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SatApr 26

National Garage Day – April 26, 2025

National Garage Day is celebrated on April 26. The garage is an essential part of every household. It’s evolved to become more than just a storage space. This practical space provides people the chance to practice their hobbies, make D.I.Y. projects, store their collectibles, or even entertain guests. This fun holiday is your reminder to declutter your garage and take the time to reflect on all the hobbies you abandoned and the projects you’ve been meaning to finish. Reclaim your space to accommodate your needs! Encourage productivity and inspire yourself by spending the day engaging in creative projects.

History of National Garage Day

Garages are an important feature of the home, and they can be very versatile. For many, this is the place to start new projects or pursue their messier hobbies that they can’t bring into their house. This holiday was started to motivate people and encourage creativity. The company Garage Condos, LLC invented this new holiday in 2020. First, it’s important to reflect on how garages became part of everyday life.

Cars and garages are now found in nearly every home, making it difficult to imagine a time without them, but both are quite recent inventions. The first motor car was invented in 1886 by Karl Benz, an evolution of wagons and carriages led by horses. People only started driving cars in the early 1900s, with the first driver’s license being issued in 1903. After that, cars became much more accessible, and many city-dwellers had them. These large and expensive objects needed to be stored safely. At first, car owners parked their vehicles in carriage houses and stables, but this wasn’t very practical. This need gave way to a new invention, the garage.

The first garage door was a result of a miscalculation by Henry Ford. Ford was working in a shed on his quadricycle — a four-wheeled bicycle that functioned without a horse. He soon realized that the vehicle was too big to take out, and he had to knock down a part of the shed’s brick wall. In its place, he installed what could be considered the earliest version of a garage door. Many variations were invented, but none caught on. In 1921, C.G. Johnson invented the overhead door, which is still in use today.

National Garage Day timeline

The First Car

Karl Benz invents the first motor car.

Driver’s License

The first driver’s license is issued.

Inventing the Garage

C.G. Johnson invents the first garage.

1970s — 1980s
Architectural Changes

Changes in architecture place garages at the front of the house instead of the back, making them the perfect place to get productive while enjoying the sun.

National Garage Day FAQs

How much does it cost to build a garage?

It costs about $26,000 on average but can be as low as $10,000 depending on the size you’re looking for.

What’s the difference between a garage and a carport?

A garage is fully enclosed with three walls and a door, while a carport is an open structure that covers the top of your vehicle but leaves it accessible and visible.

Can a garage add value to a house?

A garage can add up to 5% to a property’s value.

National Garage Day Activities

  1. Declutter

    The perfect start to this holiday is to declutter your space and get rid of all the things you no longer need. Make space for your activities, and make the garage a fun and cozy place to spend your time.

  2. Decorate

    You require more than just a clear space to get inspired. The benefit of having a garage is that it’s removed from the rest of the house and can look however you want. Put up shelving units to neatly store your things, start some D.I.Y. projects, get bean bag chairs, and install some fun decor to make the space your own. When you’re done, invite guests and celebrate your new space!

  3. Get to work

    Lastly, take the time to finish all the activities you’ve been meaning to do all year long or start a new hobby. Take your pick from woodworking, car restoration, painting, music production, or working out — all great activities to pursue in your garage.

5 Fun Facts About Hobbies

  1. There are some strange hobbies

    One of the weirdest hobbies is extreme ironing, where you iron while climbing a mountain or skydiving!

  2. Collecting can reduce stress

    Many people like collecting strange or everyday objects to reminisce, to relax, or simply because they find a lot of value in the things they collect.

  3. Hobbies help you become a better person

    Having a private hobby that brings you joy can make you more relaxed, patient, confident, and interesting.

  4. Most prefer creative hobbies

    While you can have any hobby you like, 75% of Americans prefer artistic hobbies — these are the most calming ones, too.

  5. Most common hobbies

    The most common hobbies in the U.S. are cooking, baking, reading, taking care of pets, doing outdoor activities, and playing video games.

Why We Love National Garage Day

  1. Hobbies are important

    Everyone needs a hobby they can pursue on their own that’s unrelated to their everyday job. Accomplishing something when you don’t need to gives you confidence and makes you feel productive. Hobbies make you feel fulfilled and help you learn new things about yourself.

  2. Productivity makes us feel good about ourselves

    Being productive and getting things done give us much confidence and makes us feel like better individuals. Having a space dedicated to accomplishing your projects will make this much easier.

  3. You don’t have to leave the house

    If your garage is already set up to its highest potential, you don’t need to dress up or leave the house to start working. Simply open the garage door to let in some sun and get to work.

National Garage Day dates

2025April 26Saturday
2026April 26Sunday
2027April 26Monday
2028April 26Wednesday
2029April 26Thursday

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