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Young Carers Action Day – March 16, 2025

Young Carers Awareness Day, renamed Young Carers Action Day and formerly marked on January 30, but now taking place on March 16 from 2021 onward, is observed throughout the United Kingdom to shed light on the tough lives of young carers. A carer is a person who looks after the physically and mentally ill members of their families. Due to the absence of social security nets and government assistance, many young people have to fill the roles of carers in their families, which adversely affects their own lives and prospects. Young Carers Action Day, now observed on March 16, offers practical support and help to thousands of young carers all across the island.

History of Young Carers Action Day

Young Carers Action Day is an annual observance to recognize the contributions of young carers in our society. The day is organized by Carers Trust, a charity organization formed by the merger of two non-profits, Crossroads Care and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

Through Young Carers Action Day, the trust aims to raise awareness about the many difficulties faced by young carers. Recent statistics revealed that one in every five young adults in the U.K. are at the risk of becoming a carer, and most of them are untrained and unprepared to handle such a burden. The years of voluntary services, sacrifices, and institutional neglect can have devastating impacts on young people.

Young people have enough on their plates — from handling school to preparing for exams. They do not deserve the added responsibilities of caring for someone else.

Carers Trust works with a network of charities to offer mutual aim and emergency support to young carers. The collective effort of the trust has helped thousands of young carers and affected families with resources, social services, and educational opportunities.
In September 2020, it was announced that the event will undergo some changes. Previously, only children and teens below the age of 18 were covered by the Trust. To increase the scope of the event, the age limit has now been raised to cover young adults (18 to 25). The name of the event has also been changed to Young Carers Action Day from Young Carers Awareness Day, and the date of the event has been moved to March 16.

Observe Young Carers Action Day by raising awareness about the critical needs of young carers.

Young Carers Action Day timeline

Princess’s Care

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers is created, per the initiative of Anne, Princess Royal.

Carers Trust

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers merges with Crossroads Care, a charity organization, to form Carers Trust.

The Inception

Young Carers Awareness Day is announced as an official event to raise awareness about the struggles faced by young carers.

The Evolution

Young Carers Action Day extends the age limit from 18 to 25 and changes the name and date of its observance.

Young Carers Action Day FAQs

Who founded Carers Trust?

Carers Trust is the amalgamated foundation of The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Care, and it works in sync with the Carers Trust Network Partners. It has been in operation since April 1, 2012, and has helped thousands of young carers all across the U.K.

What is the vision of the Carers Trust?

Carers Trust brings recognition to young carers who sacrifice a great deal of their life to take care of an ailing family member or acquaintance. Through its resource network of charities, Carers Trust works to alleviate the needs of unpaid carers and provide them with practical solutions and some much-needed help.

What do young carers miss out on

Most of the activities other children their age engage in: seeing friends, attending events, getting their homework done on time, e.t.c.

How to Observe Young Carers Action Day

  1. Raise funds for Carers Trust

    Carers Trust does incredible work all around the year, connecting young carers with resources and offering a much-needed support system. On Young Carers Action Day, you can host a fundraiser and raise awareness about the goals of this non-profit.

  2. Care for the young carers

    If you know any young carers, March 16 is the perfect day to give them their due credit. Throw a soiree; invite members of your community and dedicate the evening to their honor.

  3. Volunteer

    Young carers are under extreme duress at all times, and they need your help. Take shifts or switch workloads with some of the young carers you know. Offer them some respite, and let them know that you are there for them.

5 Facts About Young Carers That’ll Shock You

  1. There are more than you think

    A survey concluded that one in five children in the U.K. may become a young carer soon after they turn 11.

  2. The nightmare doesn’t end at home

    At least 70% of young carers are targeted by bullying at school.

  3. Between a rock and a hard place

    Half of the young carers have no support system at school or in their community.

  4. No school, no rules

    Young carers are more likely to miss out on school than normal teenagers, which tremendously affects their term results.

  5. There’s no rescue on sight

    An estimated 88% of young carers say that the neglect from government security nets is pushing them into poverty and exhaustion.

Why Young Carers Action Day is Important

  1. We need an urgent plan

    The dependency on young carers has increased staggeringly in recent times. An urgent plan of national action for these young carers is needed, and on March 16, we rally for the same cause.

  2. There’s not enough support

    Only 12% of young carers have admitted to receiving some sort of support from the social care system. Carers Trust estimates that there are over a million young carers in need of strong security nets that protect their present and future.

  3. It could be you

    Medical emergencies can happen in any household. You or your loved ones are closer to becoming a young carer than you can imagine. This makes the awareness about Young Carers Action Day all the more important.

Young Carers Action Day dates

2025March 16Sunday
2026March 16Monday
2027March 16Tuesday
2028March 16Thursday
2029March 16Friday

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