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MonMar 17

Act Happy Day – March 17, 2025

Act Happy Day is an annual event celebrated on the third Monday of March and this year it will be marked on March 17. Do you know that it has been almost 20 years since Act Happy Day was created? Act Happy Day was created by Dr. Dale Anderson who believed that simply acting happy, even when one did not feel so, could bring a positive change in life. People celebrate this day by doing everything that helps them get a good laugh. The activities can be anything from watching movies, comedy specials, or just getting together with close friends who always lighten up the mood.

History of Act Happy Day

The origins of Act Happy Day take us back to 2004 when Dr. Anderson initiated the day. Dr. Anderson’s theory was that if we start smiling and acting happy, we would eventually be happy. He believed that people who laughed regularly were in a better state of mind to deal with other people at work or school. Being in a good state of mind also helps strengthen relationships with the spouse or other members of the family.

Dr. Anderson suggests that one starts his/her day with 15 minutes of a belly laugh. This releases endorphins in the body and gets the person in a better mood to take on the challenges of the day. To further raise awareness of the benefits of laughter, Dr. Dale created Act Happy Day — a day dedicated to being happy and laughing, no matter what the circumstances are. People are encouraged to spend time with their close ones and engage in activities that help them have a good laugh.

With over 35 years of experience specializing in biomechanical medicine and patient education, Dr. Anderson is a trained and certified general surgeon at Mayo Clinic. He is also a member of the complementary medicine department at Park Nicollet Medical Center. Dr. Anderson also worked as a clinical assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He’s fondly referred to as ‘dramatologist,’ “Dr. Act Happy,” and “Dr. Well-derly.”

Act Happy Day timeline

Dr. Anderson Finishes his Pre-medical Studies

Dr. Dale finishes pre-medical studies at Carleton College.

Dr. Anderson Becomes a Surgeon

Dr. Dale becomes a surgeon at the Minnesota Medical School.

Dr. Anderson Becomes a Health Speaker

Dr. Dale becomes a member of the National Speakers Association conducting health talks in many places.

The Act Happy Day is Launched

Dr. Anderson creates Act Happy Day to encourage people to laugh more even if they don’t feel like it.

Act Happy Day FAQs

How do you act happy?

Some ways to do this include always smiling, exercising, being grateful, complimenting others, and getting quality sleep.

How do I stay happy alone?

Being alone is not equal to being lonely. You can do a lot of things to be happy in solitude. For example, spending time with nature, eating your favorite foods, learning something new, and staying active.

How do you act delighted?

It requires that you be intentional and choose positive words while conversing, be aware of your tone of voice, and never shy away from praising others.

Act Happy Day Activities

  1. Crack a smile!

    What better way to celebrate Act Happy Day than to just be happy and smile? Even if you’re going through a difficult time. Raise your chin, and just imagine being in a happy state. You’ll eventually feel good, and you’ll be able to deal with your problems efficiently.

  2. Share the day on social media

    Let everyone know you are celebrating this day. Take pictures of you celebrating Act Happy Day with your friends, and share them on social media.

  3. Participate in something fun

    Meet with your friends and do something fun. Watch hilarious movie scenes, stand-up comedy, or play games that are sure to get everyone rolling on the floor, laughing. Let the laugh riot begin!

5 Important Facts About Laughter

  1. It strengthens the immune system

    Laughing regularly strengthens the immune system and makes us less prone to diseases.

  2. It fights stress

    Laughing can calm the mind and help manage stress levels.

  3. It burns calories

    Laughing for 15 minutes can burn about 50 calories.

  4. It is seen in animals

    Laughter has been observed in mammals like rodents and monkeys.

  5. The study has a name

    The study of laughter is known as Gelotology.

Why We Love Act Happy Day

  1. It gives us a chance to laugh out loud

    Amidst the chaos of life, we forget to laugh. This day allows us to laugh and be happy.

  2. It helps us take on challenges

    By simply keeping a positive mindset, we can deal with difficult situations better than how we would have if we were in a gloomy state. This day is a reminder to see the positive in every situation.

  3. We get to do fun activities with friends

    This day gives us a chance to do fun activities with friends, laugh our bellies out, and spend quality time with friends and family.

Act Happy Day dates

2022March 21Monday
2023March 20Monday
2024March 18Monday
2025March 17Monday
2026March 16Monday

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