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FriJul 12

National Motorcycle Day – July 12, 2024

National Motorcycle Day is celebrated on the second Friday of July every year. This year, it falls on July 12. We are getting ready to hit the road to experience the ultimate pleasure of a long ride. Motorcycles are what make the ride an experience. The wind on your face as you hit the high speeds cannot be experienced inside the comfort of a car. Motorcycles are made for those who need more from a ride. It is also much more affordable and low-maintenance. So let’s ride and enjoy this day dedicated to motorcycles. And remember, ride responsibly!

History of National Motorcycle Day

The wind lashing your face, the view on both sides of the road, the roar of the engine as we hit the throttle; a motorcycle ride is not for everyone. A ride is an ethereal feeling, a lifestyle, and an adventure. Every ride is a new experience that can teach us something new. But the ride can also be dangerous if done irresponsibly. It can cause accidents and sometimes even the loss of life. National Motorcycle Day promotes healthier and more responsible riding even as we appreciate the simplicity and fun of riding a motorcycle.

Gottlieb Daimler is credited with the creation of the first motorcycle. He named his creation ‘The Daimler Reitwagen.’ It was his son, Paul, who rode it first. For his invention, Gottlieb was given the moniker “the father of the motorcycle.” The first motorcycle ran on a single-cylinder Otto-cycle four-stroke engine mounted. The engine was mounted on rubber blocks on a wooden bicycle frame without any pedals.

Edward Butler created the first commercial motorcycle with a three-wheel design with a horizontal single-cylinder gasoline engine. Its engine was mounted between two steerable front wheels. Power transmission was achieved by a drive chain to the rear wheel. Today, the shape, size, and other features of motorcycles are unrecognizable from those of their ancestors. But it is a powerful machine that makes road trips fun, adventurous, and memorable.

National Motorcycle Day timeline

The Daimler Reitwagen

Gottlieb Daimler invents the first motorcycle.

The Creation of the First Commercial Motorcycle

Edward Butler creates the first commercial model of a motorcycle and the invention is well received.

The First Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races

The Isle of Man hosts the first Tourist Trophy motorcycle races.

The First National Motorcycle Day

Dairyland Insurance sponsors the first National Motorcycle Day.

National Motorcycle Day FAQs

How fast did the first motorcycle go?

The first motorcycle could go at about 6.84 mph.

Why do people ride motorcycles?

People love riding motorcycles because it is fun and exciting. It gives us freedom and helps us connect with our surroundings. It can also help us experience nature as we travel.

What came first car or motorcycle?

The first car was patented long before the first motorcycle, so the car came first.

National Motorcycle Day Activities

  1. Customize your ride

    The best part about a motorcycle is that we can customize it according to our requirements. You can modify the bike based on your riding style and the routes that you have to take.

  2. Plan a solo trip

    Everyone has a dream destination that they always desire to reach but can never attain. This year, make sure you are going to tame that dream by riding to that one place you've always wanted to ride to.

  3. Join a riding group

    Everything is 100 times more fun if you are with like-minded friends. Join your friends for a one-week motorbike ride and explore the wilderness.

5 Facts About Motorcycles That You Should Know

  1. Motorcycles are not few in number

    There are more than eight million motorcycles in the U.S.

  2. The first motorcycle had a name

    The first motorcycle was called the Reitwagen.

  3. Not a motorcycle prototype

    The first motorcycle was designed just to be a testing frame for a new engine.

  4. Tomato soup can

    The first Harley Davidson motorcycle used a tomato soup can as a carburetor.

  5. Longest motorcycle jump

    Robbie Maddison sets the record for the longest motorcycle jump.

Why We Love National Motorcycle Day

  1. Riding is fun

    Motorcycle rides are fun. They can give a perspective unmatched by other modes of travel. The cold wind hitting us from upfront is a feeling that cannot be missed.

  2. Motorcycles are affordable

    Motorcycles are cheaper compared to cars. They have a lesser number of complex mechanical parts and lower maintenance costs. They are easy to keep safe and do not require as much parking space as other vehicles.

  3. Lower fuel consumption

    Motorcycles have higher mileage compared with other transport systems. But the engine power can almost match that of much larger and heavier vehicles, making the motorcycles one of the best.

National Motorcycle Day dates

2022July 8Friday
2023July 14Friday
2024July 12Friday
2025July 11Friday
2026July 10Friday

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