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FriApr 26

National No Makeup Day – April 26, 2024

National No Makeup Day is observed every year on April 26 by women all over the world. Women are encouraged to go bare-faced for one day to appreciate their natural beauty. The event appears to have begun in 2017, when the hashtag “No Makeup” became popular on social media, though its true origins are unknown.

Celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Lady Gaga, and Alicia Keys have all endorsed the no-makeup trend, with the latter stating that she “doesn’t want to hide anymore” and has been makeup-free since 2016. Makeup means different things for different people. Some people use it to hide their fears, express themselves, or simply feel more put-together and confident in public.

History of National No Makeup Day

Not wearing makeup means different things to different people. Makeup may help us conceal our flaws, express our personalities, or just make us feel more put-together and confident while we’re out and about. These are all excellent reasons to wear makeup, and we applaud them! On National No Makeup Day, all women are encouraged to go bare-faced for 24 hours in order to express and liberate their natural beauty. For many of us, going makeup-free might be intimidating, so we’ve compiled a list of tips and methods to help you feel more at ease in your own skin.

This one-of-a-kind day was discovered on April 25, 2015, and it became a social media sensation in 2017. Over 13 million Instagram posts have used the hashtag #NoMakeup, with many of them coming from influencers and celebrities with thousands of impressionable followers. However, when they use these bare-faced photos as a comparison tool, the flaws in this trend become clear. Despite not wearing makeup, many of these influential figures have micro-bladed eyebrows, eyelash extensions, and fillers in their cheeks, lips, jaw, and other areas.

This creates a social divide because people who can look this amazing without makeup have the time and money to devote to expensive skincare routines and invisible beauty treatments, which are not available to everyone. We could argue that the “no-makeup makeup” trend is equally damaging to our self-esteem as concealing our flaws with cosmetics: neither allows us to enjoy our skin. One of the central ideas behind the No Makeup Day movement is that it demonstrates ‘real’ beauty, though for some people, this is easier to achieve with makeup than without. Embrace the version of yourself that makes you feel the most free, whether or not you’re wearing makeup.

National No Makeup Day timeline

Beauty Is Pain

The pale, sun-untouched complexion is all the rage among 15th-century women and if a lady isn’t born with a porcelain complexion, she’ll do anything, including use leeches for blood-letting.

First Industrial Deodorants

The first industrial deodorants and Colgate’s tube toothpaste are introduced to the ‌public.

Original Greasepaint Formula

Max Factor, a London-based cosmetics company that still exists today, takes on the original greasepaint formula and creates a semi-liquid version that can be stored in jars.

Mascara From Petroleum Jelly

Cosmetics brand Maybelline makes her first appearance with a petroleum jelly and coal dust mascara created by Thomas Williams for his sister Maybel.

National No Makeup Day FAQs

What is the benefit of No Makeup Day?

A makeup-free day is good for skin health, according to Skin Therapist, since it allows the skin to readjust.

What is the No Makeup movement?

No Makeup Day is a global campaign led by women all over the world to effect positive change in the beauty business.

What is considered No Makeup Day?

It simply implies that you can walk outside without wearing makeup for a whole day.

National No Makeup Day Activities

  1. A fun method to show off your personality

    People can tell your personality not only by your makeup but also by your no-makeup look! Take a day off from your makeup look and go all-natural to celebrate National No Makeup Day.

  2. Go take a selfie

    It's a rare day when you don't wear make-up outside, so show off your confidence by snapping a photo! Make the rest of the world aware of your natural beauty!

  3. Share it on social media

    Instagram and YouTube are brimming with instructional videos that offer tips and tricks for improving your beauty routine. Why not share one of your own, tagging No Makeup Day and using the hashtag #NationalNoMakeupDay?

5 Interesting Facts About Makeup

  1. Makeup used to be against the law

    "Lex Oppia" was Roman legislation that prohibited not only a woman's money but also her displays of luxury, such as expensive cosmetics and scents imported from places like China and Germany.

  2. Neon nail polish is illegal

    Because the F.D.A. has not formally certified neon colors, true neon nail paint is illegal in the United States.

  3. Lipsticks were made from crushed jewels

    According to legend, semi-precious stones were crushed and used to adorn the lips of ancient Mesopotamian ladies.

  4. Golden skin was unintentional

    Coco Chanel, a fashion designer, got a sunburn while visiting the French Riviera; by the time she returned home, the sunburn had faded into a tan.

  5. Red lipstick denoted class

    Throughout the Middle Ages, lipstick was used to distinguish social classes in Europe.

Why We Love National No Makeup Day

  1. Do it for the sake of self-love

    The main goal of National No Makeup Day is to show our true selves. On this day, we can celebrate being completely honest and sincere about all aspects of life, beginning with our natural attractiveness.

  2. Save your time

    By not wearing makeup for a day or longer, you can add 15 to 45 minutes to your day! After all, No Makeup Day is a holiday, so enjoy the extra time you won't be spending on your makeup routine.

  3. Express our natural beauty

    Your cheeks have a natural blush-like color, but your skin is as smooth as glass... Isn't this what we're all after? It is preferable to have naturally healthy-looking skin rather than skin that requires constant makeup to conceal flaws.

National No Makeup Day dates

2024April 26Friday
2025April 26Saturday
2026April 26Sunday
2027April 26Monday
2028April 26Wednesday

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