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Nutrition and Hydration Week – March 10-16, 2025

Since 2012, Nutrition and Hydration Week has been held every full third week in March. It takes place from March 10 to 16 this year. Nutrition and Hydration Week was shifted to June in 2021 because of the strains on health and social care services at the time. Its goal is to raise awareness about the important role food and drink play in preserving our well-being in the social and healthcare setting.

History of Nutrition and Hydration Week

The goal of Nutrition and Hydration Week is to connect with healthcare practitioners working in medical, catering, and care settings, and to use their knowledge to create a fantastic campaign that everyone can get behind.

Roughly three million individuals are facing the risk of malnutrition in the United Kingdom and many more internationally. The global community needs to explore chances to raise awareness about the dangers and encourage good practices that can help combat malnutrition and dehydration.

Preventing malnutrition and dehydration promotes health and well-being while also reducing pressure on health and social care systems in the treatment and assistance of persons who are malnourished or dehydrated. As the public health situation becomes more complex, and budgets become tighter, Nutrition and Hydration Week remains a viable means of health intervention.

Nutrition and Hydration Week strives to emphasize, advocate, and celebrate local, national, and global advancements in the management of nutrition and hydration. The commemoration began with an emphasis on improving nutrition and hydration in health and social care settings, but it has since evolved.

Nutrition and Hydration Week has attracted so many different groups and industries in recent years that everyone is now invited and encouraged to participate in prioritizing and endorsing nutrition and hydration during the week.

Nutrition and Hydration Week timeline

Late 1800s
The Chemical Revolution

The Chemical Revolution inspires new and established approaches to conducting chemical analysis using scientific and quantitative means.

‘Dietitian’ is Coined

The term ‘dietitian’ is coined in the United States.

1913 — 1948
Vitamins are Identified

The identification of vitamins ushers in a period of discovery of diseases caused by single-nutrient deficiencies.

Dietetics is Formalized

Dietetics is formally recognized as a profession in the U.S. when the American Dietetic Association is formed.

Nutrition and Hydration Week FAQs

How long will chronic dehydration last?

Reversal spans about one to two weeks, depending on the degree of dehydration. Drink water more in the mornings and early in the afternoon to avoid disrupting your sleep at night with frequent potty breaks.

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

Some signs that may indicate dehydration include a dry mouth and tongue, when sobbing, there are no tears, the eyes and cheeks are sunken, there’s a sunken spot at the top of the skull, and irritability or listlessness.

What are the advantages of proper hydration?

Supporting bodily functions of the heart, brain, and muscles requires sufficient hydration. Maintaining adequate hydration levels also reduces the chance of developing a potentially serious urinary tract infection.

How to Observe Nutrition and Hydration Week

  1. Adopt a healthy diet

    This observance is the ideal time to pay more attention to your health. Start a new diet this week and reap the benefits of taking good care of your body.

  2. Stay hydrated

    Many people will often take hydration for granted. The human body needs to be hydrated to properly perform its functions. Make sure you take lots of liquids to give your body the energy it needs.

  3. Form healthy habits

    Change that faulty chair in your office, cut out junk food, or hit the gym more often. Nutrition and Hydration Week is the best time to commit to your health.

5 Food Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The first sighting

    Chocolate existed in bar form as far back as 1910.

  2. Chinese origins

    Nectarines such as peaches came from China about 2,000 years ago.

  3. Fatal breakups

    Once they have been plucked, unripe raspberries cannot ripen.

  4. Eat your broccoli!

    Broccoli has more protein compared to steak.

  5. Body fuel

    Apples provide the body with more energy than you get from coffee.

Why Nutrition and Hydration Week is Important

  1. To create awareness

    This observance allows us to reemphasize the contribution of hydration and nutrition to overall well-being. What you eat is how you feel.

  2. Celebrating new developments

    Nutrition and Hydration Week aims to shed light on new developments concerning hydration and nutrition. New approaches are highlighted and promoted throughout the observance week.

  3. FIghting malnutrition and dehydration

    This commemoration plays a crucial role in the battle against malnutrition and dehydration. Events and other advocacy efforts help in improving overall well-being and reducing the workload on healthcare professionals who treat those struggling with dehydration and malnutrition.

Nutrition and Hydration Week dates

2022March 14Monday
2023March 13Monday
2024March 11Monday
2025March 10Monday
2026March 16Monday

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