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Crackers Over The Keyboard Day
WedAug 28

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day – August 28, 2024

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm every year on August 28. This snack is so humble yet so versatile. It does not matter whether you eat them plain or with dips, they are equally delicious. Now on this day, you can eat them without worrying right over your keyboard while working. Don’t worry if you are a clean freak, you can simply dust off your keyboard and get rid of crumbs after you have finished taking part in this quirky celebration.

History of Crackers Over The Keyboard Day

Crackers are a staple snack in almost every household and can even be easily found in an office pantry. They are cheap, nutritious, delicious, and enough to satiate those hunger pangs. How often have you caught yourself lazily snacking on crackers at work while being engrossed in typing away at your keyboard? When we do that we do not even realize that we are unintentionally dropping crumbs into our keyboards. But Crackers Over The Keyboard Day allows you to do that while giving you a guilt-free pass.

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day is the brainchild of perennial holiday creators Thomas and Ruth Roy. Their idea behind creating this quirky holiday was to show that you are still a free thinker by eating crackers at work right over your keyboard. Tom is an actor and a talk show host while his wife works as a college administrator, actress, and is even a business owner. Crackers Over The Keyboard Day is another feather added to their hat.

You don’t have to limit yourself to eating just crackers over your keyboard on this holiday. You can even grab a cookie and get in on the fun this day has to offer. You can even take it a step further by experimenting with tasty cracker snacks by mixing and matching seasonings and dips on them. The goal is to be a free thinker and today is the day to shine. So don’t wait any longer and be ready to celebrate this day and encourage your friends and family to celebrate as well.

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day timeline

The First Cracker

John Pearson makes the first cracker in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Crackers Get their Name

Josiah Bent accidentally burns a batch of what we now call crackers and the crackling sound made gave it its name.

Cheese and Crackers on American Menus

Cheese and crackers become a staple on the menus of many American restaurants.

Cracker Brand Crossword Clue

The National Biscuit Company introduces its first cracker brand via crossword clue.

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day FAQs

What is the purpose of crackers?

A cracker is baked with flour and is typically flat and dry. Sometimes people add added flavors or seasoning such as salt, herbs, cheese, etc. to enhance the flavor profile. 

Why are there 13 holes in a saltine cracker?

The holes in the crackers are there for more than just appearance and are called docking holes. These holes prevent bubbles from forming. A docker pricks holes into the dough to allow air to escape to ensure the crackers bake properly. This process is what yields flat and crispy crackers. 

What do you eat with crackers?

Crackers can be eaten with almost anything. Be it cream cheese, peanut butter, hummus, sour cream, or any other dip. 

How To Celebrate Crackers Over The Keyboard Day

  1. Clean out your keyboard

    We all are guilty of eating crackers over the keyboard or any other food that makes crumbs. On Crackers over the keyboard day, clean out that messy keyboard. Just turn it around upside down and shake it till stuff stops falling out. You’ll be surprised to see how much dirt your keyboard has collected over time.

  2. Eat crackers over your keyboard

    What better way to celebrate than doing exactly what the holiday name suggests, right? Grab a packet of crackers, settle down in front of your keyboard, and eat them over your keyboard. Make sure to clean up after though.

  3. Stock up on crackers

    Crackers over the keyboard day can be a great excuse to stock up on crackers at home. Head to your local grocery store, pick out your favorite crackers, and get munching!

5 Cracking Facts About Crackers

  1. Holes in the crackers

    The holes in the crackers actually serve a purpose to ensure they are of the right size and consistency.

  2. Many shapes and sizes

    Crackers come in many shapes and sizes than the usual square such as oval, circle, irregular.

  3. Predecessors of the cracker

    Pita, lavash, matzo flatbreads, amongst others, are the predecessors of the current day cracker.

  4. Main ingredients

    The main ingredients of crackers are generally a grain such as wheat or rice which are blended into flour and water.

  5. Saltine cracker challenge

    This is a food challenge in which a person gets one minute to eat six saltine soda crackers without drinking anything.

Why We Love National Crackers Over The Keyboard Day

  1. Crackers are nutritious

    Crackers are a nutritious snack and can be consumed without guilt. They’re a healthier option than bread. For instance, two multigrain crackers are around 64kcal as compared to approximately 250kcal in two slices of multigrain bread.

  2. They’re not too expensive

    You won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket every time you go to buy crackers. They are cheap and there are multiple options and brands available to choose from for your liking.

  3. Allows you to be free

    Crackers over the keyboard day allow you to release your inhibitions and be free. Eating food over your keyboard would definitely irk your IT professional who would disapprove of the fallen dirt inside it. However, this is a fun holiday that you can indulge in and eat without guilt.

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day dates

2024August 28Wednesday
2025August 28Thursday
2026August 28Friday
2027August 28Saturday
2028August 28Monday

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