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WedAug 28

National Bow Tie Day – August 28, 2024

National Bow Tie Day, on August 28, is the one and only holiday dedicated to everyone’s favorite underrated accessory. It’s the perfect day to dig out your favorite bow tie and parade it around town to show everyone just how dapper and sophisticated you are! Even if you pair it with jeans, you’re sure to look top-notch while wearing such a statement accessory. So, today, we celebrate these classic fashion devices and all the people that regularly choose to wear them.

History of National Bow Tie Day

Since time immemorial, or at least since the 19th century, the bow tie has been the epitome of class, elegance, and that certain panache of the social- and intellectual upper echelons. Whether you were of high social stature by birth or renowned in intellectual circles for your wit and prowess, the bow tie told the world of this.

Well, maybe not quite that excessive. But the bow tie has, since its humble origins, become a symbol of status and stature in many social circles. Interestingly enough, the first inclinations of a bow tie were actually worn by Croatian mercenaries during the Thirty Years War in the 17th century. The soldiers needed neckties that mirrored scarf knots. Of course, the French, taking a cue from this relatively fringe and scandalous source, popularized the trend in Paris before it spread throughout the rest of the fashion-aware world.

From then, the bow tie would become an important part of formal dress, and especially popular amongst medical and doctoral doctors. Eventually, the tie’s popularity would wear off (pun intended) during WWII due to the shortage of materials to make them and people to wear them. However, it’s no secret that the bow tie has survived in circles of ballet attendees and Bond villains alike. Today, the bow tie can be seen at black-tie affairs and, ironically, on hipsters, alike. National Bow Tie day is thus the celebration of all of the history and symbolism tightly packed into a pristine knot.

National Bow Tie Day timeline

The First Bow Ties

Precursors to cravats are worn by Croatian mercenaries in the Thirty Years War before being popularized by French fashion elites.

Early 1900s
Doctors Make a Fashion Statement

Physicians and academics become immortalized as your typical bow tie wearers up until WWII.

Old World Icon

“New York Times” writer Warren St. John writes that the bow tie is a type of old-world icon that suggests intellectualism, real or not.

Hipsters Take Over

Recognizable by their oversized thrift store sweaters, long beards, and non-necessary glasses, hipsters revolutionize the way we wear certain items, including the ironic use of bow ties.

National Bow Tie Day FAQs

How do you tie a bow tie?

Without pictures, it’s pretty hard to explain! A quick Google search will get you an array of pictures and video tutorials, however.

Who are some famous bow tie wearers?

Peewee Hermon and most Bond villains are well-known for their classic bow tie representation.

Why do we have National Bow Tie Day?

To celebrate the underrated accessory of elegance that is the bow tie — it’s high time to show it some love!

Can women wear bow ties?

Of course! Anyone, even your prized pooch, can and should don a bow tie this National Bow Tie Day.


  1. Learn to properly tie a bow tie

    No more clip-ons or pre-tied ties here! This National Bow Tie Day, learn how to properly be a gentleman (or lady) who can be responsible for their own bow tie … and those of their fellow party-goers as well.

  2. Host a bow tie party

    Throw a party to celebrate your favorite accessory! You could have bow tie trivia, watch old movies with lots of bow ties involved, and serve bow tie pasta! Bow tie required for entrance.

  3. ’Gram it

    Did you even celebrate National Bow Tie Day if you didn’t snap a pic for social media? Take a selfie of you and your bow tie for Instagram, or post some pics of you and your friends wearing them to your stories.


  1. It’s the queen of fabrics

    Silk is made from the silk strands of thousands of silkworms, making it a very intensive and painstaking process reserved for the most elegant of wearers.

  2. Sea silk is incredibly elusive

    Sea silk is harvested and made from clam fibers, and there is only one person on Earth who knows how to perfect this perfect fabric.

  3. Silk production was top secret

    In ancient China, anyone caught trying to smuggle silkworms out of China was sentenced to death.

  4. It keeps you bite-free

    If you’re a mosquito-favorite, try stepping out in silk some time — mosquitos can’t seem to break through the threads!

  5. It had the longest global trade route

    The legendary Silk Road stretched from China to parts of Europe as early as 130 B.C.


  1. It reminds us of a more sophisticated time

    Remember when the black tie was the norm for evening events? Neither do we. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get a rush of historic, Titanic-era nostalgia every time we see one. Bow ties are a touch of elegance and a connection to a time when that was expected.

  2. We look darn good

    It is a universally acknowledged truth that everyone and everything looks better while boasting a bow tie. So throw one on and, while you’re at it, throw one on your friends, your partner, your dog, and your computer.

  3. It gives us an excuse to wear a monocle

    There’s no way to pull off a monocle without a bow tie. While you’re looking dapper and dressed to the nines, add a little piece of eyewear to truly get the most bang for your bow tie buck.

National Bow Tie Day dates

2024August 28Wednesday
2025August 28Thursday
2026August 28Friday
2027August 28Saturday
2028August 28Monday

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