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ThuJul 11

National State Fair Food Day – July 11, 2024

This year, Food Service Direct will be celebrating the first-ever National State Fair Food Day on July 11. There is much to love about state fairs — the rides, competitions, stalls, and the best part, food! While nothing beats attending a state fair, sometimes we just want to enjoy all the great food without waiting in lines with crowds of people. Instead, you can order state fair food from Food Service Direct, prepare simple recipes, and enjoy fried and delicious food straight out of the oven.

Check out the State Fair Food section at Food Service Direct and bring the fairgrounds to your backyard this summer with easy-to-follow recipes of classic state fair foods. Whatever your food needs are, wherever you are, Food Service Direct has you covered — build your unique menu today.

History of National State Fair Food Day

State fairs are a summer staple. Taking place once a year, people flock to the fairgrounds to enjoy the stalls, livestock, rides, and gifts. But let’s be honest, it’s all about the fried and delicious food, on sticks, and otherwise. The food is memorable and we look forward to enjoying it again all year long. Some of the best state foods include corn dogs, cotton candy, funnel cakes, deep-fried cookies, cheese on a stick, and chicken wings.

The first U.S. state fair was held in Syracuse, New York in 1841, and has been running successfully every year since. The second state fair was in Detroit, Michigan, which ran annually from 1849 to 2009.

Originally, state fairs were a display and celebration of the country’s agriculture; the produce, crops, and the growers who worked dedicatedly to cultivate a successful harvest. It highlighted the agricultural pride of each state, its local vendors, and regional foodways. As the structure of the country gradually shifted from agrarian to industrial, state fairs evolved to include music, amusement rides, games, and more industrial products.

But why wait for the state fair every year when you can enjoy the mouthwatering state fair food at home? Food Service Direct has you covered with everything you’ll need — from supplies to ingredients, for recreating foods-on-a-stick, cultural dishes, over-the-top desserts, and more. It’s the choice marketplace for local distributors and large manufacturers, offering a vast variety of food and related products for creating tasty meals.

National State Fair Food Day timeline

15,000 B.C.
The Beginning of the Hospitality Industry

The ancient Lascaux caves in France are used to provide accommodation for other tribes.

19th Century
The Beginning of State Fairs

State fairs are organized to display and promote state agriculture, livestock, and farm products.

20th Century
A Shift Occurs

As societies shift from agrarian to industrial, modern state fairs expand with the addition of amusement rides, exhibitions of industrial products, entertainment, and more.

July 11, 2022
The First Celebration

Initiated by Food Service Direct, the first-ever National State Fair Food Day is celebrated.

2022 State Fair Food Index

2022 State Fair Food Index Key Stats


Food Service Direct, the first food-focused online marketplace, executed a survey in July 2022 with 2,051 adults from all 50 U.S States. To discover how U.S. consumers love state fair food the most, what are their favorite state fair food items, and how it impacts their enjoyment and quality of life. 

*Fairgoer is somebody who has gone to a state fair at least twice.

State Fair Food Favorites

#1 Fries

75% of the fairgoers in Maine always get fries at the State Fair, followed by 70% of the fairgoers in Pennsylvania.

#2 Corn Dogs

50% of the fairgoers in Arkansas and Texas always get Corn Dogs at the State Fair, followed by 45% of the fairgoers in Idaho.

#3 Roast Corn

43% of the fairgoers in Florida always get Roast Corn at the State Fair, followed by 40% of the fairgoers in New Mexico and Wisconsin.


#1 Funnel Cake

83% of the fairgoers in Mississippi and Arkansas always get Funnel Cake at the State Fair, followed by 80% of fairgoers in Oklahoma.

#2 Cotton Candy

43% of the fairgoers in Vermont always get Cotton Candy at the State Fair, followed by 60% of the fairgoers in Mississippi.

#3 Snowcone

45% of the fairgoers in Mississippi always get Snow cones at the State Fair, followed by 40% of the fairgoers in Florida, Missouri, and South Carolina.


National State Fair Food Day FAQs

What is the most popular state fair food?

Some of the most popular state fair foods are deep-fried Oreos, fried chicken in a waffle cone, deep-fried Snickers bars, pizza cones, and cotton candy.

What is a state fair?

A state fair is an annual display of the best of a state’s local produce and products, as well as a recreational gathering for people in the U.S.

What is the most popular state fair?

The State Fair of Texas attracts a staggering 2.25 million visitors every year, making it the largest state fair in the country.

How To Celebrate National State Fair Food Day

  1. Order your favorite state fair foods

    Head over to Food Service Direct’s website. Browse and order from their large variety of state fair foods.

  2. Try new recipes

    Recreate state fair foods by following different recipes. You won’t miss out on anything!

  3. Host a state fair party

    Invite your friends and family to a backyard state fair gathering. Include your favorite state fair food on the menu, and include games and other activities.

5 State Fair Foods You Can Easily Make At Home

  1. Corn dogs

    Corn dogs on a stick can easily be made at home, and our pro-tip is to dunk the dogs in a tall jar full of batter for an even coating.

  2. No-fry fried ice cream

    Enjoy the great taste with a crispy cinnamon coating, minus the oily mess.

  3. Deep-fried cookies

    A true indulgence that is a hit with kids especially.

  4. Turkey legs

    The best marinade for turkey legs or any other state fair meat dish is available at Food Service Direct.

  5. State fair lemonade

    Sip on this thirst-quenching beverage, close your eyes, and imagine you’re at the state fair.

Why We Love National State Fair Food Day

  1. For the love of food

    We at National Today love food holidays best. And if it is a day that celebrates countless well-loved dishes? We just can’t contain our excitement.

  2. Bringing state fair food to your kitchen

    Why not enjoy great state fair food in the comfort of your home without having to stand in sweltering temperatures and long queues. We are all for it.

  3. Services making life easier

    Food Service Direct is dedicated to making the distribution of food easier for home cooks, chefs, food vendors, manufacturers, and event planners. With everything you could possibly need for creating culinary delights under one roof, what’s not to love?

National State Fair Food Day dates

2024July 11Thursday
2025July 11Friday
2026July 11Saturday
2027July 11Sunday
2028July 11Tuesday

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