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National Swimming Pool Day
ThuJul 11

National Swimming Pool Day – July 11, 2024

National Swimming Pool Day falls on July 11 each year and is not just a celebration of swimming pools but also of all the paraphernalia that accompanies pools, such as pool toys, accessories, and swimwear. Think back to your favorite pool memories, and make today worthy of adding to your memory bank. What makes the perfect pool day? Is it the chance to show off that summer bod, looking fabulous in the latest swimwear designs, or maybe the fact that you love the exercise that swimming provides? Or perhaps you love poolside barbeques and the very thought of it gets your mouth watering. Whatever the reason, we are sure glad that someone long ago thought of the concept of a swimming pool, which makes summer a lot more enjoyable (and the heat more bearable) altogether.

History of National Swimming Pool Day

While there is no clear intimation of when National Swimming Pool Day was first founded or observed, we can track the origin of the swimming pool itself. Some sources trace the first swimming pool-like structure all the way back to 3000 B.C. in Mohenjo-Daro (in modern-day Pakistan), where a 40 by 23-foot pool was discovered, lined with bricks and covered with a tar-like sealant. Years later, the Romans built artificial pools in which to conduct military exercises, nautical games, and athletic training. The Roman emperors would often have private pools with fish in them, hence one of the Latin words for ‘pool’ is ‘piscina,’ meaning ‘fish pond.’ A rich Roman lord and patron of the arts, Gaius Maecenas, is said to have built the first heated swimming pool in 100 B.C.

By the mid-1800s, swimming pools gained popularity in Britain, with the earliest indoor pools with diving boards being built in 1837. The Maidstone Swimming Club, founded in 1844 in Maidstone, Kent, is one of the oldest surviving swimming clubs in Britain. The idea behind its formation was to teach people to swim and therefore survive drowning — following a spate of drownings that happened in the rivers in the area. The oldest known swimming pool in the U.S. is called Underwood Pool, located in Belmont, Massachusetts. It was only after World War II that home swimming pools became popular in America, and Hollywood movie stars’ luxury homes with pools made this an all the more desirable symbol of status. Nowadays, the U.S. has more than 10.4 million home pools, though New Zealand holds the record for most swimming pools per capita. And here we thought they only had a lot of sheep!

National Swimming Pool Day timeline

3000 B.C.
First Swimming Pool is Invented

Mohenjo-Daro is the site where the oldest swimming pool is discovered.

100 B.C.
First Heated Pool is Built

Gaius Maecenas, a Roman lord, builds the first heated pool.

Maidstone Swimming Club is Formed

The Maidstone Swimming Club in Kent, England, is formed, the first of its kind.

Swimming Pools on the Ocean

The swimming pool goes out to sea on White Star Line’s ocean liner, Adriatic.

National Swimming Pool Day FAQs

When should I open my pool?

You should open your pool when the temperature is consistently above 70 degrees during the day. This helps prevent algae from growing, keeps pollen from collecting in the water, and doesn’t cost much more than opening later in the spring.

Can I be a competitive swimmer?

Joining a swim club or community swim team offers regular practice, supervised instruction, and opportunities to compete against other athletes. Olympic-level swimmers generally train five hours a day for three days a week and then two to three hours daily for the remaining four days each week.

What temperature can you swim in a pool?

According to the World Health Organization, water temperatures ranging from 78 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit are generally comfortable and safe for those engaging in moderate physical activity in a pool.

How to Celebrate National Swimming Pool Day

  1. Take a dip

    This one was obvious. What better way can there possibly be to celebrate National Swimming Pool Day than diving right into the cool waters of your nearest pool?

  2. Opt for a luxury pool experience

    If an ordinary pool day doesn’t quite cut it for you, there are many luxurious options for you to celebrate this holiday in style. How about a staycation at an exotic spa, paying a visit to hot springs, or looking up the most fabulous five-star hotel pools to pay a pretty penny to take a dip in (this will be great for your Instagram, too).

  3. Visit a water park

    A fun day out for the whole gang, visit a water park near you or plan a road trip to some of the more famous ones. There’s no doubt this will be an enjoyable excursion for everyone, young and old! Whether you seek thrills by zipping down water slides or prefer just lazing in a tube and gently drift around, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

5 Kinds Of Pools You’ll Want To Take A Dip In

  1. Infinity pools

    Giving the illusion that there’s no water’s edge, these pools are usually located near stunning views.

  2. Jacuzzis/hot tubs

    Small in size, these can be very relaxing and are often used for hydrotherapy too.

  3. Rockpools

    Also known as tide pools, there are natural pools by the sea that exist as pools during low tide.

  4. Grotto pools

    Often hidden and only accessible from the water, they also usually have a waterfall feature.

  5. Hot springs

    Produced by geothermally heated groundwater, these pools contain minerals and can be amazing for a soak.

Why We Love National Swimming Pool Day

  1. Swimming is universal

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that swimming is a favorite summertime activity all over the world, therefore, knowing that people all over are swimming, too, makes it all the more an enjoyable pastime.

  2. Many different types of pools

    The myriad forms that pools can take are exciting to learn about, and (hopefully) experience. There may be some pools you want to visit that are even on your bucket list.

  3. Pool days are fun

    Given the heat, we honestly cannot think of a better way to spend those lazy summer days than inside (or beside) the pool. Not only is it a foolproof way to stay cool, but it also helps with getting exercise in and is generally very enjoyable.

National Swimming Pool Day dates

2024July 11Thursday
2025July 11Friday
2026July 11Saturday
2027July 11Sunday
2028July 11Tuesday

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