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ThuJul 11

National 7-Eleven Day – July 11, 2024

National 7-Eleven Day has taken place annually on July 11 since 2002. On this day, 7-Eleven, a prominent convenience shop chain, gives out free Slurpees to customers. Slurpee® is an icy drink with a wonderful flavor combination. It’s a carbonated beverage that comes in a variety of flavors and is naturally frozen. It is a very popular summer treat among Americans.

History of National 7-Eleven Day

7-Eleven and its subsidiaries, A-Plus and Speedway, sell carbonated slushies under the brand name Slurpee®. Slurpees are thought to have been invented by chance in the late 1950s when a businessman named Omar Knedlik broke his soda fountain and stored his sodas in a freezer. Knedlik served the cool soda to his customers as soon as the sodas got frosty. It became a huge hit right away. This prompted him to develop the machine for carbonated beverages. That’s how the Slurpee® machine, as well as the drink, came into existence.

In 1965, 7-Eleven signed a licensing agreement with the Icee Company to sell its product under specified terms after a successful trial of Slurpee® machines at around 100 locations. At the entrance of a freezer, the Slurpee® machine has a separate nuzzle for each flavor. When Slurpees originally came out, the dispensing machine was behind the counter, and the product was dispensed by the clerk. Slurpee® flavors include Frozen Cherry, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and more. In 1966, 7-Eleven entered into a licensing agreement with the Icee Company to sell slushies at 7-Eleven locations.

Flavors such as Pink Fink, Adults Only, Moonshine, Sticky Icky, and Redeye were given novelty names in the early days. After Southland went bankrupt in 1990, 7-Eleven Japan, its parent company, purchased 70% of the company for $430 million and immediately began to implement improvements at the U.S. locations in 1991.

National 7-Eleven Day timeline

The Southland Ice Company

The convenience store where Slurpees are created is founded under the name Southland Ice Company.

7-Eleven is Born

The Southland company changes its name to 7-Eleven.

Late 1950s
The Origin of Slurpees

The Slurpee® is invented by chance by Omar Knedlik.

A Licensing Agreement

7-Eleven enters into a licensing agreement with the Icee Company to serve slushies at 7-Eleven locations.

National 7-Eleven Day FAQs

Icee or Slurpee®, which came first?

The Icee Company came first.

Is Coca-Cola the owner of Icee?

No. J&J Snack Foods, in fact, owns it.

What is the cost of a refill at 7-Eleven?

Refills are $0.99 each.

National 7-Eleven Day Activities

  1. Get yourself a Slurpee®

    It's not National 7-Eleven Day without a Slurpee®. Get a free Slurpee® by going to your neighborhood’s 7-Eleven. It costs you nothing to be indulgent this holiday season.

  2. Experiment with different flavors

    There's a limitless variety of Slurpee® flavors to choose from. Everyone can find a Slurpee® flavor they like. Replace your typical flavor with something unusual on this day to excite your taste buds.

  3. Make a Slurpee® at home

    Try to rediscover Slurpees. They were created by chance, after all. Make a homemade one and see what you can come up with. Treat yourself by going crazy with the flavors.

5 Interesting Facts About Slurpees

  1. The Slurpee® spoon straw

    7-Eleven created a spoon straw specifically for Slurpees to ensure that every last drop was consumed.

  2. Two original flavors

    When the Slurpee® first hit 7-Eleven stores, it came in two flavors: Coca-Cola and Cherry.

  3. The BRAINFREEZE trademark

    7-Eleven has trademarked the term ‘BRAINFREEZ.’

  4. Kosher certified

    Many Slurpee® flavors are kosher certified.

  5. 45th Anniversary special flavor release

    In 2011, 7-Eleven released an extremely unique double-flavored Slurpee® to commemorate the product's 45th anniversary.

Why We Love National 7-Eleven Day

  1. There are around 300 different kinds

    With all these Slurpees, you never get tired of it. This classic frosty treat comes in a variety of flavors, including Sour Watermelon, Black Cherry Pepsi, and Cherry, to mention a few.

  2. They're affordable

    You don't have to spend a lot of money on a Slurpee®. They range in price from 80 cents to $3, depending on the cup size, and they’re free on the National 7-Eleven Day.

  3. They're a traditional summertime treat

    Slurpees are the perfect summertime beverage. It is one of the most popular frozen drinks in the United States. Enjoy your tasty flavored Slurpees, but watch out for BRAINFREEZE.

National 7-Eleven Day dates

2024July 11Thursday
2025July 11Friday
2026July 11Saturday
2027July 11Sunday
2028July 11Tuesday

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