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Do Dah Day – May 14, 2024

Do Dah Day, on May 14 every year, is an annual pet parade, music festival, and fund-raiser held at selected locations in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. The festival is usually an opportunity for people from different communities to socialize and engage one another in a fun atmosphere sharing the love of pets, music, and good old Southern culture. The first Do Dah Day was conceived at a meeting of friends at Dugan’s to fill a need for a Spring festival.

History of Do Dah Day

The idea for the first Do Dah Day was conceived by a group of friends, and it stemmed from a need to organize a Spring festival. The first Do Dah parade took place in 1979 and it had about 35 participants which included Ed Boutwell and John McGibboney. The proceeds of the parade were given to the Birmingham Zoo’s Monkey Island.

In 1980, John McGibboney became president of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, and made it the main beneficiary of the proceeds from Do Dah Day, along with other pet welfare organizations. In 1987, Jessica Hahn was invited to serve as the parade’s grand marshall, earning a great deal of media attention in the process. Over the years, the Do Dah Day Festival has become better organized and now operates within legal boundaries. Morris Day and the Time once appeared as a performer at a Do Dah Day festival.

Until now, the one-day parade and festival have been entirely organized by volunteers. Animal rescue, welfare organizations, public figures, political candidates, and other organizations frequently use the event’s platform to reach out and disseminate information. A 32-member Board of Directors, led over by Audrey McClinton, who succeeded Richard Thornton, presents the Do Dah Day.

Do Dah Day timeline

First Do Dah Day Parade

The first Do Dah Day Parade takes place with 35 participants.

Do Dah Day Becomes Legalized

Do Dah Day comes under new leadership which sees the festival expanded and legalized.

Do Dah Day 20th Anniversary

The Do Dah Day festival marks its 20th anniversary.

Do Dah Day 30th Anniversary

The Do Dah Day Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary with an attendance of over 20, 000 people.

Do Dah Day FAQs

Is Do Dah Day Pet themed?

Yes, it is. The whole idea of Do Dah Day is for pet owners to come out with their pets and have a good time, and non-pet owners can donate to an animal shelter or adopt a pet.

Is it an international holiday?

Do Dah Day is mainly an American holiday, and while there might be other variations of holidays celebrating animal lovers across the world, this particular holiday is all-American

Why are pets beneficial to mental health?

Pets provide the kind of unconditional love that can aid in the development of social skills and confidence. If their owner is feeling overwhelmed, they can bring a sense of peace and reassurance.

Do Dah Day Activities

  1. Attend the parade

    An excellent way to celebrate Do Dah Day is to attend the parade with your pet. It would truly be a wonderful experience.

  2. Donate to an animal welfare organization

    You can donate to animal welfare and pet rescue organizations such as the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. This offers pet adoption services.

  3. Post on social media too!

    Whatever activity you engage in for Do Dah Day, don’t forget to post on your social media with the #DoDahDay hashtag. Let’s spread awareness about this important day!

5 Fascinating Facts About Pets

  1. Dogs can sense time

    While they cannot exactly tell the time by looking at a timepiece, dogs are biologically wired to be able to sense the time of day it is.

  2. Dogs have unique nose prints

    Pretty much the same way we humans have individual fingerprints — differentiating us from other individuals — dogs have unique nose prints which are peculiar to each dog.

  3. Guinea pigs are native to South America

    Well, we know their name suggests that they are from Guinea, but the fact of the issue is that they are not — guinea pigs are native to South America, and not Guinea.

  4. Goldfish can live up to 30 years

    The average goldfish has a life expectancy of 41 years, but when left alone in ponds, they can survive up to 30 years.

  5. Shelter animal adoption rate

    Studies say that about 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted by Americans each year.

Why We Love Do Dah Day

  1. Pets are useful for companionship

    Need we elaborate more on this? We're quite certain we don't, but we'll do it anyhow. Anyone who owns a pet can attest to the fact that they make excellent friends — especially if your pet is a dog.

  2. Having pets is healthy

    This has been proved, because let’s face it, having a pet sort of gives you something to always look forward to on your way home. It gives people a sense of fulfillment and joy both of which are very healthy.

  3. Pets are cute

    We can all agree on the fact that no matter what animal it is — dogs, cats, hamsters, whichever one of the many pet options out there — they are adorable. Let’s celebrate them on this day!

Do Dah Day dates

2024May 14Tuesday
2025May 14Wednesday
2026May 14Thursday
2027May 14Friday
2028May 14Sunday

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