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MonFeb 24

National Tortilla Chip Day – February 24, 2025

Tortilla chips were initially an afterthought, a simple snack made with leftover tortillas. But these crispy triangles of deliciousness soon became a nationwide sensation, and each February 24, we celebrate these salty snacks with National Tortilla Chip Day. Whether you eat yours plain or dip them in a spicy salsa, tortilla chips bring the fiesta to any occasion.

National Tortilla Chip Day timeline

Reduce, Reuse, REPURPOSE!

Rebecca Webb Carranza repurposes rejected tortillas from the automated line at her workplace.

Golden Tortilla

Carranza receives the special Golden Tortilla award for her exemplary contribution to the food industry.

It’s Official!

The state of Texas declares the tortilla chip as their official snack.

Step Aside, Hotdogs and Hamburgers

According to a report from The Snack Food Association, tortillas are outselling hotdog- and hamburger buns.

National Tortilla Chip Day Activities

  1. Make your own tortilla chips

    You can buy really good tortilla chips at your local market, and of course, some of the best ones can be had at the Mexican restaurant down the street. But did you know tortilla chips are very simple to make at home? Heat some oil, cut up some tortillas, fry, and enjoy.

  2. Buy a bag and some guac

    Stop by your local grocery store and grab a bag of tortilla chips with some guacamole (or salsa). Sometimes, we enjoy these delicious chips by ourselves. No shame in this chip game.

  3. Host a chips and salsa night

    Tortilla chips are the perfect party food, so throw them a big party! Host a fun night with friends and family, and have each person bring her favorite type of tortilla chip and salsa. There are blue corn chips, organic, salted, unsalted, and many more. Chip chip hooray!

Why We Love National Tortilla Chip Day

  1. They're a social food

    These crisp, delicious, corn treats are perfect for sharing with your friends — nothing makes a party like a bowl of salsa and a bag of tortilla chips. (Then again, they're also an ideal snack for when you're alone on your couch in your pajamas.)

  2. Nachos

    Nachos without tortilla chips is just a gooey mess. Tortilla chips make the dish, and this dish is one of the best foods in existence. This alone makes the tortilla chip a national treasure.

  3. They are the perfect vessel for any salsa

    Mild. Medium. Strong. Corn. Peach. Chunky. Thin. The salty, crispy tortilla chip complements each of them, bringing out their unique flavors — and bringing them to our mouths.

National Tortilla Chip Day dates

2025February 24Monday
2026February 24Tuesday
2027February 24Wednesday
2028February 24Thursday
2029February 24Saturday

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