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Online Romance Day – May 14, 2024

Online Romance Day is celebrated on May 14 every year. Its objective is to celebrate the practice of falling in love and expressing love online. With the advent of the internet, people can now meet other individuals across the globe more easily than ever before, and similar to any social space, people are bound to fall in love. With the invention of social media platforms, instant messaging, and online dating platforms, love is just a click away for most anyone, and tales of online meet-cutes abound!

History of Online Romance Day

The concept of dating has evolved an incredible amount over time. Initially, ‘dating’ meant a brief, often chaperoned, courtship that ended in marriage arrangements. As time went on and we shrugged off antiquated, rigid courtship practices, dating became a way to bond and spend time with people you were romantically attracted to. In the past few decades, the advent of the internet has rapidly changed the media through which people get to know each other. From the earlier forms of chat rooms and mailing lists to modern dating sites like Bumble, Tinder, and okCupid, online dating is fast becoming part of the mainstream.

The origin of what we now call ‘online dating’ is far more analog than one might assume. The roots of the practice can be found in personal ads in newspapers and works of art carved into tree barks. Technological advancements, though, took the human quest for love into the digital space. The 1965 Operation Match became the world’s first dating service, allowing people to fill out questionnaires and receive a list of potential matches, was founded in 1995. By 2007, online dating was the second most popular online paid service.

By the 2010s, online dating forums, sites, and apps were present across the globe — available to people of all genders, sexualities, locales, and communities. Today, online dating is a well-established part of the mainstream, arguably encroaching on the space earlier occupied by offline dating.

Online Romance Day timeline

Operation Match

Operation Match becomes the world’s first online dating service.

1995 is founded.


Online dating becomes the second-most popular online service.


The dating application, Tinder, is founded.

Online Romance Day FAQs

Is internet dating a good idea?

It can be when done safely and with caution.

What percent of online daters get married?

39% of online daters report having found a committed relationship through online dating.

Can you have a crush on someone you met online?

Yes, absolutely.

Online Romance Day Activities

  1. Sign up to a dating platform

    Looking for a romantic partner? Consider creating an online dating profile.

  2. Send your loved ones an online card

    Celebrate virtual love. Send a virtual card to a significant other or another loved one.

  3. Plan a virtual date

    If you already have a romantic partner, celebrate Online Romance Day by planning a virtual date. It’s something unique.

5 Fun Facts About Dating

  1. Speed dating

    Speed dating was invented in 1999 by a rabbi in Los Angeles.

  2. National Singles Week

    In the U.S., the third week in September is National Singles Week.

  3. Workplace dating

    About 40% of workplace dating relationships result in marriage.

  4. Split-second decision

    As per research, most people make a decision regarding another person’s attraction within three seconds of meeting.

  5. Italian food

    Italian food is one of the most popular restaurants for the first date.

Why We Love Online Romance Day

  1. It celebrates love

    The point of Online Romance Day is to celebrate love. We love anything that does!

  2. It highlights how much the internet has changed dating

    The internet has transformed the way people meet and interact. Online Romance Day highlights this fact.

  3. It reminds us we’re all looking for love

    Online Romance Day also highlights that, regardless of medium, humans remain the same. Whether it be through the digital space or tree carvings, we are all looking for love.

Online Romance Day dates

2024May 14Tuesday
2025May 14Wednesday
2026May 14Thursday
2027May 14Friday
2028May 14Sunday

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