National Popcorn Day – January 19, 2019

Sun Jan 19

Join us on Jan. 19 as we celebrate National Popcorn Day. Would you believe that humans have been eating popcorn for over 5000 years (and some historians believe longer)! While it was always a popular snack, popcorn “popped” to consumption levels during World War II when sugar rations made candy and other snack food very hard to come by. Since then, with movies and the microwave, popcorn is well-ensconced in American culture as an often healthy and fast treat!

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National Popcorn Day Activities

  1. Make Popcorn Jewelry

    Why not make a long necklace for you, friends, family members—even strangers. It will definitely make you the most popular person at the office happy hour. ;-)

  2. Plan a Movie Marathon

    Three weeks into January? Chances are you just want to hide and eat comfort food—but, your resolutions. There's a win-win! Tee up your favorite Star Wars Trilogy and pop a big bowl of popcorn. You can enjoy the wisdom of Yoda and keep to your diet. (A little olive oil and salt with the carb-y goodness of the popcorn may just hit the spot!)

  3. Put on the Popcorn Olympics at Your Office

    Popcorn basketball, popcorn air hockey, popcorn relay race? After you finish filming your mannequin challenge, burn off your pent up energy. It will definitely keep you on your toes!

Why We Love National Popcorn Day

  1. It's Easy and Fast to Make

    Whether you're cooking on the stovetop or in the microwave, popcorn takes a matter of minutes—and you can personalize it with your own favorite toppings: classic butter, spices, and even sriracha! Yum.

  2. It's Filling

    Popcorn is a whole grain—the starchy inside of the grain has been cooked and has a lot of air in the final product. The carbohydrates and air add up, making a wonderful snack alternative for those watching their waistline.

  3. It Comes With Good Memories

    Think of the morning matinee with your dad or that sweet (and awkward) first date at the movies. Popcorn tends to be part of festive occasions and meaningful moments.

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