40 Gifts for Men Under $20

Our Best 3 Picks


Awesome 9-in-1 Multitool Pen

Includes instruction guide, refill, 3 batteries, and 1 aluminum pen.

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Also Great

Urban Map Glass

These have an 11-ounce fluid capacity and are dishwasher safe.

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Good on a Budget

New Phone, Who Dis?

1 player draws a text card while others come up with a funny reply.

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Men Under $20

Personalized Charger Cable Name Tag

This personalized cable measures 3.5 mm and is made of PLA plastic.

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Personalized Leather Keychain

Stamped on 1 side, you can add foil to your personalized engraving.

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Disposable Shaving Razor

50 biodegradable razors made of wheat straw and with twin blade razor heads.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

It comes with 7 different color lights and 2 mist modes with auto off.

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Fleece Throw Blanket

It's available in 26 colors and 8 different sizes.

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Wooden Serving Board

Made of acacia wood, it measures 16"(L) x 14"(W) x 13"(H).

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Freezable Wine Bag

This polyester bag is foldable and reusable with a buckle closure.

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Ice Roller

It's great for minor injuries, blood circulation, and shrinking pores.

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Birthday Gifts for Men Under $20

Shaping & Styling Tool

It features 3 longer curve sizes and angles, with a bonus pencil.

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Password Book

A leatherette hardcover to keep your passwords safe and organized.

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Awesome 9-in-1 Multitool Pen

Includes instruction guide, refill, 3 batteries, and 1 aluminum pen.

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Bamboo Beanie Hat

It's eco-friendly and made of 68% bamboo, 28% cotton, 4% elastane.

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Best BBQ Grill Mat

Includes heavy-duty 600 degree non-stick mats and a 7-year warranty.

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Mini Waffle Maker

Mini Waffle Maker

It has a 4 inch non-stick cooking surface with a 350 wattage.

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Wallet Case

Features PU Leather card slots, and a double magnetic clasp.

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Urban Map Glass

These have an 11-ounce fluid capacity and are dishwasher safe.

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Unique Gifts for Men Under $20

Slushy Maker Cup

The built-in freezing liquid is safe and causes no dilution of flavor.

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Microwave Popcorn Popper

It features a 3-in-1 lid that melts butter and measures kernels.

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Dual Foot Massager Roller

It features 2 different types of acupressure nubs and 5 rows.

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Includes 54 wood blocks and an easy-to-use stacking sleeve.

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Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Rotatable design, cordless, and lasts for up to 400 minutes.

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Hot Sauce Gift Set

Each bottle contains 1.5 ounces with 5 unique vegan flavors .

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“50 States 5,000 Ideas”

Sites include parks, beaches, hotels, battlefields, and ranches.

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Electric Wine Opener

Electric Wine Opener

It's rechargeable with a corkscrew opener plus a foil cutter.

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Cool Gifts for Men Under $20

Ticket Stub Diary

Preserve precious memories with 52 pages and 118 ticket sleeves.

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Pet Portrait Necklace

Choose between handmade gold, silver or rose gold plated pendants.

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Beer Chiller Sticks

Freeze the sticks 45 minutes prior to using in your beer.

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The New York Times Crossword Calendar

100% recyclable, it features 313 of the best crossword puzzles made.

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Music Genius Playing Cards

It includes 52 illustrated playing cards of the best musicians.

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100 Books Scratch Off Poster

It features 250 grams of coated laminated paper and is dust-proof.

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What I Love About You Fill In The Love

112 pages of simple prompts that’ll make it easy to express yourself.

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New Phone, Who Dis?

1 player draws a text card while others come up with a funny reply.

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Funny Gifts for Men Under $20

Original Toilet Night Light

This LED light is activated by motion and comes in 9 colors.

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Fart-Scented Candle

It has a 6 ounce capacity with a burning time of 40 hours.

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Relative Insanity Card Game

A card game where the funniest punchline wins the round!

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Beard Apron

Beard Apron

It’s made of polyester and non-stick with a waterproof coating.

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Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Made of maple and stainless steel, it measures 34 inches in length.

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Face Boxers

These silky microfiber polyester shorts are machine washable.

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Microfiber Slippers

These have strong water absorption and help with cleaning the floor.

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Extendable Cactus Back Scratcher

This 2-sided spiked ABS plastic scratcher extends to 24.5 inches.

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Most men will appreciate receiving gifts that demonstrate your understanding of what they like and need. The good news is that it is possible to identify such gifts regardless of your budget. So we have identified gifts under $20 that will appeal to the men in your life.

Choosing the best gifts for men under $20

When it comes to shopping for men, keep in mind what their interests are because this will guide you toward what kind of gift they will like. Men also appreciate meaningful gifts that are not overly sentimental. They can tell when you put in the effort to get something that’s just for them. So when looking to buy them gifts under $20, consider personalized gift items that resonate with their interests such as an engraved pocket knife.

When choosing gifts for men that are under $20, look at the items they buy for themselves. Any hobby that men are willing to make a financial investment toward is pretty special to them. If he, for example, enjoys hiking and is constantly spending cash to engage in this activity, getting him the latest hiking gear will be something he’s bound to appreciate.

How we identified the best gifts for men under $20

We identified gifts that focus on men’s interests and that can enrich the enjoyment of their hobbies such as the BBQ grill mat. We ensured our focus is on gifts under $20 and kept to the general rule that men do not like gifts whose use is ambiguous they like to see a gift and immediately understand its purpose; so we picked items whose functionality is clear such as a dual foot massager roller, a desktop vacuum cleaner, a multitool pen, among other items.

Gift giving is not considered successful unless the recipient adopts and uses their gift as it’s intended. We don’t want to give gifts that remain unopened, discarded, or unused. So we identified practical gifts under $20 that men need and those that they will use regularly. We selected gifts such as a shaping and styling tool, a handy wallet case a leather keychain, a charger cable name tag, and a beard smock among other items.

Tips for buying the best gifts for men under $20

  1. Make it personal
    Men appreciate receiving personalized gifts because it lets them know you were intentional in getting them the gift. The good news is that even within this price range, it is possible to buy some heartfelt items.
  2. Get to know what they want
    Observe the spending habits of men, how they use their time, and what they enjoy doing. These will give you some ideas of what kind of gifts would appeal to them. If you are still uncertain, ask those closest to them.
  3. Consider the work they do
    If you are looking to give a work-related gift, keep in mind what their profession is since this will dictate the best gift. Men who have office jobs will appreciate a nice tie or tie pin while handymen will be glad to receive a toolkit or working gloves.