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SunJan 19

World Quark Day – January 19, 2025

World Quark Day is on January 19, a special day set aside to celebrate the delicious cheese known as quark – sometimes spelled ‘quarg.’ It’s mild, creamy, and much better for your health than regular cheese, so what’s not to like? Quark is an incredibly versatile food and ingredient that you can throw into sweet and savory recipes in place of cheese. It goes well with just about everything and is perfectly delicious eaten on its own too.

History of World Quark Day

Quark, or quarg, translates to ‘curd cheese.’ Depending on what part of Europe you’re in, it may not even be considered cheese at all. No matter what it’s called, quark is a mild, creamy, and delicious cheese-like food. The flavor and texture are very similar to the Fromage blanc from France, or the paneer from India. But unlike similar South Asian cheeses that use yogurt, quark is made out of soured milk and fermented.

While some preparations of quark can have fat content up to 40%, for the most part, quark has a very low-fat percentage of around 10%. This low-fat content makes it an incredibly healthy replacement for regular American cheese spread. Protein makes up the rest of the quark, a fantastic source of protein for vegetarians. It has about 3.5% protein per mass, which is double the amount of protein in Greek yogurt.

The Queen of Quark is a German woman whose name is unknown. She lives in Bavaria and is a quark enthusiast. A huge fan of healthy eating and good diets, the Queen of Quark decided to celebrate World Quark Day so more people could get to know about this European superfood. She has written a cookbook with many recipes and teamed up with a New York farm to celebrate and share her love of quark with America. 

Quark can be made at home by heating some buttermilk, or a mixture of buttermilk and milk, to 200 degrees in a slow cooker and leaving it for a couple of hours. Then you switch off the gas and leave the milk to ferment overnight. Next, sieve the curds through cheesecloth and let it hang for a couple of hours, and you’ll have your fresh quark!

World Quark Day timeline

98 A.D.
Curd Cheese is First Mentioned

Tacitus, a Roman historian, makes note of a curd cheese like quark in his book "Germania."

The 1300s
The Word is Used

'Quark' is derived from a West Slavic word meaning 'curd cheese.'

The 1800s
Quark in European Homes

All quark is homemade, with no industrial production existing.

World Quark Day

The Queen of Quark decides that a day is needed to spread information about quark to the world.

World Quark Day FAQs

Can you make quark at home?

Quark is really easy to make at home, and earlier, people only made it at home. Industrial production of quark only started after the 1900s.

Is quark the same as Greek yogurt?

It is not the same as greek yogurt; it is also not cottage cheese. Although these are the two main foods people compare quark with, it is a creamy German-style cheese product with a similar consistency but less acidic taste than greek yogurt.

Is quark anti-inflammatory?

Yes, it is. Containing phosphoric acid, quark can work against inflammation.

World Quark Day Activities

  1. Make some quark

    Quark is delicious and really easy to make at home. Use your favorite recipe and whip up a batch of fresh quark!

  2. Eat quark all day long

    Quark can be put into just about anything. What better way to celebrate quark than by eating it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the snacks in-between?

  3. Support quark manufacturers

    Reach out to grocery stores or farmers who sell quark. Buy a few tubs from them to show your support of their work (and your support of delicious quark!)

5 Facts About Quark That You Won’t Believe

  1. A winner with the lactose-intolerant

    Quark is lactose-free, meaning it doesn't contain the sugar found in other dairy products.

  2. Yes to vegetarian, no to vegan

    Quark is obtained from dairy cows, so it is not vegan.

  3. It's very popular in Russia

    Quark is bought regularly in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus because it’s considered good for the health of babies.

  4. It is rare in America

    Only a few dairies in Vermont, Illinois, and California, make quark in the country.

  5. It packs the nutrients

    Apart from being sugar-free, low-carb, and high in protein, quark is also high in calcium which is good for the teeth, bones, and hair, Vitamin A for great eyesight, and Vitamin Bs.

Why We Love World Quark Day

  1. So more people can eat quark

    Quark is tasty, versatile, and extremely healthy, but a lot of people don’t know about it. We want to share the joy and health benefits around.

  2. Quark is a great cheese substitute

    With its mild flavor and spreadable consistency, it is the best cheese substitute we know. It gives all the creamy goodness with none of the weight gain.

  3. It’s great for the gut

    Lots of people have trouble with digestion these days. The probiotics in quark are great for resetting the digestive system and getting it to work better.

World Quark Day dates

2025January 19Sunday
2026January 19Monday
2027January 19Tuesday
2028January 19Wednesday
2029January 19Friday

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