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WedMay 14

Bond With Your Dog Day – May 14, 2025

Bond With Your Dog Day is celebrated every year on May 14. On this day, pet parents and their beloved dogs spend some extra quality time together. Every dog owner can vouch for how affectionate and loyal their dogs are and in almost every case, they are right. However, on Bond With Your Dog Day, it’s time to show your beloved friend how much you love and care for them. The day is celebrated with a host of activities and finding new ways to connect with your dogs. Happy Bond With Your Dog Day to you and your dogs!

History of Bond With Your Dog Day

Certified dog trainer and mind coach Tina Elven created the first Bond With Your Dog Day on May 14, 2021, in hopes of dedicating a day to strengthening relationships between dog owners and their companions coupled with improving mental health. To appreciate the benefits of dog ownership, it would be interesting to look into the development of human-canine relationships. Have you ever wondered how the dog sitting next to you ever came to be domesticated? Dogs are thought to have evolved from wolves that ventured into human camps, in all probability while searching for food. As they were tamed, they might have companionship with humans as hunting mates or guards. D.N.A. results suggest all dogs derive from a single extinct wolf population or less likely, a few very closely related ones. The D.N.A. of later dogs does not correspond with any other domesticated species.

However, research suggests it is unclear when or where the first dogs were domesticated. Dog history has been so dynamic that it’s impossible to study their D.N.A. for this particular piece of information. Perhaps this is exactly why the story of humans befriending dogs is so fascinating! There is an analysis that reveals that dog domestication can be traced back to over 20,000 years ago.

This is a confirmation that dogs were domesticated before any other species. To some extent, dog genetic patterns mirror human ones because people took their dogs with them when they moved. Early European dogs were initially diverse, originating from Near Eastern dogs and Siberian dogs. Our canine companions were found widespread across the northern hemisphere at this time. Dogs were already known in five different types some 11,000 years ago. Despite the expansion of European dogs due to colonialism, you can still find these ancient indigenous breeds surviving today in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Needless to say, you and your dog go way back in time.

Bond With Your Dog Day timeline

20,000 Years Ago
Dogs are Domesticated

Research suggests that dogs are domesticated around this time.

300 A.D.
The World’s First Veterinary Hospital

The First Veterinary Hospital is established by Emperor Ashoka in India.

The World’s First Veterinary School

Claude Bourgelat establishes the first veterinary school in Lyons, France.

Pedigree Petfoods Opens

One of the biggest pet food brands in the world begins its operations.

Bond With Your Dog Day FAQs

Which is the most popular dog breed?

The Labrador Retriever is the world’s most popular dog. One of the many reasons for the Labrador’s popularity is due to the big variety of the breed.

Why do dogs lick you?

Studies have shown that licking releases endorphins in a dog’s brain. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that make dogs feel calmer and more relaxed. Dogs lick people for a variety of reasons, including affection, communication, and attention.

Do dogs like kisses?

Dogs generally don’t like to be kissed. However, some dogs might have been trained to accept as well as enjoy being kissed.

Bond With Your Dog Day Activities

  1. Book a spa appointment

    Celebrate Bond With Your Dog Day by booking a spa appointment for your beloved dog. Gift them a pamper session at the spa with a manicure, a trim, and a lot of treats and cuddles.

  2. Take them outdoors

    Every dog loves to spend time outdoors. Why not celebrate Bond With Your Dog Day by taking your dogs to their favorite park? Play games, run together, and relax with your favorite foods after a tiring day.

  3. Spend the day with your dogs

    It is very easy to express your love for your dogs. On Bond With Your Dog Day, spend the entire day with your dogs. Cuddle them, take them outdoors, and play with them. This is all that it takes to make them happy.

5 Interesting Facts About Dogs

  1. Dogs don’t sweat like we do

    Dogs produce a pheromone-laden oily substance instead of sweat.

  2. A dog could be left or right-pawed

    You can find out whether your dog is left or right-pawed by giving them a toy and seeing which paw they use to help them first.

  3. Why dogs move their ears so much

    Dogs have 18 muscles controlling their ears.

  4. They’re as intelligent as a two-year-old

    They can understand up to 100 hundred words.

  5. Some dogs can sniff out medical problems

    Medical detection dogs can be trained to sniff out medical conditions.

Why We Love Bond With Your Dog Day

  1. Dogs are a man’s best friend

    We all love our best friends but there’s perhaps no one as loyal and loving as our dogs. They comfort us on our sad days and are always ready to brighten up our days with their selfless love and funny antics. Bond With Your Dog Day is the day to cherish their existence in our lives.

  2. It’s a day dedicated to spending with your dog

    There’s finally a day that encourages you to spend all your time with your dogs! Celebrations such as Bond With Your Dog Day urge us to reconnect with our dogs and celebrate our friendship with them.

  3. It improves mental health

    During difficult days, dogs not only come to the rescue with their cuddles but also motivate us to be more active and out in the sun

Bond With Your Dog Day dates

2025May 14Wednesday
2026May 14Thursday
2027May 14Friday
2028May 14Sunday
2029May 14Monday

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