40 Christmas Gifts for Kids

Our Best 3 Picks


Light Up Cube

Play 5 brain, light, and speed games to improve memory and more.

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Also Great

Remote Control Shark Toy

Has realistic movement simulation — with 2.4 GHz remote-control tech.

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Good on a Budget

Building Kit

140-pc easy-to-build set that creates caves, tunnels, igloos and more.

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Fun Christmas Gifts for Kids

Punching Bag for Kids

The stainless steel tube stand is height-adjustable from 27” to 43”.

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LLMoose Hover Soccer Ball

Has flashing LEDs, foam bumpers, and glides smoothly over surfaces.

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L.C.D. Writing Tablet

With a high-sensitivity pressure sensor and an anti-blue light screen.

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Transformable Chain Robot

Rotate the 20 fingertip spinners at high-speed or create many shapes.

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Capture and Crush Truck with Velociraptor

With a blaster to tranquilize loose dinos, breakaway parts, and more.

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Dance Mat

With 144 songs and 37 sports games, it’s fun and great for fitness.

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Light Up Cube

Play 5 brain, light, and speed games to improve memory and more.

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Mini Trampoline

Has a galvanized steel frame and heavy-duty springs for safe bouncing.

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Cool Gifts for Kids

Archery Set

The 2 collapsible bows with LED lights feature adjustable bow strings.

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KaeKid Robot

Voice- and touch-controlled, it can sing, dance, and talk with kids.

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Desuccus Kids Camera

Has 1080p HD, 12 MP, 8x digital zoom and comes with a 32 GB SD card.

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Refasy Piggy Bank Cash Coin Can ATM Bank

Piggy Bank Cash Coin ATM

Great for kids' savings; it can store 600 coins or 100 paper money.

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Walkie Talkies

Has 22 channels, a 3-mile transmission span and 2 survival bracelets.

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Light-Up Saber

When the LED “laser” blades clash, they create electric sound effects.

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Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4

Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4

With night vision flashlights, invisibility mode, and 150 ft range.

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Karate Punching Bag

Has thickened PVC for better rebounds — fill the base with water/sand.

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Trendy Christmas Gifts for Kids

Rock Tumbler

Comes with 9 rough gemstones and a durable, leak-proof tumbler.

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Flying Orb

Features a gyroscope and smart AI chip for intelligent flight.

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Kids’ Drone

It can auto-rotate, do 3D flips, and has 3 LED modes.

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Threeking Stunt Car

It can tumble in place at 360° and drive on both sides.

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Shoot the Moving Target Game

It has a maximum shooting range of 26 feet and 3 speed levels.

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Monkey Toy

Seen on TikTok, it’s made of TRP rubber, sand-filled and stretches 3x.

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Building Kit

140-pc easy-to-build set that creates caves, tunnels, igloos and more.

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Construction Race Track

Has 200 track parts, 2 race cars, 4 mini construction trucks and more.

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Educational Christmas Gifts for Kids

Kids Piano

Has 3 teaching modes, 4 musical and 8 percussion instruments and more.

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Earth Science by National Geographic

Earth Science by National Geographic

Get 15+ experiments, 2 dig kits, 10 specimens, and a learning guide.

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Building Blocks

600 pcs build many 3D structures — improves memory and motor skills.

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Chemistry Set

Try 45 experiments including making a volcano and launching a rocket.

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Gskyer Refracting Telescope for Kids

Great for amateurs, it has 400 mm focal length and 70 mm aperture.

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Magic Adventures Globe

Teaches about cultures, animals and more through 5+ hrs of BBC videos.

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Interactive Gravity-Maze Game by ThinkFun

Get 60 challenges, a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target pc, and 3 marbles.

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Speak and Spell Game

Teaches 200+ commonly misspelled words using a speech synthesizer.

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Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids

Remote Control Shark Toy

Has realistic movement simulation — with 2.4 GHz remote-control tech.

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Karaoke Backpack

Plush unicorn backpack with built-in speaker and microphone.

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Camp Playset

A realistic light-up campfire that makes sounds plus pretend foods.

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Magic Wand

Press the button and it spins and illuminates the room with its LEDs.

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Dinosaur Robot

7-inch dinosaur toy featuring sounds, shaking head, and wagging tail.

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Speed Cube Set

Well-engineered cubes with good cornering and easy smooth twisting.

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Balance Beams

Non-slip plastic with a non-skid rubber bottom — can hold 220 lbs.

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Tool Set

A tool bench with a kid's size saw, hammer, pliers, wrench, and more.

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Christmas is when being naughty or nice decides whether Santa gets you what you desire most. Make this Christmas an unforgettable one. There are lots of items with different levels of affordability listed for you. Step into the shoes of Santa this Christmas; a kid is counting on you.

Choosing the best Christmas gifts for kids

When choosing the best Christmas gifts for kids, there are a few factors to consider. First, start by asking their parents what things they like the most. This will also stop you from doubling up on something they already have. Next up, consider safety. The age guidelines of the gift should aid you in choosing an item that fits your age range. Find an item that will grow with the child and be used as they grow. Consider gifts that will also help the child develop some new skills. This could be an educational item that teaches them the fun of learning or something that aids a hobby or creative streak.

How we identified the best Christmas gifts for kids

When we evaluated the best Christmas gifts for kids, we considered items that would most help their development. Certain milestones are achieved cognitively, behaviorally, or physically. We made sure to cater to this by including educational items such as telescopes, speak and spell games, and earth science kits. It is vital to introduce educational aspects as young as possible. It also encourages curiosity and independence in discovering new things for themselves. Kids need to be active each day, so we include gifts that improve coordination and gross motor skills and allow them to test the limits of their ability. Our archery set is very good at developing all these skills. We also realize the importance of creativity and cultivating good habits and hobbies. We chose items that introduced them to elements of photography, dance, construction, and science. Our choice for cameras is a fun item to get their creative juices flowing and introduce them to a slightly more grown-up hobby.

Tips for buying the best Christmas gifts for kids

  1. Be age-appropriate
    If an item is too advanced or basic for their age, this could result in boredom and unenjoyment. Consider what level the child is at and make your choice accordingly. There is nothing wrong with getting items that seem more advanced for their age, but going too far will result in them not being used. Use your discretion wisely.
  2. Keep safety in mind!
    Expensive and popular presents may be all the rage online, but if they’re not safe, you’re putting the child in danger. Stick to the age guidelines and ensure none of the items pose choking hazards.
  3. Adhere to their personality!
    Sometimes, children can see gifts as a reflection of how we see them. This is why it’s good to be sensitive when choosing a gift and check the meaning and intention are clear. Gifts should express love and affection and show that we know the person. Tailor your gifts according to their personality.