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Om Day – May 14, 2024

Om Day is celebrated on May 14 every year. It is a day to celebrate the rare, special, and increasingly popular name. Om means ‘Creation’ and is not in high usage in the United States but is becoming increasingly popular. Om stems from Buddhism, as it is a sacred syllable used by people who practice Buddhism when meditating. It is one of the shortest names in the world and is relatively easy to pronounce. With how short it is, there isn’t a shorter form so anyone that bears the name most likely doesn’t have a nickname that stems from the name ‘Om.’

History of Om Day

Om is one of the rarest names you’ll find in the United States of America. The name is ranked number 53,771 in the most popular family name category in America, with an estimated population of 497. That’s even less than 500 from the over 392 million people living in America! The name is mostly used as a boy’s name and is used as a first name 69% of the time. While the name isn’t a popular one, it surely is pleasing to the ears and would no doubt attract people’s attention in time and would gradually be used to name babies.

In every 100,000 Americans, there are 0.16 people named Om according to the Social Security Administration, working with 100 years of data on baby names. This is a relatively low percentage as you’re most likely not to even find one person named Om in a population of 100,000 Americans.

The distribution of the name with the different races in America is: 51.8% of people named Om are White, 21% are of Hispanic origin, 12.9% are Black, 10.7% Asian or Pacific Islander, 2.7% Mixed races, and 0.4% American Indian or Alaskan Native. California is the state with the most people named Om — with about an estimated population of 109 people named Om living there. Alaska, however, is the state where you are most likely to meet someone named Om as about 2.16 in every 100,000 Alaskans have the name.

Om Day timeline

Om Parkash Soni is Born

Indian Politician, Om Parkash Soni is born.

Om Birla is Born

Om Birla, the speaker of the Indian Parliament, Lok Sabha is born.

Om Raut is Born

Indian Film Director, Om Raut is born

Om Yun-chol is Born

North Korean weightlifter, Om Yun-chol is born.

Om Day FAQs

What religion does ‘Om’ from?

Om originates from Hinduism.

How many sounds does ‘Om’ have?

It has three sounds — the ‘a’ sound, ‘u’ sound, and ‘m’ sound.

What part of the body does the word ‘Om’ affect?

Chanting the word ‘Om’ can do wonders for the nervous system.

Om Day Activities

  1. Read more about the name

    To celebrate the day, read more about the origin of the name. It is still in low usage but with more education on the name, it’ll gradually drive adoption of it.

  2. Wish all the Oms well

    There are just a few things as special as receiving blessings from someone you don’t even know. Wish everyone named Om well on this day.

  3. Spread awareness

    Celebrate the name by spreading awareness of the day. It helps more people join in on the celebration, and know more about the existence of the name ‘Om.’

5 Facts About The Word ‘Om’

  1. Om is the vibration of creation

    In the Upanishads (Hindu sacred texts), it is shown that “In the beginning, there was the word and the word was Om.”

  2. Om is music for the soul

    It is not a word but an intonation that surpasses any limits of race, culture, and age.

  3. Chanting Om reduces stress

    Chanting the word ‘Om’ reduces stress according to a study published in the International Journal of Yoga.

  4. Om can balance your emotions

    Chanting Om can help you balance your emotions if you’re ever feeling down.

  5. Om can strengthen your spinal cord

    When pronouncing ‘Om,’ the vibration is generated in the abdomen, which can help support your spinal cord.

Why We Love Om Day

  1. It brings more awareness to the name

    More awareness is generated about the name on National Om Day. The more awareness it gets, the more people will use the name.

  2. It celebrates people

    National Om Day celebrates people named Om. These few people will feel special as they are celebrated on that day.

  3. It educates people on the meaning of the name

    People get to know more about the name ‘Om’ on this day. More education by even those who already bear the name is important.

Om Day dates

2024May 14Tuesday
2025May 14Wednesday
2026May 14Thursday
2027May 14Friday
2028May 14Sunday

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