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National Fragrance Week – March 17-23, 2025

National Fragrance Week is celebrated in March every year, and the Fragrance Foundation U.K. announces the date every year. This year, it takes place from March 17 to 23. It’s a special day to celebrate fragrance and allows the fragrance industry to promote the use of fragrances worldwide. Did you know that only a small portion of the fragrance is actually fragrance? Yes, usually less than 2% of the fragrance is actually fragrance, and even that small amount contains many tiny ingredient molecules that must be expertly combined. Let’s learn all about the history, significance, and facts of National Fragrance Week.

History of National Fragrance Week

Everybody loves smelling amazing, and fragrance helps us achieve that in a great way. In fact, it has become embedded in our daily rituals. The fragrance is a product of the combined effort of human skill and nature’s beauty. Fragrances have always played a major role throughout history, from when ancient humans used certain scents to protect themselves from predators to the modern royals and the multi-billion-dollar business empires now. With one simple whiff, a particular fragrance can transport you back in time to your favorite memory or a certain time when you experienced that fragrance for the first time.

National Fragrance Week is a unique and recent celebration founded by the Fragrance Foundation in 2016. The Fragrance Foundation is the fragrance industry’s very own organization that sets the standards of work with perfume brands and retailers. It also organizes the famous Jasmine Awards annually to recognize journalistic brilliance in perfumery. This week-long celebration designed by the Fragrance Foundation aims to bring the magic back to the fragrance industry, which is already filled with history, artistry, and passion.

During the National Fragrance Week celebrations, there will be a host of events and promotions worldwide and digital activities to promote fragrance in all its forms and glory. You cannot deny that nothing can grab your attention like a head-turning fragrance. So, during this National Fragrance Week, let’s celebrate your love of all things fragrant!

National Fragrance Week timeline

1200 B.C.
The Invention of Perfumes

Tapputi, a female chemist, makes the first perfume known to humankind.

The Use of Colognes

People start to use cologne for grooming purposes.

The First American Fragrance Company

Dr. Hunter’s Dispensary, the first American fragrance company, opens in Newport.

The Use of Cologne Aftershave

A French barber named Jean-Jacques Perret finds that using cologne after a shave improves skin.

National Fragrance Week FAQs

Does the date for National Fragrance Week change every year?

Yes, the date for National Fragrance Week varies each year. The date is set by the Fragrance Foundation, U.K., and it will announce the date for celebration at the start of the year.

How does scent work?

In simple terms, your nose has scent receptors that cause a unique electrical signal. Your brain identifies this unique signal as scent. This way, you can remember all the unique scents.

What makes a good fragrance?

A great fragrance requires many different materials because it must have many layers (top notes, middle notes, and base notes) of scent that will give it depth and character.

National Fragrance Week Activities

  1. Spread the joy

    The best thing you can do to celebrate National Fragrance Week is to share your favorite perfumes with your friends. Of course, the fragrance is a personal preference, but sharing never hurts!

  2. Create a fragrance

    Are you looking for something interesting to do during the week? Create your own unique fragrance by blending different essential oils and flaunting it! Or, you can order a fragrance-making kit online.

  3. Organize a fragrance party

    You can organize a fragrance party with your friends, family, and co-workers. You can request that they bring their own bottle, a new bottle, or samples of fragrance, and make it a party!

5 Enchanting Facts About Fragrances That’ll Surprise You

  1. You need a lot of ingredients

    A typical oil-based fragrance could have as many as 50 different ingredients.

  2. Musk perfume

    The famous musk scent is actually derived from the male musk deer.

  3. There’s one for everyone

    There are barbeque- and bacon-inspired fragrances out there!

  4. Scents are meaningful

    Smelling a similar scent will connect it with the memory or emotion of that moment.

  5. It might not be for everyone

    Fragrances can make one in three people sick.

Why We Love National Fragrance Week

  1. It’s a positive celebration

    Although everyone will have their own set of favorite smells and scents, we can all agree on one thing: bad smells are bad! Fragrances make everything smell heavenly!

  2. It can heal you mentally

    A Fragrance is more than just a sweet-smelling liquid — it can also improve our mental health. Certain kinds of fragrances can energize us and can even help with stress.

  3. It is a great week to celebrate

    If you’re waiting for a special occasion to try something new, this week is the perfect opportunity. So, if you have had your “nose” on a new fragrance, add it to your collection.

National Fragrance Week dates

2022March 21Monday
2023March 20Monday
2024March 18Monday
2025March 17Monday
2026March 16Monday

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