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DiscoverE Girl Day – February 24, 2025

DiscoverE Girl Day is observed every February 24. This day is also known as Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, and is an occasion for volunteers, educators, and others to act as role models for young girls who are aspiring engineers. They facilitate engineering activities and show girls how engineers help in transforming our world. This day aims to help girls develop an interest in engineering and build their confidence in their problem-solving skills. It is a myth that being an engineer is a man’s domain. Nowadays, more and more women are studying university courses in engineering, science, math, and chemistry. If you’re looking for funding for your degrees there are plenty of engineering scholarships, science scholarships, mathematics scholarships, and even just scholarships for women available.

History of DiscoverE Girl Day

DiscoverE Girl Day is a worldwide campaign to try to engage girls in engineering. Thousands of people, including engineers, educators, and others, act as role models, facilitate engineering activities, and educate girls about how engineers change our world. Introducing a Girl to Engineering means inviting girls to learn how to code robots, build bridges, design catapults, and so much more. Many labs and universities have created grade-specific activities to assist girls in discovering the exciting worlds of engineering and technology.

Their main goal is to relate practical applications of math, science, and engineering to the world around us and to objects that we use daily. These girls will experience a day thinking and working like an engineer, where they’ll do activities such as creating color explosions or constructing flying machines. Classes for girls are conducted by their adult mentors. Girls can register for classes on Saturdays and Sundays, both in the mornings and afternoons. Students work together to solve engineering challenges during the class sessions that showcase different types of engineering and the problems they solve. Moreover, they can sign up for more than one class.

Women engineering professionals volunteer to teach girls this day to share their knowledge and experience, and demonstrate how exciting engineering can be! Curious minds will be able to interact with these amazing women and ask them about their background as well as their experiences in pursuing the field of STEM throughout the week’s activities and classes.

DiscoverE Girl Day timeline

The First Women’s College

Wesleyan University is chartered as Georgia’s Female College on December 23, 1836.

The First Woman College Graduate

Catherine Elizabeth Brewer Benson becomes the first woman to receive her college degree.

The First Woman Receives an Engineering Degree

Elizabeth Bragg receives her bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

The Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

The initial celebration is held as volunteers come together to encourage young girls to join the profession.

DiscoverE Girl Day FAQs

What is the advantage of being around women engineers?

Women engineers support one another in the workforce and reinforce a feeling of belonging.

What type of engineering is popular among women?

Electrical engineering is one of the most preferred engineering types among girl students.

How can female engineers benefit their teams?

Diversity of thought and approach are the greatest benefits of having women engineers on a team.

DiscoverE Girl Day Activities

  1. Talk to a child about engineering

    Sometimes only one talk or interaction can change the course of a child’s life. Talking about the possibilities and opportunities that come with engineering is a good way to encourage professionalism.

  2. Be a mentor

    If you are a woman and an engineer, you can be a relatable mentor for young girls. This is your opportunity to encourage aspiring engineers at school.

  3. Meet students online or in-person

    In a brief 45-minute-long session, you can tell students about how your work makes a difference, lead a hands-on engineering activity, and answer all their questions! This session can be either online or in-person.

5 Main Types Of Engineering

  1. Civil engineering

    It focuses on constructing, designing, and maintaining physical structures used by the public.

  2. Chemical engineering

    This type of engineering involves the study of the operation and design of chemical plants and methods of improving production.

  3. Mechanical engineering

    Mechanical engineering is about the development and production of mechanical systems and other devices in motion.

  4. Electrical engineering

    Electrical engineering is the study of engineering focused on electronics and electrical equipment.

  5. Industrial engineering

    Industrial engineering merges engineering with general business practices to decrease costs, enhance quality, and increase efficiency.

Why We Love DiscoverE Girl Day

  1. This day celebrates women’s potential

    It is important to remember that women can do and achieve whatever they want. Engineering is not exclusively designed to be studied and practiced by men.

  2. This day creates opportunities to inspire

    Many students who are about to finish high school do not know what to study in college. Therefore, they can find inspiration in other professionals’ experiences.

  3. It offers an opportunity for interesting interactions

    Join your friends to visit an engineer at work or on a college campus. Perhaps you could get a tour, learn about different projects, meet female engineers, or even share a meal with an engineer.

DiscoverE Girl Day dates

2025February 24Monday
2026February 24Tuesday
2027February 24Wednesday
2028February 24Thursday
2029February 24Saturday

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