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TueMay 14

National Decency Day – May 14, 2024

This National Decency Day on May 14, make it a point to spread the message of how a decent human being can lead to the overall progress of a society. Here’s all you need to know about the special day!

History of National Decency Day

National Decency Day was created by a New York-based graphic designer Lisa Cholnoky in 2017 after she witnessed a heated political debate amongst relatives. Seeing how aggressive people get when speaking of anything concerning their beliefs, Lisa came up with the idea of promoting ‘decency’ during any kind of discourse that takes place between people. To spread the idea, Lisa designed a ‘DECENCY’ button and endorsed the message by wearing it every day. The three points that the designer spoke of included: Active Listening, Better Understanding, and Compassion. The minute the idea was launched, people jumped on the bandwagon and began supporting the cause. Today, every May 14, the mission of spreading decency is celebrated to bring back the public dignity all Americans deserve.

Furthermore, to drive attention to the cause of decency, Lisa mailed 536 ‘DECENCY’ buttons to the U.S. Congress in July 2017. This move led to the recognition of the movement amongst politicians who further encouraged people to conduct discussions and debates in accordance with the rules of decency. This, furthermore, made numerous schools and towns realize how essential spreading awareness regarding decency is. In fact, educational institutes in around 25 States have enlisted themselves in their community’s own ‘Day of Decency’ so students and family members are all involved with the cause by introducing projects and discussions.

According to Lisa Cholnoky, our children desperately need role models. “If we can all be civil with one another, we are setting the right example,” she stated.

National Decency Day timeline

From the Beach to Jail

Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman is arrested for public indecency after wearing a one-piece swimsuit at a beach in Boston.

Censorship Tales

The National Legion of Decency is formed to ensure that motion pictures don’t create content objectionable to the American Catholic Church.

A Case of Obscenity

The U.S. Supreme Court limits free speech in high schools after a student’s speech contains sexual innuendos.

Congress Takes Over

The Communications Decency Act is enacted to control children’s access to pornography on the internet.

National Decency Day FAQs

What does it mean to have decency?

Decency is following a specific decorum that requires conforming to certain standards of civility.

How do you show decency?

Decency can be shown by respecting others, being empathic, and listening without judgment.

What is another word for decency?

Other words for ‘decency’ include ‘civility,’ ‘politeness,’ ‘etiquette,’ and ‘dignity.’

How to Observe National Decency Day

  1. Don ‘DECENCY’ buttons

    Order some ‘DECENCY’ buttons and distribute them among family members. Wear the buttons with pride and help to further spread the message of decency.

  2. Teach people how to have a civil argument

    Research and host a webinar or write an article or blog that discusses tips on how people can conduct debates while staying within the prescribed limits of human decency.

  3. Make and distribute ‘DECENCY’ accessories

    Get artistic and create ‘DECENCY’ accessories of your own! You can even put up a small stall in your driveway and sell or give away your creative merchandise to your neighbors.

5 Interesting Facts About Decency

  1. The origins

    The word ‘decent’ comes from the French word ‘décent’ and the Latin word ‘decentem.’

  2. Varying types of “decency”

    Women who don’t wear a veil are considered “indecent” in many countries.

  3. Aristotle on decency

    In “Nicomachean Ethics,” Aristotle insisted that a decent man is virtuous and just.

  4. The Decency Quotient

    DQ is the new EQ and is considered a required characteristic to be a leader in the workplace.

  5. Decency is spiritual

    All religious books talk about maintaining human decency.

Why We Love National Decency Day

  1. It promotes peace

    The concept of being decent human beings and staying within the boundaries of civility leads to a decrease in aggressive arguments and, in effect, promotes peace.

  2. It can improve society

    Since the day aims to promote the concept of decency, which many have forgotten about, it creates hope for a future where members of society will follow a certain decorum in their interactions with one another.

  3. The day promotes healthy discourse

    The day also encourages people to have debates where the motive is to understand each other and not to argue.

National Decency Day dates

2024May 14Tuesday
2025May 14Wednesday
2026May 14Thursday
2027May 14Friday
2028May 14Sunday

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