National Pretzel Day – April 26, 2019

Fri Apr 26

Would you believe pretzels got their start in the Catholic Church? Supposedly, starting in the 7th Century A.D., monks presented their students with treats of baked dough twisted in the shape of crossed arms. At the time, crossing one’s arms was the traditional posture for prayer—and the rest, as they say, is history! So on April 26th we should thank the Pope for National Pretzel Day.

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National Pretzel Day Activities

  1. Get Your Bavarian On

    Did you need an excuse to head to your nearest 'biergarten'? You have one now. What better way to showcase pretzels, than with some good mustard, beer and friends?

  2. Pretzel Crawl

    Chances are, there are many restaurants and bars in your area showing off their pretzel prowess. Why not make an afternoon of it and test out the local options. Your friends can crown a winner for the next year!

  3. Make Your Own

    Pretzels can be a part of any meal—breakfast, lunch or dinner. Why not get really creative, and make your own—how you like them. Horseradish? Gruyere cheese? Rosemary? Do you really need to ask?

Why We Love National Pretzel Day

  1. Two Words: Dipping. Sauce

    Pretzels are just fun to eat. Hard or soft, and on their own. But they really go to the next level when you pair them with peanut butter, cheese sauce, mustard, chocolate sauce...and the list could go on and on!

  2. Textures and Carb-y Goodness

    There's something oh-so satisfying about the carb-y insides, the toothsome exterior crust, the crunchy salt on top. Pretzels bring together a bunch of taste sensations that make it a very enjoyable snack—anytime of day.

  3. They Don't Break the Bank

    Most pretzels, wherever you are, don't cost more than $5. Whether you're at the park, office, or mall—this handy snack can power you through the afternoon without making your wallet too light.