun side of driving, is to ensure everything is safe and above board. 

Tips for buying the best gifts for new drivers

  1. Enhance their driving experience
    Choose gifts that will make their driving less stressful and more streamlined. Get a specialized blind spot mirror to enhance their line of sight if it’s one of the things they’re struggling with. Driving shouldn’t be an anxiety-inducing experience. It’s an important milestone and something to be respected, but it can also be enjoyed. The gifts you choose should make the process easier and safer.
  2. Plan for mishaps
    Nobody wants to plan for an accident. We like to think things will be fine, and while being positive isn’t bad, it’s good to consider that sometimes things go wrong. A tire could burst, you could scrape the car, or there could be a collision. Prepare for minor mishaps and ensure you have items that will help the situation rather than worsen it. Get trackers for your car, dashcams for incidents, and seatbelt cutters if you need to get out quickly if you’re stuck.
  3. Get personal
    Your new driver should be able to personalize their car in the way they see fit, whether that’s with a keychain, a decal on the bumper, or a cute figurine on the dash. Discuss their interests and choose accordingly, but remember, safety first, and no distractions.